The Good Place

The Good Place - Season 1The Good Place is like finding a $20 bill in your pants when you have $0 in your bank account and you just really wanted some tacos or insert favorite food item. It is a great new comedy that we have been longing for too long. The only comedy that compares to the level of humor would be Schitt’s Creek. The Good Place is hilarious, witty and frankly an extremely genius move for Kristen Bell. Bell just shines as the most lovable terrible human being who ever existed. The show is all about the afterlife, what happens when you die. Everyone may have different opinions on what that is but for the sake of this comedy people either go to heaven or hell.  The good place or the bad place as the are respectively called.

The show is about Kristen Bell aka Eleanor. Eleanor has died and gone to heaven. Heaven in this scenario is a a perfect little town filled with everything you want plus a ton of frozen yogurt. Everyone is so selfless and care free and are the best of the best from the world. For instance those who all did selfless acts of charity and spent their lives helping each other. The problem is that Eleanor is not suppose to be there. Eleanor was a terrible person who only cared about herself and was really cruel.

The show gets interesting when things start going wrong in the town. So every town has a designer/architect or angel of you will that built it and oversees it. Most do not stay in their created towns but Micheal (Ted Danson) is on a special assignment to live in his town and create something new and magical. Eleanor quickly realizes that her bad attitude and negative actions have dire consequences on the town.

Each resident is told that they live with their soulmate that was designated for them by heaven calculations. So Eleanor eventually tells her soul mate, Chidi, that she is a fraud and he decides to help her stay. Chidi is an ethics professor who lived his life always questioning everything and never actually making a decision. Therefore he is constantly tortured by Eleanor because she is the definition of an ethical dilemma being falsely put in heaven aka The Good Place.

Their is also a hilarious character named Tahani who is a super condescending better than you type of person who is basically Miss Perfect. Tahani spent her life name dropping and one-upping people but did an intense amount of good for the world so she is kind of the self designated queen of The Good Place. You know who we mean, the mean pretty girl in school that always seemed to be perfect and better than you. Her interactions with Kristen Bell are so hilarious we kept rooting for Tahani/Eleanor moments throughout the season.

Then our favorite character alert which happens to be Janet. Janet is the kind of robot genie that exists in heaven to get anyone whatever they want whenever they want it. She is not an alien, nor is she human. She seems to be this AI type of program that runs all the towns. Janet contains all the knowledge of the universe and can help anyone with anything they need. She is so honest and straight forward and kept us laughing more times than we could count. You too will grow to fall in love with Janet before you know it, we promise.

The show has 13 episodes and only one season on Netflix. The episodes are only 30 minutes long so the binge is really easy to take on and the show was so funny we have already watched the whole thing twice and this just came out. The second season actually starts September 20th 2017 on NBC. We are extremely excited to see the next season and where this show is leading us.

We can honestly tell you that this show is hilarious. We kept laughing and loving it more and more with each episode. Like American Horror Story love but with a comedy. The show is so witty and brilliant that we just wanted more and more. The best part of the show is that in the finale there is a HUGE plot twist. We mean like boom mind blowing plot twist that changes the game of the entire show for season 2. We actually did predict the twist but we are The Netflix Nanny so we can usually spot a plot twist a mile away.

But the twist is so good that we highly recommend this show for everyone. We do not usually give a new show a 5 star rating but because we loved it so much we are. The rating can always change when we need to update the show after seeing season 2 but for now the first season is a solid 100 percent.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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White Gold


Best described as a British version of Wolf Of Wall Street meets the breaking fourth wall technique of House Of Cards mixed with the “boys club” mentality of Mad Men. Basically just like the movie Blow if Blow was about selling plastic and windows. Chuck Bass will always be close to our heart so it is hard to see him play anyone else. The good news is that he is still just as charming and sassy as Chuck Bass but a little more daring and bad ass as Vincent Swan. Mainly because he is using his charm and wit to earn of fortune instead of just running around spending it.

Our favorite part of White Gold is that it is a period piece, set in the 1980’s. Yes the 1980’s are now considered a period piece. How old does that make you feel? The other best part of the show is Vincent Swan’s wife, British Mandy Moore. British Mandy Moore is sassy, beautiful and fabulous much like the real Mandy Moore. Although after This Is Us, Mandy Moore is in a league of her own and cannot be replicated.

White Gold uses the breaking the fourth wall technique to have Chuck Bass speak directly to the audience during dialogue, just like Kevin Spacey’s character in House Of Cards. This technique is effective in House Of Cards which makes White Gold seems like a cheap knock off but somehow it remains intriguing enough to keep watching.

Some of the humor is VERY British and tongue and cheek. There is only 1 season out on Netflix and it only consists of 6 episodes. Each episode is only 30 minutes long so the series is extremely short lived and possibly the easiest show to binge on Netflix to date. We imagine the 6 episodes are a trial run to test the waters for this unconventional show.

Chuck Bass plays a plastic windows salesman who uses his guile, charm and wit to sell people cheap windows for an outrageous up charge. He claims he can sell anyone anything and does well convincing just about any type of person to buy into anything he sells. The only thing he can’t do is convince the government to get off his case about back taxes he owes from the last year.

Vincent Swan, aka Chuck Bass, is a womanizing, arrogant, silver tongued cheeky bastard to say the least. He is great at what he does and he does it with an level of elegance and grace that it heavily reminded us of Jordan Belfort the Wolf Of Wall Street. There is something so tragic and alluring about a character focused on dominating their career field while their lives crumble around the empire they have come to build.

We liked the show better than we originally thought we would. That being said we were never in love with the show as a whole. We did not hate it but we were also super let down. Chuck Bass is such a presence, such a force to be reckoned with that we expected great things from his next venture into TV. Sadly White Gold did not live up to half the glory that is Gossip Girl but it was worth a quick 6 episode binge.

All in all we do recommend you watch it because it is such a short binge that it ends up being worth the trouble. We just want you all to know that it is not the best show out there so don’t go in expecting Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why level amazing. A step above shows like Fuller House and Girlboss but below shows like Gypsy or The OA.

If anything the return of Chuck Bass to our television screen was more than enough reason to at least give this show a solid chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, even the Chuck Bass characters of the world. If you watch the first episode or two and still hate it, it will not get too much better so keep that in mind.

There is no serious drama or drug pushing to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is much more of a dark comedy than it is a drama. To be honest the show does get more interesting as it goes on and by the finale we found ourselves wanting more than just a mere 6 episodes. The show could have used 10 episodes but maybe 6 was the perfect amount to keep us interested but not bored.

3/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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OH HOW WE HAVE WAITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS ONE. Gypsy is a psychological overly sexual thriller. Think the movies Girl On The Train and Gone Girl meets a Nurse Jackie or Breaking Bad type show in a sense. The whole double life in secrecy element meets a psychological sexual thriller. Gypsy had us completely captivated, while also making us feel so much anxiety that only a Xanax and a glass of chardonnay could help calm us down from this shit storm. But the kind of storm that you can’t look away from even though you should. Like a Britney 2007 meltdown or literally one day in the life of Lindsay Lohan. How could you not love a show that uses Fleetwood Mac’s classic, Gypsy, sung by Stevie Nicks herself.

Gypsy stars Naomi Watts as the amazing and beguiling Jean Holloway/ Diane Hart. The show follows Jean who is a renowned therapist in the psychological world. She has amazing breakthroughs and is always there to help the downtrodden. She really does go above and beyond for her patients. Now that might sound nice and sweet but be careful of the wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.

Now before we expand more about Jean, let’s take some time to mention that Naomi Watts performance in this is DOWNRIGHT EMMY AWARD WINNING MATERIAL. She is so freaking fantastic in this role, it is like she was born to play Jean Holloway. Emmy’s aside, the rest of the cast is SPOT ON and the show is very well done. Gypsy thrives with giving us just the right amount of sex mixed in with psychological thriller elements.

The main issue to address with this show is the intensity. And oh man is it intense. We would say it took a week to finish all 10 episodes in the only season on Netflix. Each episode was an hour long so the commitment here is real and you must be dedicated to spend time in this crazy addicting roller coaster ride.

We need to also warn you that there is tons of sex. Straight sex, lesbian sex, lots of sex going on. Like Game Of Thrones level sex scenes, so this is an adult only show.

Jean is a psychologist as we mentioned earlier who goes above and beyond for her patients. The only problem is that she takes on all of the obsessions and behaviors of her patients. For example if she is treating a pill popping addict, she would end up popping pills just for fun. If she was treating a girl obsessed with her ex-boyfriend (which does not happen in the show because this is an example) then she would become obsessed with the ex-boyfriend and start dating him.

She gets involved in the lives of the people her patients discuss. It is weird. It is creepy. It is definitely unprofessional and unethical. The lines of blurred in her mind on just about everything. We really recommend this one if you need something on the more serious side to watch because it is a solid show that we can expect a second season of next summer.

So overall the show is a 4/5 stars because the acting, suspense, overall vibe of the show is incredible. The main problem was binge watching. It was really hard for us to binge all the episodes back to back and not feel anxiety or stress. So just keep in mind that you may need to space this one out over a few days rather than all in one night.

The theme is that of living a gypsy life, having no solid foundation or home base. Forever wandering in your soul, being lost to your own desires. Themes like how monogamy does not exist, show up more than expected. The character of Jean is a woman who just wants to be free but is seemingly trapped in her own life. A life built on lies, deceit and manipulation. The show also has a “everyone is unhappy all the time” vibe that we didn’t love but it does make sense for the plot of the show.

All in all we loved the show as a whole and recommend it to all of you. Acting does not get better than Naomi Watts and thrillers do not get better than this show. We were on the edge of our seat from start to finish, and the ending of the season will have you picking up your jaw off the floor faster than Daenerys can say “Dracarys”.

4/5 stars for this show and a 4/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix originals we have ever seen. It’s a Thriller. It’s 80s meets Sci-fi meets amazing theme music meets some kind of nostalgic feelings that make us long for the days of yore. It’s classic sci-fi, aliens and mysterious experiments on bald girls. Along with an adorable cast of kids who are too nerdy to function.

It’s like a nerdy mean girls if mean girls included evil demons that took you to an alternate dimension of creepy evilness. If anything about the 80s was something you loved, you will be obsessed with this show.

The plot of the show is that a kid goes missing. After playing dungeons and dragons with his friends all weekend. Prior to that there is a bald kid being held by the government so they can run secret experiments on her and dunk her in tanks of water.

Because naturally if you are running experiments on kids, tanks of water are a given.

Winona Ryder is the mother of the missing teen and is exceptional in the series. Even if you hated her back in the day, this role completely redeems her for all her transgressions. Even the crazy looks and shoplifting. Give her a damn Emmy already!


So basically we can confidently say you should be hooked by the end of episode 1. There are only 8 episodes in the series so a 2 day binge is all it would take, even after a long day.

Our warning here is only that when you finish you will be like hell bent on watching more. It is so dynamic and entertaining that they had to run a Superbowl commercial for the season 2 trailer. (Which looks fire AF by the way). The second seasons begins THIS HALLOWEEN. 
It is exceptional by combining mystery, suspense and action into a plot starring young kids, teenagers and adults. It really bridges the gap between these three vastly different age groups and shows how each age group deals with these crazy sci-fi situations. 
The best part is the comical relief from (favorite character alert) Dustin. That curly haired, front tooth lacking little munchkin just says the funniest damn things. He is one of the best characters in the show.
We can’t promise you will love Stranger Things. 

If you hate nerdy crap, or suspense, or monsters or sci-fi stuff then you will 100% hate this show. Luckily, we have yet to meet anyone who watched this show and didn’t watch it to completion.
This is one of the only shows we can honestly say deserves a 5 star rating. The last scene of the finale just seals the deal on one of the best shows we have seen in a long time.
#JusticeForBarb (You will eventually get this hashtag if you watch it).
Also you do get to see the monster quite a bit, so its not like one of those stupid monster films that never shows you what it is. Oh man those make us so mad. We need to go drink some chocolate milk and calm down because its making us mad thinking about it. 
Like how could you just NEVER show the creature. You actually get a great backstory on the monster and how it all comes into play and connects all the plots in the end.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success.
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Santa Clarita Diet

This show is one of the freshest editions to the Netflix original series family. And we just want to say we are OBSESSED. Like stage 5 clinger obsessed. Drew Barrymore is one of our favorite actresses maybe ever so our obsession may be a bit biased.

 But the fact that we really don’t like zombie crap makes up for our love of Drew Barrymore.
So the show is about a typical family living in Santa Clarita. Drew Barrymore becomes a zombie and must eat human flesh to survive. Now let us warn you that this show has some pretty graphic moments mixed in with campy comedy.
Like not even popcorn. It won’t end well. 

The good news is that after the pilot episode, there is not as much vomit. Let me again stress that you must make it through the pilot episode and the vomit. The vomit was just something we were not prepared for as we decided to chow down on some Zaxby’s. (never again)
Who are we kidding, of course we will eat Zaxby’s again…. actually kind of want to go there right now… 

So definitely don’t follow our example here or you will regret it.

So we described it as a campy dark comedy with graphic moments. That is probably a great description but it’s actually really funny. Like ACTUALLY laugh out loud funny. 
Favorite character alert: Drew Barrymore is just literally hair goals. We don’t even have long hair and we were fantasizing about what it would be like to have flawless Drew OmbreMore hair.
It’s a fresh new take on a dark comedy which we really appreciated for its nonchalant dark humor and casual discussion of everyday family problems mixed in with zombie problems. 
We will admit that halfway through the season, it really surprised us with how good the plot twists were and how invested we actually became with this story which we thought was just going to be this sitcom-ish campy comedy. 

To our pleasant surprise we found the show is about more than just a few good laughs.
We have always thought that it’s Dexter meets ZombieLand. 

Like The Netflix Nanny suggests, this is what’s new and what matters but definitely not poo.

This show will only take you about a day or two to finish so its a short adventure but one that you won’t regret. 
It makes the list for shows recommended to anyone in need of a good Netflix binge, but a binge that won’t consume your life, soul and identity like Lost did. (Revisit that topic later)
Let us also say that EVERYONE and I mean everyone we have introduced this show to became obsessed and watched the whole thing in a day or two. 
Get through episode 2 before you make a judgement call. The first episode didn’t make us fall in love, but was intriguing enough to continue our pursuit. 

By the time episode 4 ends, you won’t be able to put it down. We can’t give a brand new series a 5 star rating because it is JUST too new. BUT it comes pretty damn close. And it is a very binge-able show to say the least.

Stop watching Friends and switch to this show for a solid Netflix experience. This show is essentially what Netflix original series are suppose to be. Now it’s no Stranger Things, but whom among us could live up to the glory that is Stranger Things.
4/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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Amanda Knox


This is a documentary style movie that reminded us of Making A Murderer.  For those who were living under a rock in 2007, Amanda Knox (favorite character alert) was an American girl living in Italy. She was convicted of murdering her British roommate that she lived with in Italy. Her strange attitude and good looks soon earned her the internationally famous nickname of “Foxy Knoxy”.

Just like Making A Murderer, this documentary will have you jumping back and forth on the guilty train faster than Nicholas Cage can get another film to bomb at the box office.

This documentary is also very unbiased in its review of the case. This documentary features evidence from the Italian police force, reporters, investigators and public knowledge. We had a harder time deciding Foxy Knoxy’s guilt after watching this one. They have Amanda Knox herself being interviewed along with all the key players in the case and key law officials.

It almost seems as if this Italian police man had it out for her from the start.  But ypou will have to decide for yourself what you think. They do heavily focus on Foxy Knoxy being sexual active, which is not okay in their eyes. You will have to find out for yourself what you think and we don’t want to give anything away.

We literally hear the story of Foxy Knoxy from the mouths of people who lived it. Which speaks to the credibility of the filmmakers. We think that it is a solid choice for anyone needing a good documentary or missing Making A Murderer while we wait for season 2!

They really do get every person involved to speak for this documentary. I recommend it for anyone wanting some answers to a case we all heard about. It is an hour and a half long so it is a movie night binge rather than a consistent binge like making a murderer. The a key difference here is that the Foxy Knoxy drama has ended so this film will be the first and last of its kind. Thankfully the Steven Avery case has been reopened, so we expect big things to come for season 2.

3/5 stars for this movie

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Making A Murderer


Arguably one best of Netflix’s documentary series available. This show exploded into the Netflix original family with huge ratings and even bigger success. Mystery, murder, intrigue, scandal, evidence. These are just some words to rally all inquisitive minds to solve these murders from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t already know, Making A Murderer is about the criminal case of Steven Avery. He is from Manitowoc County in the state of  Wisconsin. So Avery was convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder back in  1985 when he was in his early 20’s. He then served 18 years of a 32-year sentence.

After 18 years had passed, he was exonerated by DNA testing due to technological advances in criminal investigations. After all of this, Avery is then again convicted of murder by the same police force in 2007. They also convict his nephew, Brendan Dassey (favorite character alert) who has since been released because of the show. Dassey was clearly swayed by the police. But we will let you decide.

We love to see justice done and what is more of a killer headline than a wrongfully accused murderer? We want to believe Avery is innocent. We want to blame our own judicial system. We want to know what really happened. And who cannot relate to the fear of being wrongfully accused of something and then being punished for it.

The good news is that there are 10 episodes in the season, with each episode being a little over an hour long. You will get the unbiased version of this story.

They do a great job of going back and forth on the evidence. We can say that throughout the show we had thoughts going from innocent to guilty, back to innocent, back to guilty and then to innocent again. This show is an emotional roller coaster but one we can’t wait to ride again in season 2.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Friends From College


If Girls and How I Met Your Mother had a lovechild, it would be Friends From College. We love it but we are curious to see how the longevity of the plot will play out.

We honestly binged the whole thing last night. ALL THE EPISODES IN ONE SITTING. So you know we are ready to sing praise to this new Netflix Original. It was so easy to binge because there are only 8 episodes in the season. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, so it will not take you long to finish the whole season.

The show is about exactly what it says, friends who met in college and remained friends into adulthood. We all have those friends we love and have known forever but sometimes they do not bring out our best selves. That is kind of the plot of the show in a nutshell.

The show can get quite dramatic at times with two of the main characters having an affair and pretending to be just friends when they are married to other people. Don’t worry, that is told to you in the first 5 minutes of the pilot episode so it is not a spoiler. It is actually the focus or main plot line of the entire first season. And we like the little twists and turns throughout the season too.

Overall the comedy is very specific but spot on. We are not a big fan of Keegan Michael Key and generally do not find humor in his comedy. He’s more like an annoying gnat that you keep swatting away but it comes back every time. Then the gnat attracts this venomous spider and it bites you and the poison just keeps infecting your body. Then your body starts to shut down so you have no choice but to deal with the infection and go to the doctor. And the doctor gives you the medicine so you take it and feel better but you will always remember how awful that was.

BUT we actually enjoyed most of his performance in Friends From College. We do not deny that Keegan Michael Key is talented and can be funny, he is just not our cup of tea. ever. But we will not deny that if you are a fan than this show will be one of your instant favorites. HE delivers a solid performance and the rest of the cast is just flawless.

Favorite character alert: Lisa Turner aka Cobie Smulders, who played Robin on How I Met Your Mother. She is obviously the sympathy character vote but also she just shines so bright with this cast and the brilliant writing. Basically our favorite role she has has since the How I Met Your Mother days.

We recommend this show if you like adult comedies. Some similar movies and shows would be Girls, Love or anything Judd Apatow or involving middle age crisis and relationship drama. We love the raw blunt nature of the writing mixed with real life drama that is relateable to a wide audience.

This show will have you laughing and crying and fully captivated to the very end. We recommend it but are very interested to see what direction the show takes with season 2. Basically they could definitely step up their drama game for the next season.

3/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Movie Spotlight: Butter


“Is Butter a carb?” Well Paula Dean would probably tell Regina George that butter is everything and that she is an ignorant “B” for not thinking so.  Besides pop culture/ meme references we truly only have love for the movie, Butter.

This is a movie we have loved since we started using Netflix back in 2010/2011. Butter is a fantastic underrated movie that never got credit for how brilliant it truly is. Literally makes us laugh and cry and laugh again EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Butter has a vast spread of stars featuring names like Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, the vampire girl who can see the future in Twilight (Ashley Greene) and the dad from Modern Family (Ty Burrell). How can you already not be excited about this movie and we haven’t even told you the plot!!

So the dad from Modern Family aka Phil Dunphy is married to Jennifer Garner who plays a super conservative, Republican uptight woman who seems to be the captain of her own families lives. So Phil Dunphy holds the 15 year record for mastery in the butter sculpting contest. Basically his time is up and his wife, Jennifer Garner, is hell bent on stopping this “injustice”. She decides to enter herself in the contest.

To be clear the contestants have refrigerated rooms where they use tools to mold and sculpt literal blocks of butter.

The story also follows a young girl named Destiny who is an orphan. She bounces from home to home but finds family in Alicia Silverstone and her husband. Trouble begins when Destiny enters the butter sculpting contest and turns out to be a child prodigy. Jennifer Garner obviously takes big issue with it and the hilarious drama ensues.

Favorite character alert: Olivia Wilde. Wilde plays a stripper who sleeps with Phil Dunphy and he owes her money because she has sex with him outside the strip club. Olivia Wilde then decides to ruin Jennifer Garners life by entering the butter sculpting contest. She is just so funny in this movie and everyone will love her character.

The movie is not too long yet not too short so it is easily a great one to watch in any situation. It is rated R though as there are sexual scenes, curse words and adult situations. So this is not recommended for the kids, at all.

The movie is a comedy and easily considered dark comedy but honestly it is not that dark. There is more darkness in Harry Potter to be honest. We urge you all to just give Butter a chance and it will steal your heart faster than butter melts in a frying pan.

This is our favorite movie find on all of Netflix and comes with a 100 percent recommendation from us. It is funny and gives continuous laughs but also has such sweet touching moments it makes us cry. Real tears.

Like Titanic level tears but for a much shorter time. Because at this point let’s face it, Rose could have moved over.

5/5 stars for this movie


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Young & Hungry


Young & Hungry can be best described as the love story of Twilight meets an actress who can actual act and is insanely pleasurable to watch. And then adds the cheesy nature of Disney shows with the adult sitcom styling of the CW. No one is more surprised than The Netflix Nanny when it comes to how much we loves it. Shockingly loves it. This show is so very sitcom and cheesy that we expected it to be just as boring as Fuller House but with the frustration of Pretty Little Liars plot holes.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that this show was just a refreshing cheesy sitcom. It is a guilty pleasure of cute laughs and fun quips.

The show stars Emily Osment (Hannah Montanna’s BFF) as Gabi and newcomer Aimee Carrero who plays Sophia the BFF. Favorite character alert: Sophia. Sophia is hilarious, spunky and fun. Everything you want in a BFF character without stealing all the thunder of the starring role. She is well written, drop dead gorgeous and so entertaining. Girl, if we could give Aimee Carrero an Emmy for playing Sophia, we would. We love you Sophia.

Also Emily Osment is phenomenal. She has never been more real and charming than she does in Young & Hungry.

So the plot of the show is that Gabi is a chef. And yes this show does always end up making us hungry. Gabi gets a job being a personal chef for some super rich guy who she then sleeps with and then falls in love with. The rich guy, named Josh, also has hired a maid, Yolanda, and a publicist, Elliot.

Elliot is a bitchy gay guy who is always making jokes at the girls expense. Yolanda is a life loving housekeeper who is always getting into shenanigans and arguing with Elliot.

The how dynamic of those two is like a Lucy and Ethel, love/ hate relationship. The do get involved with Gabi and Sophia on occasion but the show is mainly focused on the Twilight like romance of Josh and Gabi.

The plot lines are cheese-tastic but for some odd reason it just all works in its favor. We love the cheese-tastic nature and vibe. Its very light-hearted fun. Even the most dramatic episodes still leave you with several laughs. It is nice to see how young people have to experience dating in the technological age of phones and apps.

The comedy is pretty clean compared to like every other show ever. So we can recommend this show to all types of audiences.

The show is 21 minutes long so this is one of the easiest shows to binge on Netflix to date. There are 5 seasons right now, with the 5th just having been added recently. It could take a few days or even a week if you really stretch it out. We love the easy binge-ability and the campy nature of the show.

We recommend this show for anyone looking for a fun comedy that really is just meant to brighten your TV time in world full of American Horror Story type shows. The biggest warning is that it is not going to be a Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder type show. You must love Young & Hungry for what it is, and not for what it is not.

If you like Jane The Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Younger or Hart of Dixie then you will most likely enjoy binge watching this gem. We highly recommend it to all audiences who love sitcoms or comedy in general.

Plus any show that a has amazing guest appearances is on our list of must watch. Season 5 really pulls out all the stops. Appearances like Betty White in a wedding dress is a show we want to see.

Not to mention the Real Housewife of Orange County herself, Heather Dubrow, stops by to make a hilarious guest appearance as well. This show is excellent at appealing to a youthful audience.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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