The Netflix Nanny

Do you spend a significant amount of time on Netflix searching but never actually watch anything?

Online streaming is the new cable. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it and everyone wants it.

We too suffer from “Streaming Syndrome”. Many nights have been spent searching through the thousands of categories, movies and shows available on Netflix and other online streaming sites.

It is always so frustrating to want something good to watch but then having to spend all our time fumbling through too many options.

Well have no fear because the Netflix Nanny is here!

We are here to critique shows and movies on Netflix and other online streaming options.

This will be a fun, refreshing, comical, sarcastic and blunt take on what online streaming has to offer us.

The goal is to inform you what’s hot and what’s not and also provide you with real feedback and maybe a laugh or two along the way.

We love entertainment and we promise that keeping up with The Netflix Nanny will save you time and entertain you while saving time.

If time is money than we will make you very rich and thoroughly entertained.

Let The Netflix Nanny be your guide to all things stream.


The Netflix Nanny

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