Love: Season 3


LOVE LOVE LOVE, the show LOVE. The first season was iffy but captivating. Like Camilla Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony or Miley Cyrus growing out her hair. We just love Judd Apatow stuff so maybe this show just speaks to us on another level. The combination of reality meets snarky satirical humor. It is like a sassy love story featuring hateable, relateable characters.

Bertie is and always will be the best character in the show. Mickey is pretty funny but Gus is just beyond frustrating and annoying. The third season really hit a home run with us as it starter some new features. Side characters like Bertie got some of their very own featured episodes centered on them for a change.

Also the third season brought about several themes of different types of love. Love between new and different characters really helped to spice up the plot lines in this new season.

We really enjoyed season 1 and 2, but we TOTALLY understand that this show is NOT for everyone. Mom, Dad, family members that is directed towards Y’all 100 percent. (insert 100 emoji). We do think this show is more for a middle age younger crowd. Those of us who are not yet 40 but also no longer 21. Being old is dumb and terrible but at least we have Netflix right?

Well we have Netflix and The Netflix Nanny so that is all anyone really needs TBH. This is another one of those shorter reviews so before we depart we suggest you check out the original review we have on the site about the first 2 seasons of Love. We highly recommend the show to anyone who knows who Amy Schumer is but still enjoys the the music of the early 2000s.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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