The Goldbergs


An honest rival to Modern Family and a hilarious look at an overbearing mother in real life is just a small part of the amazing Hulu comedy, The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs are another Hulu only show, but well worth the binge if you love comedy. This is your typical family oriented sitcom but is a little different than a show like Modern Family because it is based off real life. The Goldbergs are a real family with a real story that is closely related to the TV comedy.

In real life Adam Goldberg, the youngest son, grew up in the 1980’s and actually recorded most of his live through a camcorder. The show will actually feature real video clips and pictures at the end of each episode that his family actually did when he was growing up.

The main difference is that the oldest Goldberg was named Eric, not Erica. He decided to add an older sister to the show because it opened more plot lines and stories and was just better for the sitcom in general. The fun part of this is that the oldest sister actually has the same traits and qualities of his oldest brother, just the girl version for TV.

The Goldbergs is a simple 20-30 minute episode comedy that kept us laughing over and over again. There are currently 5 seasons on Hulu, with the 5th season still airing new episodes currently. Each season has 23-24 episodes per season and is just a feel good, fun comedy that is easy to watch and enjoy.

The real star of the show is the mother Beverly Goldberg played by Wendy McLendon-Covey. Her most notable work is playing one of the hilarious bridesmaids along side Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne in the classic 2011 comedy Bridesmaids.

Beverly Goldberg is often referred to as a “smother” by the children on the show. a “smother” is an overbearing and extremely smothering mother that is just hilariously too much all the time. The most endearing quality Beverly has is her unfaltering, undying and smothering love for her children. She will do anything for them, even if they don’t want or need her help.

Each character is actually very well developed and contrasted throughout the series. Every single character is hilarious in their own way and made us fall in love from the very beginning. It was also a major plus that the show is set in “1980 something”, so the nostalgia is real. The show is actually never given specific dates because the creator wanted to give off the vibe of how we all remember our childhood, not specific years or dates but just kind of sometime within a time period.

The show really picks up within the first season and just continues to get better and better as each season progresses. The best part about a sitcom or comedy is that even if you are busy doing something while watching the episode, you don’t really need to see the previous episode to watch  a new one. Each episode has a different story to tell in the same theme of a family comedy.

The best part of this show is the real footage that correspond with each episode, so you really feel like you get to know the Goldbergs on another level because they are a real family with real problems just like ours. We highly recommend this light hearted comedy for anyone in need of a laugh.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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