Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Finally a show that can provide non-stop laughter and music all in one great package. If you are thinking this show is anything like Glee then we will have to quote Gretchen Weiners and say “You could be wrong”. This show is smarter, faster and stronger than Glee ever was because it is all original songs only used for comedic purposes.

Basically we think “There’s close and then there’s Glenn Close.” This pretty much sums up the show if there was a Fatal Attraction musical. And if Glenn Close played a funny person who was less murdery.

The show stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch. Also the show is created and written by Bloom. This woman is the next Tina Fey in our opinion and has so mush potential. She is a trailblazer for nerds everywhere. She is what we would call “Adorkable”.

Bunch is a big time New York City lawyer making $600,000 a year. The show opens with a flashback to Bunch being dumped by her camp crush, Josh Chan. It is established that Rebecca is “dramatic and crazy” but aren’t we all. Flash-forward to present day where Rebecca is being made junior partner to her law firm, one of the youngest to ever receive such an honor. Naturally she freaks out and goes outside where she bumps into the one and only Josh Chan.

Chan tells her he is moving home to a small town in California, his hometown of West Covina. He tells her she is hot and that if she is ever in California to look him up. So obviously she has instantly fallen in love all over again with Josh Chan. She then proceeds to quit her job, move to West Covina, buy a house and get a job at a local law firm.

This story line is hilarious because she actually is crazy but in fun way that We are sure we have all experienced with someone we were in love with at one point in our lives. So here is the catch. It is a musical.


Now everyone catch your breath, whether it be because you hate musicals or love them.

The musical parts are not like Glee. They all follow the plot of each episode. Each character gets a few songs throughout the season and they are all really funny and satirical. The music numbers are suppose to be like a look inside the crazy mind of Rebecca Bunch.

Example: The sexy getting ready song. A song where Rebecca sings about having to be a girl and all the time consuming activities and self deprivation it takes to get ready for a date.

Rebecca is a dorky, nerdy, lovable kind of crazy that you just can’t help but root for. Favorite character alert, Paula. Paula is Rebecca’s best friend and basically like the sarcastic hilarious blunt best friend sidekick. Paula will keep you laughing and her character just gets better and better with each episode.

We love this show. We fell in love with it when season 1 came out but got even more hooked with season 2 , which just recently came out a while ago. Now this is not a Netflix Original but it should be because it is so good. 

The episodes are about 45 minutes each with 18 in season 1 and 13 in season 2. It will take a while to binge the series but We were very shocked at how fast we fell in love.

Now the show takes a new fun turn in season two and the self deprivation, self destructive qualities of Rebecca Bunch have made her irresistible. We want her to keep being a crazy stalker. We want her to find love. We want to root for a hero who doesn’t have it all figured out and is searching for answers, like most people do.

As musical people, this show automatically intrigued us from the start. It was just an added bonus that it happens to be satire and about a crazy person. All the things we love wrapped up in one genius amazing show. We have personally made a few people watch it against their will and now they are fans.

4/5 stars for this show and an 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Sometimes things do get better with age and Chelsea is living proof. This Chelsea is a more informative Chelsea. She is no longer telling us which Kardashian got their anus bleached or what people Justin Bieber peed on this week. She is bringing real politicians and scientists with great credibility along with A-list celebrities to come full circle in each episode of this very first online streaming talk show. 

If you do not like or get Chelsea Handler then I have bad news for you, she doesn’t give a shit and she is here to stay. She is a genius, marketing Netflix into its very first talk show and first weekly updated Netflix series. She tapped into a whole market that just exploded and is now at a net worth of $35 million dollars. Slay Chelsea slay.

Every weekemd a new episode is added until they complete a season. A total of 90 episodes are available for season 1, for all your binge watching pleasure.

It is not just about discussing pop culture either. Chelsea does a great job of combing entertainment, comedy, politics, science and basic knowledge most humans should know.

Chelsea Handler (favorite character alert) is a famous comedian whom had her own late night show on the E! network for years. She has written books and now has Multiple new shows on Netflix.

She has a documentary type show called Chelsea Does, which deals with issues like drugs, marriage, technology and racism in America. And it’s good, so check it out if you get some free time. Chelsea Does is funnier because it’s like they just let Chelsea loose out in the world to interview all kinds of people. 

Warning: for all you right wing conservatives out there. Chelsea is VERY vocal about her left wing political views. One of the reasons we love her is for her blunt sarcastic nature. So you can expect when she takes the wheel of her own show, she will let you know how she feels.

The positive end is that the show is everything we want from Chelsea Handler. She gives us life with her funny skits and the way she treats her guests. She has now become the queen of rock and roll t-shirts tucked into a pencil skirt.

The episodes are from 30-45 minutes long and update weekly. They are up to date with the current events and news as it is happening. So if you were worried about it being a Netflix talk show have no fear. Netflix is basically becoming its own channel and we love it. Chelsea is probably the Queen of Netflix now. We can only imagine how much money she made becoming the first and only talk show host to grace the silver screen of stream.

We still have not finished all 90 episodes in season 1 but have been keeping up well with season 2. You can really go at your own pace and pull what we call a P-90-Chels-X. Watch 1 episode of Chelsea a day for 90 days in a row. It will be like a little treat you give yourself every day.

In full disclosure it is excellent for phone time. Phone time is when you need something playing on the Tv that you are like “totally going to watch or catch up on” but really just need it as background noise while you text and Facebook and Instagram all night. It does get very old very fast if you watch multiple episodes a day.

TBH some of the politicians and science people and teachers and stuff are just so boring. But what isn’t boring is watching Chelsea interact and interview children. She interacts with kids like tequila chased with milk and we love it.

If you are the type who loves talk shows, needs something to watch that isn’t scripted or if you love Chelsea, this is for you. Especially all the youths out there who can’t afford cable and need to stay informed, please watch this show.

Kardashian news is not real news and Chelsea will educate us in a way that makes us laugh and think. If you need comedy back in your life or just miss talk shows because you are too poor to have cable, this will cure your addiction.

Chelsea is the first and only talk show to be an exclusive online streaming talk show. That is history y’all!!! 

4/5 stars for this show and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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American Housewife


Katie Otto, our American Housewife, constantly calls herself fat and is against the super skinny, kale smoothie drinking, yoga doing, picture perfect lifestyle her fellow moms practice. Although she is no where near fat in our eyes, the show HEAVILY (fat pun) WEIGHS (did it again) on the topic of how much women should weigh and what is acceptable in society. American Housewife uses humor, sarcasm and witty banter to prove that you can be beautiful at any age, any size as long as you are happy with who you are.

This is our favorite new comedy to come out of 2017. It is a scripted show on ABC, so it is NOT reality TV and it is NOT related to the Real Housewives franchise. In fact it could not be more opposite. This Housewife is hilarious, sarcastic (understatement), selfish, not skinny and gives zero f’s about anyone’s opinion of her. She is the most lovable “real” housewife since Erika Jayne graced us with her presence of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. #RHOBH

Hulu is going to be your catalyst for this funny new show for the time being. We are assuming that Netflix will eventually upload it since most of ABC networks shows are usually added to Netflix once they have been out long enough.

The whole focus of the show is that the Otto family are poor, renting a house in Connecticut because of the great schools there. They have 3 children, with the oldest being a teenager. The show is so funny because of the Mom and how she teachers her kids and raises her family. She has her own unique style and way of doing things that are just so different and hilarious.

Katie Otto is that character who can only be described as one of our favorite quotes, ” too real to be real”. She just does what she wants and does not look back or second guess her choices. She is a strong, smart independent mother who really does love her family more than anything. This housewife can relate to all mothers and will find more favor with those who love honesty, sarcasm and eat more than a few kale chips for lunch.

There is only 1 season of American Housewife but it was renewed for a second season. The series featured 20 episodes, with each episode about 22 minutes long. It is very short and very funny. This show is binge-able in a day or two tops.

The only setback was that it is very sitcomy. Meaning it is short little plots, all unrelated with very low drama. It was an excellent break from intense shows like Handmaid’s Tale. The problem was that we found that we spent a majority of time checking Facebook and Snapchat, rather than paying attention sometimes.

The show is better watched a few episodes at a time so that you don’t get too comfortable with the sitcom set up. It is a fresh show with great potential. It honestly wasn’t the best comedy ever, but it is far from the worst. Equivalent to Odd Mom meets Modern Family would be a great way to describe this show.

4/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Jane The Virgin


It’s summertime! Which means we are graced with yet another glorious season of the hilarious Telenovela inspired sitcom, Jane The Virgin. This show is just a breath of fresh air. In a world full of dark, twisted and horrific shows, Jane The Virgin is a comedic ray of sunshine in a dark lonely world. The title of this show is deceiving because the show does not actually focus on just sex. The virgin part is just one element that immediately caught our attention. How many people do you know who aren’t complete and total sluts? #SlutShamed

The show is brilliant and hilarious. There is a narrator for each episode. The narrator breaks the 4th wall by talking about the show directly to the audience. The show has a fun way of making fun of itself and giving fun tidbits and back stories on all characters mentioned. They do not take themselves too seriously and know that they are meant to be an overly dramatic comedy soap opera.

Our adventure begins with Jane, a hard working Latina woman, deeply seeded in religion. She has vowed to her grandmother to save her virginity until marriage. Jane is a writer and tends to romanticize all moments in life. The show begins with Jane, a virgin, dating a police officer, Micheal, and trying to live her sexless yet romantic life.

The trouble begins when Jane goes into a doctor’s office for a routine vaginal checkup. Her file is switched with a woman named Petra who is currently waiting to be artificially inseminated. Petra is a rich uptight Witch (rhymes with a B #EasyAQuote) who is trying to get her hunky husband’s sperm. Rafael (the hunky husband) had cancer and froze his sperm so he could have biological children one day.

Do you already see how soap opera and dramatic the plot is? And this is just the first episode. And in the first 15 minutes of the first episode. WE LOVE THAT. But the drama is more giggling than eye rolls.

So Jane is accidentally inseminated by Rafael’s sister, Louisa, who is an alcoholic, neurotic lesbian doctor. She is in love with her ex-girlfriend Rose, who is now her step mother. Do you see how much crazier things get? And this is just the start. So Louisa mixes up Petra and Jane’s files and puts Rafael’s sperm in Jane’s body.

Next we have Jane’s mother, Xiomara (favorite character alert), who is by far the best character in the show. She was a slut in her younger years and truly loves and cares for Jane even when Jane can’t see or understand why. She defines true love and we see how she truly gave up her life and her dreams to help Jane become the woman she is today.

WHEW. We are already overwhelmed and we have seen the whole show. So basically we now find Jane, who has remained perfect, innocent and accomplished throughout her life, pregnant.


Part of the appeal of the show, besides the moral dilemmas and funny narrator, is the irony of it all. The show is modeled after a modern day Telenovela. A Telenovela is a Latin American soap opera or drama. The spicy equivalent of Days Of Our Lives or some other overly dramatic show no one watches anymore. The element of comedy mixed with drama helps Jane The Virgin become one of the most delightful new shows on television.

This show will move at a slow pace at times but then picks up in huge ways other times. It is a classic soap opera and is constantly using witty humor to keep us coming back for more.

Each episode is about 45 minutes long with 3 seasons on Netflix. The twist at the end of season 3 will just leave you speechless and fulfilled. This is one of those rare shows that will have you laughing and crying all at the same time..

We recommend this show highly as a binge-able new show. It has every element we want in making a good dramedy (Drama-Comedy).

Warning: We did watch the show on TV and it did tend to get a little much. But we feel like if you can binge watch the show, you will not get bored or disappointed. If you can watch Jane at your own pace, rather than trying to keep up every week so your DVR does not overflow, you will appreciate it so much more. This is a show that defines why we have and Need Netflix today.

All the characters are unique and funny in their own way. And very entertaining. It is very rom-com, love triangle, murder mystery, thriller type of show. The elements of mystery and thriller are just the right amount to keep from balancing out a mushy love story.

4/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Orange Is The New Black


If you thought season 4 ended on a cliffhanger last year, you don’t even know what is coming for you at the end of this new season. It is that time of year again where we can all put on our orange jumpsuits and stare at the TV for a minimum of 13 hours to binge the newest season of Orange Is The New Black. Just because OITNB is the biggest hit Netflix has does not guarantee each season will be life changing. But to our very pleasant surprise, season 5 is our favorite season to come out of this show since the masterpiece that was season 2.

The show is based on the real life story of Piper Kerman and her time in an all women’s minimum security prison. She is sentenced to spend time in prison for a crime she committed 10 years ago, with her drug dealing ex-girlfriend.

The show begins with Piper, aka Prison Katy Perry, “happily straight” in the present. We learn Piper is hiding things about her past and coming to terms with the punishment for the literal sins of her past.

It’s funny, dramatic, intriguing and frustrating all at once. Frustrating because at times it seems to move so slow but then picks up in huge ways at other times. The intrigue comes from learning the backstory of each character. The show really is great at representing all types of people in every race, every walk of life.

This means that the show is not just going to hit home with only one race or type of audience. OITNB has expanded its audience to include any and every one. Genius move by the creators of the show as it can appeal to so many people.

Let’s be blunt. Piper seems to be more of an annoyance than a protagonist. So brace yourself for a main character you end up no longer rooting for and then find yourself feeling bad for the other inmates. In all honesty all the other characters are a million times more interesting than Piper so the show will keep bringing you back to learn more about their stories.

There are currently 5 seasons on Netflix. The same person who created the show Weeds also created this show. So you can expect a dark comedy type of humor mixed with real life intense drama. Each season is 13 episodes long. Each episode lasting about an hour.

The seasons are pretty easy to binge as most episodes end in a twist or some kind of thrilling ending that makes you just HAVE to watch the next episode. The series is pretty solid and deserves the praise it has gotten.

The topic of deviant lifestyles is the main focus of this show. Showing us that humans make mistakes and just because you are a criminal does not mean you are not repentant for your actions. Everyone has a past, but only some of us have to be legally punished for it.

The show is intriguing on many levels. On one end, they make prison life seem more glamorous than it is. But on the other hand it keeps in par with showing the other side of life. That side of life that we all wonder what would happen if we just lived by our own rules. How can you not be intrigued by someone living a life of deviance?

It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from. Kind of like that Mariah Carey 2016 New Years performance or the 2007 Britney Spears meltdown saga.

Orange Is The New Black will always leave you wanting more while also not being able to look away. The episodes are all centered on a piece of a backstory for each inmate and the characters change each season with the exception of a few who remain throughout all seasons.

This flashback technique was used in shows like Lost and Once Upon A Time and is very effective at keeping an audience invested. It really does bring up many themes of good vs. evil, perspective as well as helping people to see that we all have prisons of our own. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Our advice here is watch all the seasons. But season 2 is by far the best of any of the seasons we have seen thus far. Season 2 blew our mind and was executed more flawless than Courtney Love’s alibi story about Kurt Cobain’s murder. Season 3 gets very boring but it picks back up in 4 and leaves us with the biggest cliffhanger ever. OITNB then picks up again and surprises us with season 5, as it is back to season 2 level quality.

We would highly recommend you take some time and Treat Yo Self with this show that has basically become the flagship for Netflix Original series. Our other advice is that you must be aware that Netflix original shows do not have any filter like cable. So there will be nudity and sexual/ graphic content, like HBO level content.

We had our doubts about the future of the show for a while but we can proudly say that if OITNB can bring it as well as the new season, we may be in store for several more seasons in the future.

5/5 stars for this show and an 9/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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This Is Us


The Netflix Nanny may need to become the Hulu Guru as the first thing we did with our newly acquired Hulu account was to watch this INCREDIBLE show. This Is Us may just be THE BEST show to come out of 2016 by a landslide. This show is so well done, so emotional and so relatable that only a fool wouldn’t give it a chance. Literally “TV GOLD”. Literally ALL THE FEELS. ALL THE FREAKING FEELS, even more feels than the best episodes of Grey’s Anatomy could give us. This Is Us literally pulls our heart strings, every episode, every time.

We cannot express how much this show will hit home for everyone in every walk of life. Side note: MANDY freaking MOORE. Mandy Moore gives us so much life that we could die twice and she would bring us back three times. She could not be any better than she is in this show. We have always been a huge Mandy Moore fan, since her music career days, but she shines so bright in this show we cannot even begin to explain how much even the biggest Mandy Moore hater will begin to applaud her performance.

Besides everyone in the show being OUTSTANDING actors, the plot is just excellent. The show centers around of group of characters who all share the same birthday. The fun twist is that all the main characters are related. The three main characters are triplets and Mandy Moore and the bad-ass guy named Jess from Gilmore Girls, are their parents.

The show skips around quite a bit with timeline. Showing where the triplets are in present day, the struggles they face as newly 36 year old adults. It also uses flashbacks to tell the story of how the parents raised the triplets and the struggles they faced in society and life in general.

The show deals with many issues like race, body image, self esteem, self worth, love, forgiveness and acceptance among many other hot topics. The brother and sister were part of the original triplet lineup but one died during childbirth because of the complicated pregnancy. The very same day an African American baby was dropped off at a fire station, abandoned by his parents.

Mandy Moore and her husband saw it as fate that they adopt that baby and make him their third child. So the story begins with Randall, the adopted son seeking his biological father. Kevin, one of the twins, being a famous good looking actor on a successful TV show. And Kate, the only girl, being the obese sister who just cannot seem to lose the weight.

If you are wondering where who have seen these three before, look no further. Randall was the defense attorney with Sarah Paulson in the hit show, American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. Kate was featured as the super fat girl in American Horror Story: Freakshow. And Kevin was a minor character on the Hit ABC drama, Revenge.

We just don’t see how anyone could not love this show. It may not be the most exciting or murder driven show around but it is by far the most emotional. The value is love and family and accepting yourself for who you are can go further than a murder mystery or show revolving around creepy messed up situations. While those shows are amazing, shows like this will keep you human, give you feelings and fill your very soul with joy.

There is only 1 season of the show available on Hulu as of right now. The show was so successful that it actually got renewed for 2 more seasons already! So we can expect big and great things to come from the next few years regarding This Is Us. Each season with have 18 episodes each. These episodes will be 45 minutes long so it shouldn’t taken any of you long to binge season 1.

We expect big things in store for season 2 and cannot wait to find out what happens. This show just has a great way of connecting the audience to its characters in such a way that you end up feeling just like the characters involved. Almost as if you are living through them. There are plenty of plot twists and things to be uncovered so the excitement will continue as the Pearson family comes to terms with who they are.

Highly recommend this show for anyone who loves a good emotional show, or a good drama or family related shows. Grey’s Anatomy meets Parenthood meets topics of today’s time is the best description we can give. But honestly we do not even have words to explain how much perfection this show brings into our life.

Even the soul-less Netflix Nanny itself shed many a tear over this masterpiece of modern television.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


It’s time to go girl, and watch this show so you can live laugh and love . If Titus recreating the Lemonade album isn’t enough of a reason to watch the newest season, we don’t know what is. As season 3 has just been released, we can’t help but feel like Kimmy is here to stay and the show just keeps getting better and better.

This show is just fun and joyous. Nothing brings us laughter like a show written by Tina Fey. #TinaBae And with Tina as our guide we know the show is automatically funny, witty and full of little quips. Quips so snarky and sarcastic you will pee your pants or

The plot of this show is that Kimmy Schmidt and three other women, had been held hostage by an insane “preacher” in an underground bunker. Kimmy got sucked into this crazy man’s cult and the show begins with the ladies being rescued. The whole theme is like Kimmy in New York City. Like Home Alone 2 but with more adults.

Kimmy hasn’t been in the “real world” since the late 1990’s. So she is this vulnerable, kind, caring, loving soul that doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Then she is let loose on New York City. It’s very sitcom type of show and each episode is about 30 minutes long. So it is so possible to binge both seasons in a day, easy.

The characters are all unique and very funny. It reminds us of 30 rock in a way with the extremely witty humor. We cannot help but laugh out loud to this show.

It is more a feel good show. One of those shows you can put on but still text people on your phone and scroll through Facebook without missing key plot points. You feel me?

We will admit that season 1 was better than the second but the show really pulled it all together again for this new third season.

All in all we recommend this show if you need a laugh or have a gay friend over. The gays love this show. And rightfully so. Titus Andromedon.

Favorite character alert obvi goes to Titus. He is just too funny not to be mentioned and praised.  with one liners like “I’m so jealous of you, I’ve never been able to meet me” then you cannot go wrong.

This is a great show for company or alone time. Some of the other shows we have mentioned are on the more serious side, but Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a good time for everyone. It is not too graphic or inappropriate to watch around kids either, for the parents needed a guilt free binge.  Anyone under a 7th grade reading level wouldn’t be able to decipher the witty humor anyhow.

5/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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Movie Spotlight: Wild Oats

wildoatsWe have been debating about whether or not to review some of the thousands of movies available on Netflix and other streaming sites. We have come to the conclusion that we will be doing Movie Spotlights on little gems we find in the streaming world. And this gem had us rolling on the floor laughing for many reasons.

First of all how can a movie starring Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore not be amazing? How many more legends would have to be in a film for it to not be a success?

Second, it is a tale as old as time. Shirley MacLaine’s husband dies and Jessica Lange’s husband leaves her for a 25 year old secretary. Then, Maclaine gets a life insurance check for her husbands death. The check turns out to be 5 million instead of $50,000 dollars. The women decide to keep the money and go to an island to spend it.

The movie is more along the lines of a dark comedy but was so well acted and so funny that we would pay to see it if we had to. This is exactly what Netflix is for. Movies like this that you would not normally watch unless you had access to a wide variety of titles.

The two legends together go better than Thelma and Louise. and show anyone that you can be sexy and fun at any age.

These spotlight reviews are going to be short sweet and to the point. We don’t like reviewing movies because there is always a potential to give too much away. And there is nothing worse in this entire world than spoilers.

This is a great movie for any and everyone. We honestly believe this movie is comedy gold.

5/5 stars for this movie

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House of Cards


With the arrival of Season 5, we can honestly say this is a Netflix Original at its very best. Scandal. Political battles. Dirty money. Murder. Sex games. What more could you want when you think about a great TV show? Sort of a Scandal meets Breaking Bad, it is time for all of you to stop what you are doing and binge watch this show right now.

Kevin Spacey (2 time Oscar award winner) & Robin Wright (“Jenn-ay” from Forrest Gump) star in this wonderfully delicious and sinfully intriguing political drama. Who doesn’t often wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of America’s political system?

The back door dealing are just the surface of what is really going on in our own government. This show exposes all sides, the good, the bad and the crazy.

Frank Underwood is played by Kevin Spacey as the South Carolina Southern Senator who manipulates people more easily than Voldemort and with much more Southern charm.

Spacey begins his story as he takes revenge on those who passed him over for a promotion after a lifetime of dedication. We will only say that you cannot even fathom the journey Frank and wife are about to go on.

Claire Underwood (favorite character alert) is played by the legendary Robin Wright. She is so poise and haunting and classy but also very terrifying. There is a calm void of emotional existence in her that just makes her seem very dangerous.

Every move the Underwood’s make is for their own personal gain and it always well calculated. They will never cease to astound and amaze you with their brilliant political tactics.

The show is 13 episodes a season with 5 seasons currently available. Each episode is an hour long so the binge factor here should take a while if you are just now starting your House of Cards journey.

Our final thoughts to you are this: you MUST finish season 1 before making a judgement call. We know how some shows can take a while to get into and this is one of those. It picks up and takes off in a BIG way close to the end of season 1.

Just promise us you will let the first season end before making a decision because season 1 really is the whole foundation for the entire series.

We just came off of a season 5 binge and we can promise you that it is worth it. The story always really does feel like building a house made of cards. It is exciting and terrifying but so stressful and dramatic that it will all fall apart by the simple breeze of the wind.

We highly recommend this show, especially if you loved the power hunger crazy way Walter White acted in Breaking Bad. Frank Underwood is even more power hungry and even crazier than any character in Breaking Bad. He just knows how to pull of more successful ventures to get what he wants in life. Honestly his character is terrifying with how evil and how power hungry one man can get.




5/5 stars for this show and 10/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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We live and we learn and then we mess it all up forever. At least that is what being a millennial feels like. This show perfectly captures what life is like for all off us in our 20’s and prides itself with its “true to life” atmosphere. There is no shame in these girl’s game, especially when it comes to nudity and witty words. Girls may just be the millennial equivalent to Sex And The City. This show is so raw and true to reality that it really was in a category of its own at the time of its inception.

WARNING: there is a lot and we mean a lot of nudity in this show. Mainly female nudity but occasionally male. The nudity is suppose to be artistic in a sense that it’s more real life with how the characters relate because they would be naked when they have sex in real life. Profanity and party situations are scattered throughout the show so if you are expecting something wholesome, turn back now.

Also you will need HBO GO or some way to access it because they do not display HBO content on Netflix as of now. We are hoping the genius makers at HBO and Netflix could make some arrangement where they both benefit. But alas, this is America and money trumps logic. Just look at who won the 2016 election….. (not going there for our own sanity).

Girls is a great show if you can learn not to expect it to be what it is not. It is slice of life like Mad Men. We say that in the sense that it is true to form for its time. Although Girls is actually more exciting to watch than Mad Men was. The main focus really is on character developments.

It explores all the ups and downs millennials go through with relationships and friendships. Who hasn’t had a friend sleep with your ex and screw you over? The show was very addicting but will often times leave you wondering what the hell just happened.

The show begins with main character (and most hated character) Hannah. Her parents have decided to cut her off financially since she had graduated college and was an adult living in New York City now. Hannah gets by with the help of her three best friends, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna. Marnie is Hannah’s roommate and Jessa is Hannah’s best friend. Shoshanna is actually Jessa’s cousin and is friends with the other girls.

Marnie is the uptight, control freak, bitchy best friend who is stuck in a loveless relationship and is the epitome of a white girl. Marnie is the type of girl who orders Starbucks while jamming to Taylor Swift while taking a selfie and Instagram posting her lunch salads. Fun fact: she is the daughter of former news anchor, Brian Williams. Also stars in the new racially charged movie, Get Out.

Jessa (favorite character alert) is the British, free spirited, nomad traveling hippie chick who bangs everyone and is always making substance abuse look cool.  Shoshanna is the fast talking, unique hairstyle sorority girl who just wants to talk everyone to death while still finding who she is.

The cast are all brilliant actors and really do a phenomenal job in their roles. Fun fact: Hannah’s guy in the series is Adam, who is currently playing the part of Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars saga. This show really puts him on the map for his sex addicted, weird and aggressive portrayal of Adam.

The whole show really is about coming into adulthood and growing up in this day and age. Hannah is by far the most annoying character. Hannah is self involved, blunt, dramatic, selfish, annoying, OCD and generally awful. We do not understand why anyone likes her because she is the worst. Hannah is a writer so she is very witty and funny at times. We will admit there were many awkward situations and quirky dialogue in which Hannah makes us laugh.

We think that everyone is beautiful in their own right but Hannah is just ugly. On the inside and the outside. We cannot for the life of us understand how all the men in the series are so hot yet decide to sleep with Hannah. We think they are trying to show us that if a person has a wonderful personality then they can land anyone of any hotness level. The only problem here is that her personality is the most unattractive thing about her. WHY DO ALL THE HOT GUYS WANT HER.

It makes no sense but it is hella interesting to watch and see how the show unfolds. The last season did a great job of wrapping things up. The show ends in the exact way you would expect it to end given the way the episodes usually go.

There are 6 seasons of Girls with about 10-12 episodes a season. Each episode is about 30 minutes long so it won’t take you too long to binge a season. There should have been more than 6 seasons in our opinion but we think they did a good job of going out while they were on top.

We would recommend this show to anyone who is in a more younger crowd. The show just appeals to the younger generations in a way that people of a certain age may not understand. We feel like older people would find this show dumb and a total waste of time. So if you can remember that rise to adulthood we all go through, this is the show for you.

We all grow up, some of us just learn the hard way. This is basically Girls in a nutshell. The hard way to grow up but it is well worth watching it happen.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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