Fresh Off The Boat


We are NEVER pleasantly surprised by shows, ever. BUT this show happily shook us to the core by being so funny and (pun intended) FRESH. Yes this is another Hulu only exclusive show and in all honesty we recommend you get both Hulu and Netflix to get the maximum at home streaming experience. Fresh Off The Boat seemed like just another run of the mill sitcom that we would watch while eating or Facebook stalking people we hate, but it turned into a comedy we couldn’t wait to watch again and again.

This is the first hugely successful sitcoms to air on a Primetime network starring an Asian American family and we are definitely here for it. The show features a Chinese family who move from Washington DC to Orlando, Florida. The Huang family have moved to Orlando because Louis (the father) has a dream to open a cowboy-western themed steakhouse. This is his “American Dream” as he states many times and is trying to find a better life for his family.

The show is set in the 1995 as the first season begins and is narrated by the oldest son, Eddie. Eddie is the oldest of the three Huang children and is obsessed with Rap and Hip-Hop culture of the 90s. He dresses and listens to Hip-Hop and is actually a hilarious character because he is always true to who he is. The other two sons are the stereotypical “perfect” Chinese boys who do extra school work and are more responsible than their older brother.

The true essence and star of the show is only achieved once we meet the loving wife and devoted mother of the Huang family, Jessica Huang. Jessica is by far the best character in the show by a LANDSLIDE. She is a typical Chinese mom who believes that hard work, good grades and over controlling hovering will help her family succeed in life. Her character had us laughing in almost every single scene she is in. Given she is one of the main characters,it is clear how much we love this show.

Here is the real deal with this one my “Nanny Fannys” (Ok we don’t know what to call our readers…. so all suggestions are open.  We realize this attempt was lame but we hope it made you smile).

The deal here is that you need to watch the first 2 episodes before making a judgement call. 2. The second episode is our personal favorite of all the seasons because it is just so DANG FUNNY!!! So if you make it past episode 2 then we are sad to say but this style of comedy may not be for you. If you find the first 2 episodes hilarious, then keep watching because they get much better.

There are currently 4 season on Hulu. The 4th season is still producing new episodes since October all the way until May. There are 13 episodes in season one. Season two had 24 and season three had 23 episodes. Season 4 should be expected to supply around 23-24 episodes by spring. Each episode is 30 minutes so season one can be watched in one sitting.

The show does get better as it goes on and you will not be sorry that you decided to watch it all the way to wherever you get in season four. We honestly have no warnings for this show. It is actually a pretty wholesome sitcom as far as humor is concerned. The show deals with being different, taking chances, friendship, family and is more of a coming of age show for Eddie the oldest son.

We recommend this show to all our fellow comedy lovers out there or to anyone who just needs some good belly laughs.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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