Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a show that is hard to describe but very memorable. Basically a modern day Twilight Zone if you will but more technology driven. If you have heard anything about it you will know that it can be extremely hard to watch and even more addicting to try and stop watching. The episodes in the series are honestly more like small mini movies rather than TV show episodes. The production value and movie feel of the show makes you feel like even the hour and a half episodes just aren’t long enough.

Some episodes are creepy and disturbing like an American Horror Story episode while others are strong statement making dramas. Most of the series revolves around technology and the theme that the black mirror is to represent a screen. The idea that technology has taken over our lives as we know it and how these mini-movies tell stories and give warning to what could be.

The first 2 seasons only have 3 episodes, while seasons 3 and 4 have 6 each. The episodes really range anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half sometimes. The 4th season was just recently uploaded and does not disappoint with new great content we all want and love from the series.

The series has not yet confirmed a fifth season but we can almost guarantee that if they win more awards a fifth season is inevitable. The best part of the show is that the episodes do not have to be watched in order and they do not connect in anyway. You can literally just skip and suffer zero consequences.

One of the most talked about episodes is the first episode of season 1 (The National Anthem) in which the British Prime Minister is forced into having sexual intercourse with a pig on national TV. We strongly recommend you just skip over this episode as it is very intense and graphic in nature. They do not show actual sex happening but the statement is very strong about politicians and has its own place in the series.

Although The National Anthem is the most talked about, the most famous episode to date happens in season 3, episode 4, San Junipero. The episode actually won Black Mirror its first critically acclaimed Primetime Emmy and is our current favorite episode to date. San Junipero is a love story starting in the 1980s and is not gross, intense or overwhelming like most of the other episodes. If you like love stories with a twist and an edge you will love this episode.

We suggest watching season 3, episode 1, Nosedive and San Junipero first so that you can get a feel of the show but without the intensity that most of the other episodes bring. If you want a more intense experience season 2, episode 2, White Bear is probably your best bet to get a feel for the spirit of the show. Most episodes end in a twist or a plot turn that will have you re-watching or pondering over for hours.

The 4th season has just been recently uploaded and we can say that our favorite episode is episode 4, Hang The DJ which is all about dating in the future. The people use this handheld computer device that matches you up with dates. The catch is that if you both click the device at the same time is tells you how long the relationship will last. The theory is that each relationship teaches you something t help ultimately pair you with your perfect match. Outstanding episode that is not graphic, violent or gross.

Coming in second is episode 5, Metalhead which is a black and white post apocalyptic survival story. s well as episode 6, Black Museum, which is a bit harder to watch but features a museum filled with technological criminal gear.

All in all the fourth season is a strong addition to the show and the series is one that all Netflix lovers deserve. Extra points for our American Horror Story fans, as this show sometimes goes just as deep and dark as an amazing season of our favorite show.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Movie Spotlight: Bachelorette

bacheloretteThis movie is EXTREMELY adult content. If you enjoy adult comedy and adult situations than this is a movie for you. When we say adult content we do not mean nudity. It is more language, party/ drug use and adult situations. Think the movies Bridesmaids and The Hangover. The movie is really more along the lines of a dark comedy in our opinion but was still hilarious.

The movie stars the always wonderful Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan (Janice Ian from Mean Girls), Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson. All of which are great in the movie and hilarious. The movie also stars James Marsden and Adam Scott (Parks and Rec).

Besides a surprisingly star-studded cast, the movie did make us laugh and was definately worth a watch or three. The movie is all about a group of girls who were best friends in highschool. The popular queen bee (Regan aka Kirsten Dunst), the hot one who is dumb (Katie aka Isla Fisher), The party girl who doesn’t care about anything (Gena aka Lizzy Caplan) and the fat girl who was unpopular but remained in the group to make the other girls look better (Becky aka Rebel Wilson).

Regan is the maid of honor for Becky’s wedding and has taken care of everything leading up to her big day. It is very obvious she is jealous of Becky as she was the “fat one” and ended up being the first in the group to get married. Also Becky is getting married to a very hot, successful age appropriate man which just seems to make the other girls baffled.

Drama soon ensues once party girls Gena and Katie arrive to fulfill their bridesmaids duties along side maid of honor Regan. The majority of the movie takes place the night before the wedding, hence the title Bachelorette. A series of unfortunate wedding related disasters happen and the girls end up spending the night partying with the groomsmen at a strip club and trying to fix all their pre-wedding mistakes before the bride notices.

The movie is a solid Netflix watch for people who like more mature content and comedies. This is not recommend for anyone who cannot find humor or joy in adult comedies. It is no where near the comedic genius level of Bridesmaids but it is a choice we would recommend to anyone who needs a good Netflix movie session.

We recommend you give this movie a chance to win you over because we have already watched it three times in the last month. The comedy is not always spot on but it does have good themes of love, life, friendship and finding your own happiness.

3/5 stars for this movie and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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The Goldbergs


An honest rival to Modern Family and a hilarious look at an overbearing mother in real life is just a small part of the amazing Hulu comedy, The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs are another Hulu only show, but well worth the binge if you love comedy. This is your typical family oriented sitcom but is a little different than a show like Modern Family because it is based off real life. The Goldbergs are a real family with a real story that is closely related to the TV comedy.

In real life Adam Goldberg, the youngest son, grew up in the 1980’s and actually recorded most of his live through a camcorder. The show will actually feature real video clips and pictures at the end of each episode that his family actually did when he was growing up.

The main difference is that the oldest Goldberg was named Eric, not Erica. He decided to add an older sister to the show because it opened more plot lines and stories and was just better for the sitcom in general. The fun part of this is that the oldest sister actually has the same traits and qualities of his oldest brother, just the girl version for TV.

The Goldbergs is a simple 20-30 minute episode comedy that kept us laughing over and over again. There are currently 5 seasons on Hulu, with the 5th season still airing new episodes currently. Each season has 23-24 episodes per season and is just a feel good, fun comedy that is easy to watch and enjoy.

The real star of the show is the mother Beverly Goldberg played by Wendy McLendon-Covey. Her most notable work is playing one of the hilarious bridesmaids along side Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne in the classic 2011 comedy Bridesmaids.

Beverly Goldberg is often referred to as a “smother” by the children on the show. a “smother” is an overbearing and extremely smothering mother that is just hilariously too much all the time. The most endearing quality Beverly has is her unfaltering, undying and smothering love for her children. She will do anything for them, even if they don’t want or need her help.

Each character is actually very well developed and contrasted throughout the series. Every single character is hilarious in their own way and made us fall in love from the very beginning. It was also a major plus that the show is set in “1980 something”, so the nostalgia is real. The show is actually never given specific dates because the creator wanted to give off the vibe of how we all remember our childhood, not specific years or dates but just kind of sometime within a time period.

The show really picks up within the first season and just continues to get better and better as each season progresses. The best part about a sitcom or comedy is that even if you are busy doing something while watching the episode, you don’t really need to see the previous episode to watch  a new one. Each episode has a different story to tell in the same theme of a family comedy.

The best part of this show is the real footage that correspond with each episode, so you really feel like you get to know the Goldbergs on another level because they are a real family with real problems just like ours. We highly recommend this light hearted comedy for anyone in need of a laugh.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Fresh Off The Boat


We are NEVER pleasantly surprised by shows, ever. BUT this show happily shook us to the core by being so funny and (pun intended) FRESH. Yes this is another Hulu only exclusive show and in all honesty we recommend you get both Hulu and Netflix to get the maximum at home streaming experience. Fresh Off The Boat seemed like just another run of the mill sitcom that we would watch while eating or Facebook stalking people we hate, but it turned into a comedy we couldn’t wait to watch again and again.

This is the first hugely successful sitcoms to air on a Primetime network starring an Asian American family and we are definitely here for it. The show features a Chinese family who move from Washington DC to Orlando, Florida. The Huang family have moved to Orlando because Louis (the father) has a dream to open a cowboy-western themed steakhouse. This is his “American Dream” as he states many times and is trying to find a better life for his family.

The show is set in the 1995 as the first season begins and is narrated by the oldest son, Eddie. Eddie is the oldest of the three Huang children and is obsessed with Rap and Hip-Hop culture of the 90s. He dresses and listens to Hip-Hop and is actually a hilarious character because he is always true to who he is. The other two sons are the stereotypical “perfect” Chinese boys who do extra school work and are more responsible than their older brother.

The true essence and star of the show is only achieved once we meet the loving wife and devoted mother of the Huang family, Jessica Huang. Jessica is by far the best character in the show by a LANDSLIDE. She is a typical Chinese mom who believes that hard work, good grades and over controlling hovering will help her family succeed in life. Her character had us laughing in almost every single scene she is in. Given she is one of the main characters,it is clear how much we love this show.

Here is the real deal with this one my “Nanny Fannys” (Ok we don’t know what to call our readers…. so all suggestions are open.  We realize this attempt was lame but we hope it made you smile).

The deal here is that you need to watch the first 2 episodes before making a judgement call. 2. The second episode is our personal favorite of all the seasons because it is just so DANG FUNNY!!! So if you make it past episode 2 then we are sad to say but this style of comedy may not be for you. If you find the first 2 episodes hilarious, then keep watching because they get much better.

There are currently 4 season on Hulu. The 4th season is still producing new episodes since October all the way until May. There are 13 episodes in season one. Season two had 24 and season three had 23 episodes. Season 4 should be expected to supply around 23-24 episodes by spring. Each episode is 30 minutes so season one can be watched in one sitting.

The show does get better as it goes on and you will not be sorry that you decided to watch it all the way to wherever you get in season four. We honestly have no warnings for this show. It is actually a pretty wholesome sitcom as far as humor is concerned. The show deals with being different, taking chances, friendship, family and is more of a coming of age show for Eddie the oldest son.

We recommend this show to all our fellow comedy lovers out there or to anyone who just needs some good belly laughs.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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So as you can tell we have been cheating on Netflix with Hulu the last 3 months, so you can call us the Hulu Guru if you feel cheated but we are still The Netflix Nanny. Hulu has some great shows but none can compare to the hilarious and witty comedy, Mom. This show had us laughing alone in our room and if a comedy is REALLY funny, we laugh alone in our room. The show is such a delight and stars some of the best talent of our time.

From Anna Faris to Octavia Spencer, everyone under the sun that we love is featured on this show, The real star or key the success of the show is in fact the Mom, played by Allison Janney. Janney has won the Primetime Emmy award for Mom in 2014 and 2015, being nominated the last 2 years for her role as well.  So to say the least, her character is amazing and makes the show what it is. If you watch a few episodes, you will see what we mean.

The show centers on the relationship of a mother-daughter. The Mom (Bonnie) being Allison Janney and the daughter (Christy) being the dorky lovable Anna Faris. SO Bonnie had Christy when she was 16, making them what would seem like closer except Bonnie was a terrible mother. Bonnie was an alcoholic/drug addict who severely messed up her and her daughters lives. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as we soon learn that Christy, having 2 young kids of her own, is also an alcoholic/ drug addict.

The show begins with Bonnie and Christy being reunited in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when Christy was actually complaining about her Mom. The two reunite and we soon learn that Christy has a 16 year old daughter who also becomes pregnant. All of this is in the pilot episode so obviously these are not spoilers.

The show currently has 4 seasons on Hulu with 22 episodes a season. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long so the seasons will breeze by faster than taking a few shots of vodka. The 5th season has just started last month on TV so we imagine that Hulu will upload some newer episodes in the near future. Mom was one of the easiest shows to binge as it is so hilarious we just could not get enough.

The show focuses heavily on recovering addicts and how they cope with life and recovery. It is well written, sarcastic and hilarious all in one. The only thing that could make this show better would be a guest appearance from Jessica Lange. The humor does tend to focus on sexual themes now and again but the main humor comes from the AA meetings where the cast continually find themselves to stay on the 12 steps. There is also a decent amount of drama, very little, but enough to keep the plot moving forward so it does not feel stale or dried up.

In the end we HIGHLY (see what we did there) recommend this show as your very first Hulu binge. If you have had Hulu and are not new then make this your next stop. We promise that you will enjoy Mom much more than most titles offered on Hulu.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Stranger Things 2


Stranger Things 2 is bigger, badder and stranger than the first time around. But more importantly THE NETFLIX NANNY IS BACK. We apologize for the hiatus but between getting married and 199 episodes of Will & Grace (original series now on Hulu), we just needed a small break. But like the career of Kathy Griffin, it is over. There are NO spoilers ahead so feel free to read even if you have not finished, but know that we have.

There are season 1 spoilers but if you have not seen season 1 by now, you deserve all the spoilers. Stranger Things is one of the absolute BEST Netflix originals to ever grace the silver screen. And we can gladly say that season 2 does NOT disappoint.

Season 2 fills MANY of the left off plot holes or burning questions from season 1. We can honestly say that almost all of our questions from season 1 were answered, along with a set of new questions for this season.

Lets get the basics out of the way first. There are 9 episodes this season and they were NOT enough. We really deserve 13 episodes a season AT LEAST but it does help the show progress its plot in a timely and desirable manner rather than drawing things out forever (*cough*cough* Pretty Little Liars). The episodes all range from a minimum of 45 minutes to some episodes lasting an entire hour! Basically be prepared of a solid 8 hours to binge the entire series.

This season really did a great job of character development. It was a more in depth look into each character and how they spent the last year since the events of season 1. It also introduces a fabulous new villain which we know you have all seen in the trailer. Actually it is in the very picture of this post so enjoy trying to figure out that mess before watching the new episodes.

Every single episode is like a small movie that leaves us begging for more. Literally if you can finish an episode and go do something without at least starting the next one, you are not even human. We obviously LOVED this season, possibly more than season 1 but we cannot say for sure as we are still riding high from the season 2 finale fumes.

The only advice or warning we have is that episode 3 is going to be the key here. Episode 3 is when we thought the show really picked up and took off to where we stayed up till 6 am just to finish it all in one sitting.

IT IS POSSIBLE to watch episode 1 and 2 and put the show down for a while. BUT if you bridge the gap that is episode 3, you will not be able to turn back. Also DON’T EVEN THINK about starting episode 7 unless you are prepared to watch the last 3 episodes in a row. This warning is for your benefit, not ours.

This will be the best second season of any show in 2017 by a landslide. Fans of season 1 will LOVE it, and people who don’t even know what it is about will be able to follow most of the plot and still be obsessed.

Our favorite character alert will go to Dustin (again) but NO ONE AND NOTHING can top Winona Ryder’s masterclass acting skills. I am so serious when I say that woman deserves her damn Emmy already! We LOVE Winona Ryder and just cannot get enough of her in this show. She may even rival Mandy Moore from This Is Us as our favorite TV mom, current TV mom category.

Stranger Things 2 was a perfect combination of action, adventure and mystery. A true sci-fi classic and more 1980’s nostalgia than Madonna wearing the Thriller jacket and singing Cyndi Lauper songs while dancing the Electric slide.

Perfect season, perfect binge watching, perfect everything. This is the highest recommend thing out there on ANY and all streaming services. If you haven’t started yet, put this down and turn on Netflix ASAP.

Your’e Welcome.


5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Movie Spotlight: What Happened To Monday?


We do not do movie reviews often so when we do it is usually a good one we found to tell you about. What Happened To Monday? is a great film that is for the suspense action thrill seeker in all of us. Noomi Rapace (who played the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the foreign film trilogy which is on Netflix) is the lead actress who takes on seven very different roles as she plays identical septuplets aka 7 identical twins.

So the story goes that Glenn Close is some kind of government politician lady who wants to help keep our earth alive for years to come. They mention climate change and global warming as real threats to our planet, but the biggest threat is over population. So Glenn Close is all  like everyone can have one kid but after that we are going to take any other children and put them in a deep cryogenic sleep for a thousand years so they can wake up to an earth that is still around. Problem is no one has seen or heard about what happens to this missing siblings.

So this one old guy decides to hide his daughters septuplets. The daughter dies off camera from child birth so that is not a spoiler. The grandfather then decides to train and teach these 7 identical girls how to hone skills like math, reading and hiding in case a guest was to arrive.

Basically the government has so much control that you have to keep any sibling in hiding for their entire lives or they are taken away and never heard from again. So because there are 7 girls, they are named for each day of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all live in a very small space but can be themselves in hiding.

The catch is that during the day of the week that corresponds with their name, they are able to go out into the world and do pretty much whatever they want until the identity of Karen Settman. So on Monday, Monday will will go get ready and dress up like Karen Settman. Go to breakfast, coffee, work or whatever Karen wants to do. Then at the end of each night once the day has ended, all the siblings meet in a room and go over every detail of their day to share with the other siblings. They do this so that if they met someone on the street Tuesday, the Friday sibling could say she remembered that person and continue a conversation without rousing suspicion.

Basically 7 woman working together to pretend to be one woman. The problem is that sometimes people want their own life and their own freedom no matter what the cost. Our story really picks up when Monday does not return one night after her “shift” as Karen Settman. All hell breaks lose as Tuesday is nervously sent out to find her the next day, as they had never had two of the siblings out at one time.

The whole thing is very suspenseful and entertaining. If you loved Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, Girl On The Train, or anything that has action mixed with suspense or a thriller, you will LOVE this movie.

Our only warning is that there is a brief nude sex scene and there is some blood and violence throughout the movie. So this is not recommended for anyone with children, especially with the sensitive content. This is the second time that Noomi Rapace has blown us away with an amazing performance. Although nothing can ever top her as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Foreign Film version available now on Netflix), she comes in as a close second with her 7 layer character role in this widely overlooked incredible film.

We only recommend lots of comfort food, tissues and chocolate because you are going to need all three to make it through this 2 hour gem. The plot twists do get better than what we have described but for your sake we dare not spoil any part of this masterpiece. The ending does not disappoint and the film will have you on the edge of your seat wishing for more than just the small 2 hour window we get to see. Highly recommend this to any and every one needed a good Netflix movie night.

4/5 stars for this movie and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Game Of Thrones


Winter has come for us all. BUT for those of you who have not seen HBO’s biggest hit ever made, Game Of Thrones is a show we just cannot stay silent about any longer. Now I know your first thought is that spoilers will be reveled for those who are behind or those who haven’t started. FEAR NOT. We vow that we will not give away any spoilers or reveal plot twists or plot holes. This review is just simply to give you an idea of what the show is about and why it is worth watching.

We want to persuade all the non-watchers to start and we want to help those who gave up, are behind or just too bored with the show to continue and catch up with us. We want everyone to see why this show is one of the greats to grace our silver screen.

The show is unfortunately an HBO only streaming option. But All 7 seasons of the series so far are on the HBO Now or HBO GO apps so it is almost paying for itself to binge this gem. If you have a cable provider with HBO (or your parents do) you can sign in with the email and password and use the HBO GO app for free!! FREE!!!! Which is how we currently have HBO and we are not afraid to admit it. It is wonderful and life changing, plus all the movies on HBO GO are amazing.

So the plot is a little something like this. There are all theses houses to represent the different families in the land. The land is called Westeros. Westeros is divided into two parts, The north, where it is always snowing and cold, and the south, where it is usually nice weather but holds the capital. The capital is called King’s Landing, where the Iron Throne stands. The Iron Throne is a giant throne made of melted swords from a battle and it is where the King of Westeros sits.

Ok so that is pretty simple so far right? So obviously like EVERYONE and their mother is always trying to take power on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros. They often refer to Westeros as the Seven Kingdoms so those two phrases are interchangeable. So besides the throne there is a giant wall made of ice in the north simply referred to as The Wall. The Wall was created the keep the White Walkers at bay. White Walkers are these zombie Lord guys who can raise the dead to fight for them.

So basically the show is about a zombie apocalypse, while everyone else all fight over who is in charge of the land not yet affected by the zombies. The show will eventually explain how the White Walkers came to be, why and what they want (sort of). SO the other part is everyone’s favorite platinum blonde, Khaleesi aka Deanerys Stormborn. Khaleesi has a GREAT story line in the show but is known for being the mother of dragons. She helps hatch the dragon eggs she is gifted and is kind of one of the staple characters in the show.

Our favorite character alert is Cersei Lannister, the Queen, when we start the series in season one. She is evil like Regina George, beautiful like Kiera Knightly and sassy like a Taylor Swift revenge video. Once you finish season 6, listen to “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. It will help and explain so much.

So the other common thing you need to know is the phrase “Winter Is Coming”. So in Westeros Winters last like a really long time. Like years and years and years. They prepare for Winter for a long long time and stock up to take refuge. The only problem is that the White Walkers are either causing Winter to come earlier or are following the Winter. So they are getting closer and closer to the Wall of ice set out to keep them from Westeros.

Jon Snow is the other main character, the bastard son of Sean Bean’s character Ned Stark. In Westeros all the bastard children are referred to with the last name Snow. But technically Jon Snow is still a stark, which is like the royal house of the North. The starks and the Lannisters have been friends for years ruling Westeros with a Lannister on the throne and a stark as warden of the north.

Also there are many different gods that all types of characters worship. The Lord of Light, the Drowned god, the Many Face god and the list goes on. So do not get confused when they go on rants about their beliefs. Also do not forget that no character is safe and everyone dies. All the time. Randomly. And it will destroy your soul.

Obviously there is so much more to discuss we could write a novel on what we want to say. But for the sake of spoilers and for your own sanity, we will close out our review shortly.

There are seven seasons on HBO GO, seasons 1-6 have 10 episodes each. Season 7 only has 7 and season 8 is predicted to only have maybe 7 or less as well. Each episode is usually about an hour long because it is HBO. The best part about the show is that some episodes will feel like an hour is not long enough but alternatively sometimes it will feel like that hour lasted for years. So the trade off is real.

HERE IS THE DEAL WITH Game Of Thrones. It is very heavily story driven. This means that MANY episodes will have to be boring and less action packed because there is SO much history, so much back story and so much going on at all times that you will need all the information you can get to figure out what the hell is happening. Every episode mentions things that have happened or will happen that all end up being important in the long run.

So our SAGE NETFLIX NANNY ADVICE is that you have to make it through season 1 all the way before any judgement can be passed. In our personal opinion you should really wait till the end of season 3 to make a call because of certain things you need to see. Game Of Thrones is the only popular show in TV history that has had an increase in viewership each season, rather than a decline. This is because unlike most shows, Game Of Thrones starts boring but builds and builds and builds and gets better which each new season it makes.

There is no way that a show this complicated could be action packed all the time. So just promise us you will give a few seasons a chance before making a judgement because it gets SOOOOOO GOOD. Basically season 3-7 are amazing and our personal favorite will always and forever be the season 6 season finale.

We highly recommend this show to any and everyone who is an adult. There is a huge warning here for sex and nudity as most of the characters bare all on multiple occasions. Also incest, violence, blood, gore, murder and mythical creatures are all a main part of this show.

If you are reading this and any of those things sound like something you will hate, turn back now. You are not prepared for some of the graphic, gross and crazy situations that Game Of Thrones will take you on. We think everyone should watch this show and if you have not yet, do not hesitate and start today. Maybe once the show ends we will do a post about all our thought on spoilers and the outcome. But for now those of us who watch will have to wait a year or more for the final installment. So NO ONE has any excuse not to be fully caught up by then.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Disjointed honestly should be renamed Disappointed. With Kathy Bates involved (taking her away from her career high roles in American Horror Story for this) we expected big things from Disjointed. The comedy is cheesy and slapstick at best. It is actually not a dark comedy or drama like we had previously been expecting. The show is quite dumb and is a sitcom, including a fake laughing live audience. Think Friends, if Friends was super terrible and not funny.

We can get behind the plot which is obviously all about being pro-marijuana for when it is legal. The store is a medical marijuana dispensary run by Kathy Bates and is for “healing” others. She has a son who is wanting to start becoming a partner in the family business.

There are currently 10 episodes on Netflix. With another 10 having already been ordered by Netflix for a part 2 release. Each episode is about 25 minutes long and it would take no time at all to binge this sitcom. But we do not recommend it. At all. It is fairly easy to get through but it just lacks good comedy.

Disjointed just lacks in comparison to the standards of comedies like 30 Rock, Friends, Parks and Recreation, and even the cheesy but fun Young & Hungry. It just fails to hit the mark that so many other shows achieve with such star power behind them. We are really sad that Kathy Bates decided to go in this direction. Sadly every Netflix original show cannot be a hit, and if it was we would have TOO much to watch. Which is exactly why we are here for you.

The show can have a few funny moments and Kathy Bates is great in her role. Honestly I do not think Kathy Bates could actual give a bad performance in any acting role she had. This series is just clearly terrible writing, lazy comedy and cheap laughs. If you are REALLY bored then maybe watch this is you need a super light hearted sitcom type comedy.

This review is shorter than most because we have too much respect for the great Kathy Bates to go on a hateful rant about how we wanted to watch paint dry while solving mathematical word problems more than we wanted to watch the next episode. So we will just say AVOID IT, RUN AWAY, TURN BACK NOW and do not even attempt to start this very underwhelming show.

1/5 stars for this show and a 2/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Atypical turned out to be an amazing new show that everyone can relate to. Smart, funny, universal, sad, happy, dramatic and emotional are just a few words we would use to describe the wonder that is Atypical. The show is about a family that has an 18 year old son with autism. He is high functioning on the spectrum but still needs help now and again on the path to adulthood. Some people have criticized the show for not being accurate but as far as we are concerned most professionals deem this show quite accurate with adults on the spectrum.

The show is great at keeping the drama and plot twists alive while drawing you into the amazing story. If anything Jennifer Jason Leigh aka the mom named Elsa is the best she has ever been. The tortured mother trying to find herself now that her autistic child is older and learning to live on his own without her. She spent her life devoted to taking care of him and doing autistic related charity and events and fundraisers. Now she is like every other mother having to watch her baby turn into an adult.

The real MVP of this show is Keir Gilchrist who plays Sam the autistic son. He is beyond amazing in his portrayal of an adult living with Autism and captures the essence of how those on the spectrum think and act. His character is funny and troubled and confused just like every teenager that ever existed. Part of the point of the show to us was that even though Sam is in therapy and struggles to fit in with his autism, he is just like every other senior in high school. Sam has the same family problems, personal doubts and struggles as every other kid, he just happens to be autistic.

The show really captures the struggles and tolls that autism has brought into their home. They fully embraced Sam and even his younger sister constantly looks out for him and has his back. Honestly a better sibling relationship than most people have in real life. The father, played by Micheal Rapaport, also has his own issues with his family. Basically mentioned in the first episode that he abandoned them for almost a year because he could not handle his only son living with autism. Although he is trying to make up for it now and be a great Dad the sins of the past always come back to haunt us.

There is only one season on Netflix with 8 episodes. Each episode ranges between 40-30 minutes in length and definitely not long enough for the awesomeness that is Atypical. We honestly loved this show and could not wait for more. Although it tends to be more on the dramatic side of things, we loved how the drama seemed more modern or real because so many adults today are struggling with autism and do have these exact problems growing up with their families.

We honestly think this is a genius move for Netflix. Bringing up topics that are so sensitive open up dialogue for people who normally don’t get considered or talked about to become the headliner of conversation. We think this show will open some doors for those on the spectrum as well as the families and friends that support and love those on the spectrum.

We highly recommend this show and we think that season 2 will just knock it out of the park. The show is funny and cute just as it is dramatic and intense. It finds the perfect balance between drama and comedy that keeps us wanting more. This is one of the best new shows in 2017 by a landslide.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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