Game Of Thrones


Winter has come for us all. BUT for those of you who have not seen HBO’s biggest hit ever made, Game Of Thrones is a show we just cannot stay silent about any longer. Now I know your first thought is that spoilers will be reveled for those who are behind or those who haven’t started. FEAR NOT. We vow that we will not give away any spoilers or reveal plot twists or plot holes. This review is just simply to give you an idea of what the show is about and why it is worth watching.

We want to persuade all the non-watchers to start and we want to help those who gave up, are behind or just too bored with the show to continue and catch up with us. We want everyone to see why this show is one of the greats to grace our silver screen.

The show is unfortunately an HBO only streaming option. But All 7 seasons of the series so far are on the HBO Now or HBO GO apps so it is almost paying for itself to binge this gem. If you have a cable provider with HBO (or your parents do) you can sign in with the email and password and use the HBO GO app for free!! FREE!!!! Which is how we currently have HBO and we are not afraid to admit it. It is wonderful and life changing, plus all the movies on HBO GO are amazing.

So the plot is a little something like this. There are all theses houses to represent the different families in the land. The land is called Westeros. Westeros is divided into two parts, The north, where it is always snowing and cold, and the south, where it is usually nice weather but holds the capital. The capital is called King’s Landing, where the Iron Throne stands. The Iron Throne is a giant throne made of melted swords from a battle and it is where the King of Westeros sits.

Ok so that is pretty simple so far right? So obviously like EVERYONE and their mother is always trying to take power on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros. They often refer to Westeros as the Seven Kingdoms so those two phrases are interchangeable. So besides the throne there is a giant wall made of ice in the north simply referred to as The Wall. The Wall was created the keep the White Walkers at bay. White Walkers are these zombie Lord guys who can raise the dead to fight for them.

So basically the show is about a zombie apocalypse, while everyone else all fight over who is in charge of the land not yet affected by the zombies. The show will eventually explain how the White Walkers came to be, why and what they want (sort of). SO the other part is everyone’s favorite platinum blonde, Khaleesi aka Deanerys Stormborn. Khaleesi has a GREAT story line in the show but is known for being the mother of dragons. She helps hatch the dragon eggs she is gifted and is kind of one of the staple characters in the show.

Our favorite character alert is Cersei Lannister, the Queen, when we start the series in season one. She is evil like Regina George, beautiful like Kiera Knightly and sassy like a Taylor Swift revenge video. Once you finish season 6, listen to “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. It will help and explain so much.

So the other common thing you need to know is the phrase “Winter Is Coming”. So in Westeros Winters last like a really long time. Like years and years and years. They prepare for Winter for a long long time and stock up to take refuge. The only problem is that the White Walkers are either causing Winter to come earlier or are following the Winter. So they are getting closer and closer to the Wall of ice set out to keep them from Westeros.

Jon Snow is the other main character, the bastard son of Sean Bean’s character Ned Stark. In Westeros all the bastard children are referred to with the last name Snow. But technically Jon Snow is still a stark, which is like the royal house of the North. The starks and the Lannisters have been friends for years ruling Westeros with a Lannister on the throne and a stark as warden of the north.

Also there are many different gods that all types of characters worship. The Lord of Light, the Drowned god, the Many Face god and the list goes on. So do not get confused when they go on rants about their beliefs. Also do not forget that no character is safe and everyone dies. All the time. Randomly. And it will destroy your soul.

Obviously there is so much more to discuss we could write a novel on what we want to say. But for the sake of spoilers and for your own sanity, we will close out our review shortly.

There are seven seasons on HBO GO, seasons 1-6 have 10 episodes each. Season 7 only has 7 and season 8 is predicted to only have maybe 7 or less as well. Each episode is usually about an hour long because it is HBO. The best part about the show is that some episodes will feel like an hour is not long enough but alternatively sometimes it will feel like that hour lasted for years. So the trade off is real.

HERE IS THE DEAL WITH Game Of Thrones. It is very heavily story driven. This means that MANY episodes will have to be boring and less action packed because there is SO much history, so much back story and so much going on at all times that you will need all the information you can get to figure out what the hell is happening. Every episode mentions things that have happened or will happen that all end up being important in the long run.

So our SAGE NETFLIX NANNY ADVICE is that you have to make it through season 1 all the way before any judgement can be passed. In our personal opinion you should really wait till the end of season 3 to make a call because of certain things you need to see. Game Of Thrones is the only popular show in TV history that has had an increase in viewership each season, rather than a decline. This is because unlike most shows, Game Of Thrones starts boring but builds and builds and builds and gets better which each new season it makes.

There is no way that a show this complicated could be action packed all the time. So just promise us you will give a few seasons a chance before making a judgement because it gets SOOOOOO GOOD. Basically season 3-7 are amazing and our personal favorite will always and forever be the season 6 season finale.

We highly recommend this show to any and everyone who is an adult. There is a huge warning here for sex and nudity as most of the characters bare all on multiple occasions. Also incest, violence, blood, gore, murder and mythical creatures are all a main part of this show.

If you are reading this and any of those things sound like something you will hate, turn back now. You are not prepared for some of the graphic, gross and crazy situations that Game Of Thrones will take you on. We think everyone should watch this show and if you have not yet, do not hesitate and start today. Maybe once the show ends we will do a post about all our thought on spoilers and the outcome. But for now those of us who watch will have to wait a year or more for the final installment. So NO ONE has any excuse not to be fully caught up by then.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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