Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a show that is hard to describe but very memorable. Basically a modern day Twilight Zone if you will but more technology driven. If you have heard anything about it you will know that it can be extremely hard to watch and even more addicting to try and stop watching. The episodes in the series are honestly more like small mini movies rather than TV show episodes. The production value and movie feel of the show makes you feel like even the hour and a half episodes just aren’t long enough.

Some episodes are creepy and disturbing like an American Horror Story episode while others are strong statement making dramas. Most of the series revolves around technology and the theme that the black mirror is to represent a screen. The idea that technology has taken over our lives as we know it and how these mini-movies tell stories and give warning to what could be.

The first 2 seasons only have 3 episodes, while seasons 3 and 4 have 6 each. The episodes really range anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half sometimes. The 4th season was just recently uploaded and does not disappoint with new great content we all want and love from the series.

The series has not yet confirmed a fifth season but we can almost guarantee that if they win more awards a fifth season is inevitable. The best part of the show is that the episodes do not have to be watched in order and they do not connect in anyway. You can literally just skip and suffer zero consequences.

One of the most talked about episodes is the first episode of season 1 (The National Anthem) in which the British Prime Minister is forced into having sexual intercourse with a pig on national TV. We strongly recommend you just skip over this episode as it is very intense and graphic in nature. They do not show actual sex happening but the statement is very strong about politicians and has its own place in the series.

Although The National Anthem is the most talked about, the most famous episode to date happens in season 3, episode 4, San Junipero. The episode actually won Black Mirror its first critically acclaimed Primetime Emmy and is our current favorite episode to date. San Junipero is a love story starting in the 1980s and is not gross, intense or overwhelming like most of the other episodes. If you like love stories with a twist and an edge you will love this episode.

We suggest watching season 3, episode 1, Nosedive and San Junipero first so that you can get a feel of the show but without the intensity that most of the other episodes bring. If you want a more intense experience season 2, episode 2, White Bear is probably your best bet to get a feel for the spirit of the show. Most episodes end in a twist or a plot turn that will have you re-watching or pondering over for hours.

The 4th season has just been recently uploaded and we can say that our favorite episode is episode 4, Hang The DJ which is all about dating in the future. The people use this handheld computer device that matches you up with dates. The catch is that if you both click the device at the same time is tells you how long the relationship will last. The theory is that each relationship teaches you something t help ultimately pair you with your perfect match. Outstanding episode that is not graphic, violent or gross.

Coming in second is episode 5, Metalhead which is a black and white post apocalyptic survival story. s well as episode 6, Black Museum, which is a bit harder to watch but features a museum filled with technological criminal gear.

All in all the fourth season is a strong addition to the show and the series is one that all Netflix lovers deserve. Extra points for our American Horror Story fans, as this show sometimes goes just as deep and dark as an amazing season of our favorite show.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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