Thank You, Next.


This is an open letter to my ex, the love of my life. Thank You, Next.

When you left me alone with my tears and my fears I thought I was going to die.
I didn’t.

I thought that facing my biggest fear, losing you, was going to break me.
It didn’t.

I learned how to love myself again, laugh again, love me again.
Because I didn’t.

I went to therapy, cried, yelled and bargained my way through my grief of being alone.
But I wasn’t.

You made me believe in myself again.
Because I didn’t.

You made me see that I am worthy of love, capable of change and stronger than I look.
Because I didn’t.

You made me grateful for everything you gave me.
Because I wasn’t.

Every tear, fear, pain and every heartbreak felt like it would break me.
But it didn’t.

I am thankful to you for giving me the gift of loving me.
Because I couldn’t.

You loved me when I couldn’t love myself and I will never forget that.
I couldn’t.

I love you.
But you didn’t.


Orange Is The New Black: Season 6

orange6The jury has reached a verdict, Orange Is The New Black has been found GUILTY of making another smash hit season. (See what we did there) Not only is the Netflix Nanny back but so are everyone’s favorite convicts, the ladies of Litchfield. We will admit that the last few seasons were kind of a shit show. Like Britney meltdown of 2007 shit show. But like all good meltdowns, a truly epic comeback is sure to follow.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of burnt Cheetos and injustice, the show that launched a thousand ships for Netflix has made a more than triumphant return.

The last few seasons seemed to be ratings grabs and over sexual  homoerotic  plot lines that resembled soft core porn at best. In a shocking turn of events, we actually get to experience the aftermath of the riot and an entire season that doesn’t take place in a 3 day time period. So yes, the 13 episodes this season are longer, better and more equipped to give you the lock up of a life time.

In our opinion, the best seasons of the show were one and two. Season two being the overwhelmingly amazing standard that most Netflix shows have come to thrive for and fall short of the glory that was the story line with “V”. This season, 6, is now the second place for best season of OITNB, and a close contender for first.

The picture we chose to represent the glorious new season may be unfamiliar with most who have not started their binge session yet, but fear not as we will tell you that the entire season is about a sisterly feud between Barb from Cell block D (pictured left) and Carol from Cell block C (pictured right). The constant power struggle between the two sister queens is enough to already put the shows third season to shame after just two episodes.

Side note: At least season 4 picked up somewhat but honestly who can forgive the OITNB writers for giving us that crap freedom lake finale in season 3. It was disgraceful to us as viewers and us as fans of the show. Season 6 gives us such an intense emotionally draining finale that it may just take 1000 hours of Real Housewives to stop feeling again.

The sister queen feud is not the only redeeming quality of the season as we finally get a season where Piper may become likeable again, at least for  a little while. HA. The twists and turns and story lines are brilliant and exactly what we as fans want from the show. We feel as if the show returned to its roots or rather found its wings in its new dynamic of the ladies of Litchfield stuck in max.

Our views were SO STRONG on how good this season is that we came out of summer retirement JUST to write a new post for all you Netflix Nanny fans. We just could not live another moment without letting our readers know what it is they need to watch. If you have not started the series, there is still time. You can start a casual binge now and get caught up in decent amount of time. Honestly though if you haven’t jumped on the Orange train by now, you probably will won’t be boarding anytime soon.

We highly suggest you get to binge watching, however you like to, as soon as you possibly can to experience the masterpiece that is Orange Is the New Black season 6. We have a good feeling that fans of the show will be very pleased in a happy sad kind of way, but pleased nonetheless. We could say you would be GUILTY of having a good binge sesh.

By the way, we have missed you as much as you have missed us. Welcome back inmates.


The Netflix Nanny

5/5 stars for this (season) of this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up


Quite a different pace than the other reality TV Netflix originals like Queer Eye. Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up is a grim view on girls who are locked up in Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility in Madison, Indiana. The show is a documentary which looks into the lives of particular inmates in Juvie.

These are all young girls under the age of 18 who have committed crimes worthy of prison but are too young to join population. The Correctional Facility is the kind of limbo or stepping stone for these young ladies before they end up spending life in prison if they cannot clean up their act.

The show is very interesting in the fact that each featured character has a different story and issues that led to their arrest. Some girls are in Madison because they have no where else to go while others keep committing crimes and returning because they just cannot get it together. The hot mess factor of the women make the show all the more worth it to binge.

These girls are a hot mess, a train wreck or slow moving car crash that just seems impossible to ignore or look away from. It is almost sad in a way to see how most of the girls actually benefit being in the system rather than out in the real world attempting real life. The show only has 1 season with 8 episodes in it. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and focuses on the same few girls who have opted in to be filmed and interviewed.

The show does get a little repetitive and boring at times but it did captivate us long enough to binge all 8 episodes. We suggest you watch the first 2 episodes and then decide if you will be able to make it through the series. We found the show to be hilarious and refreshing as well as sad at times.

The truth of the matter is that most of these girls live in environments or areas where they are build to fail. They can’t escape and most turn to drugs and alcohol and violence to get by. While those things are prevalent everywhere it just gives a deeper look into the life of a troubled teen that most other shows have not shown. Madison Correctional Facility really does have methods in place to help these girls succeed and prosper once they get out.

The fun part of course is all the prison drama and romances on camera. The girls will often form romances with each other or fights that get them in trouble and extend their stay. While the drama wasn’t as good as an episode of Real Housewives, it was good enough for a day long binge in the bed desperately seeking a new Netflix show to fill the void that Queer Eye left in our heart. We say it is a MEH level show but worth it if you like prison shows or documentary style shows.

2/5 stars for this show and a 4/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Love: Season 3


LOVE LOVE LOVE, the show LOVE. The first season was iffy but captivating. Like Camilla Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony or Miley Cyrus growing out her hair. We just love Judd Apatow stuff so maybe this show just speaks to us on another level. The combination of reality meets snarky satirical humor. It is like a sassy love story featuring hateable, relateable characters.

Bertie is and always will be the best character in the show. Mickey is pretty funny but Gus is just beyond frustrating and annoying. The third season really hit a home run with us as it starter some new features. Side characters like Bertie got some of their very own featured episodes centered on them for a change.

Also the third season brought about several themes of different types of love. Love between new and different characters really helped to spice up the plot lines in this new season.

We really enjoyed season 1 and 2, but we TOTALLY understand that this show is NOT for everyone. Mom, Dad, family members that is directed towards Y’all 100 percent. (insert 100 emoji). We do think this show is more for a middle age younger crowd. Those of us who are not yet 40 but also no longer 21. Being old is dumb and terrible but at least we have Netflix right?

Well we have Netflix and The Netflix Nanny so that is all anyone really needs TBH. This is another one of those shorter reviews so before we depart we suggest you check out the original review we have on the site about the first 2 seasons of Love. We highly recommend the show to anyone who knows who Amy Schumer is but still enjoys the the music of the early 2000s.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 3


Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, the heavens send us a third season of the best show ever made. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is our favorite show on Netflix even though it is not a Netflix original and airs on The CW. The third season DOES NOT disappoint AT ALL. We honestly love the dark comedy musical direction the show has taken. The third season really has proven that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is coming into its own as the story lines and plots have taken drastic turns and the music just keeps getting better and better.

The story line of Rebecca Bunch and her crazy antics seems to reach a peak as she finally receives an accurate diagnosis of her personality disorder. The issue of mental health has long been a battle that many people struggle with and misdiagnosis happen all the time when dealing with mental health issues. It is really nice to see that although there may not be a cure for a personality disorder, there are always steps to progression and hope for anyone struggling with any mental health issues.

On a more fun note, our favorite character Paula will never leave you without several laughs and tears. I mean what is more iconic than her solo number “The First Penis I Saw”. A major highlight of the season as well as never ending laughs. The character development in this show is remarkable and always a pleasant surprise. As we went back and re-binged seasons 1 and 2 we really saw how much these characters have grown. Every single character has their own funny yet serious personality and they keep progressing in a new and fun ways the longer you binge.

As a musical nerd ourselves, The Netflix Nanny has nothing but love for this show. It really captures the drama of a satirical dark comedy but always leaves us laughing at the same time. This show is genius and the music always brings a smile to our face. We cannot recommend a show more highly than we do this one. The saddest part is that the episodes are just not long enough. The cliffhanger at the end of season 3 is the best one yet and will leave you having to pick your jaw up off the floor.

For those who are new to this show, its about 45 minutes per episode with each season containing 13 episodes. The binge will take a while but it is a binge worth taking. Again the only caution we will mention is that there are usually 1-2 musicals numbers per episode. They are all original songs that are comical and have to do with the current plot each character is dealing with.

If you want a more detailed account of the show check out our review of season 1 and 2 that we have previously posted on our site. And not to blow our own horn but Vincent Rodriguez III, who stars in the show as Josh Chan, retweeted our original review of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so you know it is a good one. And again we thank the one and only Josh Chan for supporting our site and reviews as it is a well deserving show with a cast of incredibly talented and hilarious actors.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Queer Eye


Queer Eye brings all the sass and all the class and we couldn’t be happier about it. LOVE IS LOVE and the biggest message we can all take away from this amazing new show is that loving each other is always the better way to live. We were so very surprised to find this reboot and even more surprised about how quickly we fell in love. Much like most gay relationships the love affair happened so quickly it could have been considered a grindr hookup.

Netflix has really outdone itself with the new modern remake of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. The reboot is just named Queer Eye now because the Fab 5 will now be taking on women as well as gay men and women who need their help. Basically the show is no longer limited to just straight men in need of a life change.

The premise of the show is that there are 5 gay men who all focus on different aspects of life to help make positive change for someone in need. The expects are featured in the photo above starting from left to right: Bobby (Design), Karamo (Culture), Antoni (Food & Drink), Jonathan (Grooming) and Tan (Fashion).

The Fab 5 have a loft based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The entire show is actually featured in the great city of Atlanta and is a refreshing change of pace from most shows which typically happen in LA or New York City. Most of the Fab 5 hail from either LA or NYC but the setting in Atlanta really helps make the show more interesting because who doesn’t love watching southerners try and cope with gays?

The show really does bring tears to our eyes and that NEVER happens. The whole premise and vibe is all about LOVE. Accepting other people for who they are loving each other in spite or our differences. The show really hits home with the values of loving your neighbor.

The Fab 5 only exist to help others inside and out. The beauty of it is how even the most conservatives people they help learn to love and accept the Fab 5 because gays are people too just like the rest of us. Loving people for who they are is not always easy but it is the right thing to do.

The show lets people nominate a friend or family member who is stuck in life somehow. Whether it be bad clothes, messy homes or messy lives the Fab 5 is here to help. From sass to class the show is just a funny and feel good time to be had by all. It is easily binge watchable in a day as there are only 8 episodes currently on Netflix. Each episode is about 45-50 minutes in length but will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

We are not one for positive or love centered shows but we were happy that Queer Eye proved us wrong. Even with the cast featuring such diversity in the new Fab 5 should give us all hope that love and acceptance for everyone is coming. Loving people for who they are gay or straight should be a standard we all aspire to. Accepting others will never be easy but maybe after a binge sesh of Queer Eye we can all see that even gays and Trump supporters can learn to love and accept each other for the common good.

We recommend this to anyone who has an open heart or mind and especially to anyone who does NOT have an open mind. Our hope for this show is that after you watch you can see how these diverse groups of people can love and help each other despite major differences in lifestyle or beliefs. Everyone needs love and wants to be accepted for who they are. This show might be the emotional push someone needs to learn how to love or why we should.

Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to swoon over the fan favorite of the Fab 5, Antoni.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Grace & Frankie Season 4

Grace & Frankie is not new to the Netflix Nanny as we had posted about the first three seasons previously. We thought the Golden Gals of Netflix deserved their own post after the recently updated fourth season. We have decided that even though we have a post for most good Netflix originals, we will now be trying these new season posts to highlight our favorite shows. These won’t be as long as our original analysis of each show, so still check out our original review of shows like Grace & Frankie.

We find ourselves getting bored with this show. Like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, it may be just getting to old even though it looks fabulous still. Like homegirls are both almost 80 so they are killing it right now. The plot lines for this show are just getting a bit ridiculous and out of hand. We have honestly come to find out that the characters we love most are the children of Grace & Frankie. Brianna in particular is just hands down the best character in the show.

We did binge the whole season, so it is possible to get through it. But we were definitely bored. The start of the season seemed so promising but by the end we were ready for a retirement home. We think it is time to put the nail in the coffin for these snowbirds. Like it is not like they have THAT much time left anyway. Burn.

2/5 stars for this show and a 2/10 rating for binge worthy success

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Everything Sucks

everythingsucks 2

Everything Sucks brings all the nostalg for reals which turned into an entire day binge sesh. It did take some adjusting to deal with all the teenage angst and confusing sexuality twists.  The massive themes of sexual identity crisis couldn’t get any worse than if Caitlin Jenner herself got picked up for a third season of “I Am Cait”. However we did find ourselves completely captivated by the amount of good writing, dramatic monologues and subtle depressing plot twists that every angsty teen series needs to survive.

The show centers around a group of nerdy misfit freshman in high school set in a town called Boring in the year 1996. The 90s references and great musical choices will have all of you who are our age feeling all the feels and all the nostalg. We want to say that we are officially coining the term nostalg now and for those who are older, like our parents, nostalg is a super sassy way to abbreviate the word nostalgia while still sounding like a youth.

The show also features a good amount a teen lesbian experimentation, which is honestly the plot line that kept us watching for the long haul. The show has all the classic characters in a 90s teen movie. The nerds, the drama geeks, the cool and popular kids and the over involved parental figures. It is honestly not the best show on Netflix BUT the fact we binged the whole series in a day should speak volumes to all you Netflix Nanny fans.

The show has only 10 episodes so it is very bingeable and easy to watch. Each episode is about 30 minutes long so the series just really flies by before you know it. There are several dramatic moments and twists that we actually didn’t see coming and were a pleasant depressing surprise. Our favorite part was that 1996 was an age before cell phones. Everyone still spoke to each other, no one texted and land line phones were the only way to reach someone in a crisis.

If you do not enjoy teen movies, sexual identity crisis situations and the 1990s than you will hate this show. The real saving grace here is the fact that it is now a time period piece set in the 1990s. The styles, the crazy hair, the lack of technology. It was so refreshing, like watching Bruce Jenner on old re-runs of the Kardashians. We recommend anyone who remembers the 90s to watch this show.

3/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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