Grace & Frankie Season 4

Grace & Frankie is not new to the Netflix Nanny as we had posted about the first three seasons previously. We thought the Golden Gals of Netflix deserved their own post after the recently updated fourth season. We have decided that even though we have a post for most good Netflix originals, we will now be trying these new season posts to highlight our favorite shows. These won’t be as long as our original analysis of each show, so still check out our original review of shows like Grace & Frankie.

We find ourselves getting bored with this show. Like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, it may be just getting to old even though it looks fabulous still. Like homegirls are both almost 80 so they are killing it right now. The plot lines for this show are just getting a bit ridiculous and out of hand. We have honestly come to find out that the characters we love most are the children of Grace & Frankie. Brianna in particular is just hands down the best character in the show.

We did binge the whole season, so it is possible to get through it. But we were definitely bored. The start of the season seemed so promising but by the end we were ready for a retirement home. We think it is time to put the nail in the coffin for these snowbirds. Like it is not like they have THAT much time left anyway. Burn.

2/5 stars for this show and a 2/10 rating for binge worthy success

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