Everything Sucks

everythingsucks 2

Everything Sucks brings all the nostalg for reals which turned into an entire day binge sesh. It did take some adjusting to deal with all the teenage angst and confusing sexuality twists.  The massive themes of sexual identity crisis couldn’t get any worse than if Caitlin Jenner herself got picked up for a third season of “I Am Cait”. However we did find ourselves completely captivated by the amount of good writing, dramatic monologues and subtle depressing plot twists that every angsty teen series needs to survive.

The show centers around a group of nerdy misfit freshman in high school set in a town called Boring in the year 1996. The 90s references and great musical choices will have all of you who are our age feeling all the feels and all the nostalg. We want to say that we are officially coining the term nostalg now and for those who are older, like our parents, nostalg is a super sassy way to abbreviate the word nostalgia while still sounding like a youth.

The show also features a good amount a teen lesbian experimentation, which is honestly the plot line that kept us watching for the long haul. The show has all the classic characters in a 90s teen movie. The nerds, the drama geeks, the cool and popular kids and the over involved parental figures. It is honestly not the best show on Netflix BUT the fact we binged the whole series in a day should speak volumes to all you Netflix Nanny fans.

The show has only 10 episodes so it is very bingeable and easy to watch. Each episode is about 30 minutes long so the series just really flies by before you know it. There are several dramatic moments and twists that we actually didn’t see coming and were a pleasant depressing surprise. Our favorite part was that 1996 was an age before cell phones. Everyone still spoke to each other, no one texted and land line phones were the only way to reach someone in a crisis.

If you do not enjoy teen movies, sexual identity crisis situations and the 1990s than you will hate this show. The real saving grace here is the fact that it is now a time period piece set in the 1990s. The styles, the crazy hair, the lack of technology. It was so refreshing, like watching Bruce Jenner on old re-runs of the Kardashians. We recommend anyone who remembers the 90s to watch this show.

3/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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