Movie Spotlight: What Happened To Monday?


We do not do movie reviews often so when we do it is usually a good one we found to tell you about. What Happened To Monday? is a great film that is for the suspense action thrill seeker in all of us. Noomi Rapace (who played the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the foreign film trilogy which is on Netflix) is the lead actress who takes on seven very different roles as she plays identical septuplets aka 7 identical twins.

So the story goes that Glenn Close is some kind of government politician lady who wants to help keep our earth alive for years to come. They mention climate change and global warming as real threats to our planet, but the biggest threat is over population. So Glenn Close is all  like everyone can have one kid but after that we are going to take any other children and put them in a deep cryogenic sleep for a thousand years so they can wake up to an earth that is still around. Problem is no one has seen or heard about what happens to this missing siblings.

So this one old guy decides to hide his daughters septuplets. The daughter dies off camera from child birth so that is not a spoiler. The grandfather then decides to train and teach these 7 identical girls how to hone skills like math, reading and hiding in case a guest was to arrive.

Basically the government has so much control that you have to keep any sibling in hiding for their entire lives or they are taken away and never heard from again. So because there are 7 girls, they are named for each day of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all live in a very small space but can be themselves in hiding.

The catch is that during the day of the week that corresponds with their name, they are able to go out into the world and do pretty much whatever they want until the identity of Karen Settman. So on Monday, Monday will will go get ready and dress up like Karen Settman. Go to breakfast, coffee, work or whatever Karen wants to do. Then at the end of each night once the day has ended, all the siblings meet in a room and go over every detail of their day to share with the other siblings. They do this so that if they met someone on the street Tuesday, the Friday sibling could say she remembered that person and continue a conversation without rousing suspicion.

Basically 7 woman working together to pretend to be one woman. The problem is that sometimes people want their own life and their own freedom no matter what the cost. Our story really picks up when Monday does not return one night after her “shift” as Karen Settman. All hell breaks lose as Tuesday is nervously sent out to find her the next day, as they had never had two of the siblings out at one time.

The whole thing is very suspenseful and entertaining. If you loved Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, Girl On The Train, or anything that has action mixed with suspense or a thriller, you will LOVE this movie.

Our only warning is that there is a brief nude sex scene and there is some blood and violence throughout the movie. So this is not recommended for anyone with children, especially with the sensitive content. This is the second time that Noomi Rapace has blown us away with an amazing performance. Although nothing can ever top her as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Foreign Film version available now on Netflix), she comes in as a close second with her 7 layer character role in this widely overlooked incredible film.

We only recommend lots of comfort food, tissues and chocolate because you are going to need all three to make it through this 2 hour gem. The plot twists do get better than what we have described but for your sake we dare not spoil any part of this masterpiece. The ending does not disappoint and the film will have you on the edge of your seat wishing for more than just the small 2 hour window we get to see. Highly recommend this to any and every one needed a good Netflix movie night.

4/5 stars for this movie and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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