Stranger Things 2


Stranger Things 2 is bigger, badder and stranger than the first time around. But more importantly THE NETFLIX NANNY IS BACK. We apologize for the hiatus but between getting married and 199 episodes of Will & Grace (original series now on Hulu), we just needed a small break. But like the career of Kathy Griffin, it is over. There are NO spoilers ahead so feel free to read even if you have not finished, but know that we have.

There are season 1 spoilers but if you have not seen season 1 by now, you deserve all the spoilers. Stranger Things is one of the absolute BEST Netflix originals to ever grace the silver screen. And we can gladly say that season 2 does NOT disappoint.

Season 2 fills MANY of the left off plot holes or burning questions from season 1. We can honestly say that almost all of our questions from season 1 were answered, along with a set of new questions for this season.

Lets get the basics out of the way first. There are 9 episodes this season and they were NOT enough. We really deserve 13 episodes a season AT LEAST but it does help the show progress its plot in a timely and desirable manner rather than drawing things out forever (*cough*cough* Pretty Little Liars). The episodes all range from a minimum of 45 minutes to some episodes lasting an entire hour! Basically be prepared of a solid 8 hours to binge the entire series.

This season really did a great job of character development. It was a more in depth look into each character and how they spent the last year since the events of season 1. It also introduces a fabulous new villain which we know you have all seen in the trailer. Actually it is in the very picture of this post so enjoy trying to figure out that mess before watching the new episodes.

Every single episode is like a small movie that leaves us begging for more. Literally if you can finish an episode and go do something without at least starting the next one, you are not even human. We obviously LOVED this season, possibly more than season 1 but we cannot say for sure as we are still riding high from the season 2 finale fumes.

The only advice or warning we have is that episode 3 is going to be the key here. Episode 3 is when we thought the show really picked up and took off to where we stayed up till 6 am just to finish it all in one sitting.

IT IS POSSIBLE to watch episode 1 and 2 and put the show down for a while. BUT if you bridge the gap that is episode 3, you will not be able to turn back. Also DON’T EVEN THINK about starting episode 7 unless you are prepared to watch the last 3 episodes in a row. This warning is for your benefit, not ours.

This will be the best second season of any show in 2017 by a landslide. Fans of season 1 will LOVE it, and people who don’t even know what it is about will be able to follow most of the plot and still be obsessed.

Our favorite character alert will go to Dustin (again) but NO ONE AND NOTHING can top Winona Ryder’s masterclass acting skills. I am so serious when I say that woman deserves her damn Emmy already! We LOVE Winona Ryder and just cannot get enough of her in this show. She may even rival Mandy Moore from This Is Us as our favorite TV mom, current TV mom category.

Stranger Things 2 was a perfect combination of action, adventure and mystery. A true sci-fi classic and more 1980’s nostalgia than Madonna wearing the Thriller jacket and singing Cyndi Lauper songs while dancing the Electric slide.

Perfect season, perfect binge watching, perfect everything. This is the highest recommend thing out there on ANY and all streaming services. If you haven’t started yet, put this down and turn on Netflix ASAP.

Your’e Welcome.


5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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