Movie Spotlight: Bachelorette

bacheloretteThis movie is EXTREMELY adult content. If you enjoy adult comedy and adult situations than this is a movie for you. When we say adult content we do not mean nudity. It is more language, party/ drug use and adult situations. Think the movies Bridesmaids and The Hangover. The movie is really more along the lines of a dark comedy in our opinion but was still hilarious.

The movie stars the always wonderful Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan (Janice Ian from Mean Girls), Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson. All of which are great in the movie and hilarious. The movie also stars James Marsden and Adam Scott (Parks and Rec).

Besides a surprisingly star-studded cast, the movie did make us laugh and was definately worth a watch or three. The movie is all about a group of girls who were best friends in highschool. The popular queen bee (Regan aka Kirsten Dunst), the hot one who is dumb (Katie aka Isla Fisher), The party girl who doesn’t care about anything (Gena aka Lizzy Caplan) and the fat girl who was unpopular but remained in the group to make the other girls look better (Becky aka Rebel Wilson).

Regan is the maid of honor for Becky’s wedding and has taken care of everything leading up to her big day. It is very obvious she is jealous of Becky as she was the “fat one” and ended up being the first in the group to get married. Also Becky is getting married to a very hot, successful age appropriate man which just seems to make the other girls baffled.

Drama soon ensues once party girls Gena and Katie arrive to fulfill their bridesmaids duties along side maid of honor Regan. The majority of the movie takes place the night before the wedding, hence the title Bachelorette. A series of unfortunate wedding related disasters happen and the girls end up spending the night partying with the groomsmen at a strip club and trying to fix all their pre-wedding mistakes before the bride notices.

The movie is a solid Netflix watch for people who like more mature content and comedies. This is not recommend for anyone who cannot find humor or joy in adult comedies. It is no where near the comedic genius level of Bridesmaids but it is a choice we would recommend to anyone who needs a good Netflix movie session.

We recommend you give this movie a chance to win you over because we have already watched it three times in the last month. The comedy is not always spot on but it does have good themes of love, life, friendship and finding your own happiness.

3/5 stars for this movie and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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