So as you can tell we have been cheating on Netflix with Hulu the last 3 months, so you can call us the Hulu Guru if you feel cheated but we are still The Netflix Nanny. Hulu has some great shows but none can compare to the hilarious and witty comedy, Mom. This show had us laughing alone in our room and if a comedy is REALLY funny, we laugh alone in our room. The show is such a delight and stars some of the best talent of our time.

From Anna Faris to Octavia Spencer, everyone under the sun that we love is featured on this show, The real star or key the success of the show is in fact the Mom, played by Allison Janney. Janney has won the Primetime Emmy award for Mom in 2014 and 2015, being nominated the last 2 years for her role as well.  So to say the least, her character is amazing and makes the show what it is. If you watch a few episodes, you will see what we mean.

The show centers on the relationship of a mother-daughter. The Mom (Bonnie) being Allison Janney and the daughter (Christy) being the dorky lovable Anna Faris. SO Bonnie had Christy when she was 16, making them what would seem like closer except Bonnie was a terrible mother. Bonnie was an alcoholic/drug addict who severely messed up her and her daughters lives. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as we soon learn that Christy, having 2 young kids of her own, is also an alcoholic/ drug addict.

The show begins with Bonnie and Christy being reunited in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when Christy was actually complaining about her Mom. The two reunite and we soon learn that Christy has a 16 year old daughter who also becomes pregnant. All of this is in the pilot episode so obviously these are not spoilers.

The show currently has 4 seasons on Hulu with 22 episodes a season. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long so the seasons will breeze by faster than taking a few shots of vodka. The 5th season has just started last month on TV so we imagine that Hulu will upload some newer episodes in the near future. Mom was one of the easiest shows to binge as it is so hilarious we just could not get enough.

The show focuses heavily on recovering addicts and how they cope with life and recovery. It is well written, sarcastic and hilarious all in one. The only thing that could make this show better would be a guest appearance from Jessica Lange. The humor does tend to focus on sexual themes now and again but the main humor comes from the AA meetings where the cast continually find themselves to stay on the 12 steps. There is also a decent amount of drama, very little, but enough to keep the plot moving forward so it does not feel stale or dried up.

In the end we HIGHLY (see what we did there) recommend this show as your very first Hulu binge. If you have had Hulu and are not new then make this your next stop. We promise that you will enjoy Mom much more than most titles offered on Hulu.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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