Orange Is The New Black: Season 6

orange6The jury has reached a verdict, Orange Is The New Black has been found GUILTY of making another smash hit season. (See what we did there) Not only is the Netflix Nanny back but so are everyone’s favorite convicts, the ladies of Litchfield. We will admit that the last few seasons were kind of a shit show. Like Britney meltdown of 2007 shit show. But like all good meltdowns, a truly epic comeback is sure to follow.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of burnt Cheetos and injustice, the show that launched a thousand ships for Netflix has made a more than triumphant return.

The last few seasons seemed to be ratings grabs and over sexual  homoerotic  plot lines that resembled soft core porn at best. In a shocking turn of events, we actually get to experience the aftermath of the riot and an entire season that doesn’t take place in a 3 day time period. So yes, the 13 episodes this season are longer, better and more equipped to give you the lock up of a life time.

In our opinion, the best seasons of the show were one and two. Season two being the overwhelmingly amazing standard that most Netflix shows have come to thrive for and fall short of the glory that was the story line with “V”. This season, 6, is now the second place for best season of OITNB, and a close contender for first.

The picture we chose to represent the glorious new season may be unfamiliar with most who have not started their binge session yet, but fear not as we will tell you that the entire season is about a sisterly feud between Barb from Cell block D (pictured left) and Carol from Cell block C (pictured right). The constant power struggle between the two sister queens is enough to already put the shows third season to shame after just two episodes.

Side note: At least season 4 picked up somewhat but honestly who can forgive the OITNB writers for giving us that crap freedom lake finale in season 3. It was disgraceful to us as viewers and us as fans of the show. Season 6 gives us such an intense emotionally draining finale that it may just take 1000 hours of Real Housewives to stop feeling again.

The sister queen feud is not the only redeeming quality of the season as we finally get a season where Piper may become likeable again, at least for  a little while. HA. The twists and turns and story lines are brilliant and exactly what we as fans want from the show. We feel as if the show returned to its roots or rather found its wings in its new dynamic of the ladies of Litchfield stuck in max.

Our views were SO STRONG on how good this season is that we came out of summer retirement JUST to write a new post for all you Netflix Nanny fans. We just could not live another moment without letting our readers know what it is they need to watch. If you have not started the series, there is still time. You can start a casual binge now and get caught up in decent amount of time. Honestly though if you haven’t jumped on the Orange train by now, you probably will won’t be boarding anytime soon.

We highly suggest you get to binge watching, however you like to, as soon as you possibly can to experience the masterpiece that is Orange Is the New Black season 6. We have a good feeling that fans of the show will be very pleased in a happy sad kind of way, but pleased nonetheless. We could say you would be GUILTY of having a good binge sesh.

By the way, we have missed you as much as you have missed us. Welcome back inmates.


The Netflix Nanny

5/5 stars for this (season) of this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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