Thank You, Next.


This is an open letter to my ex, the love of my life. Thank You, Next.

When you left me alone with my tears and my fears I thought I was going to die.
I didn’t.

I thought that facing my biggest fear, losing you, was going to break me.
It didn’t.

I learned how to love myself again, laugh again, love me again.
Because I didn’t.

I went to therapy, cried, yelled and bargained my way through my grief of being alone.
But I wasn’t.

You made me believe in myself again.
Because I didn’t.

You made me see that I am worthy of love, capable of change and stronger than I look.
Because I didn’t.

You made me grateful for everything you gave me.
Because I wasn’t.

Every tear, fear, pain and every heartbreak felt like it would break me.
But it didn’t.

I am thankful to you for giving me the gift of loving me.
Because I couldn’t.

You loved me when I couldn’t love myself and I will never forget that.
I couldn’t.

I love you.
But you didn’t.


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