Disjointed honestly should be renamed Disappointed. With Kathy Bates involved (taking her away from her career high roles in American Horror Story for this) we expected big things from Disjointed. The comedy is cheesy and slapstick at best. It is actually not a dark comedy or drama like we had previously been expecting. The show is quite dumb and is a sitcom, including a fake laughing live audience. Think Friends, if Friends was super terrible and not funny.

We can get behind the plot which is obviously all about being pro-marijuana for when it is legal. The store is a medical marijuana dispensary run by Kathy Bates and is for “healing” others. She has a son who is wanting to start becoming a partner in the family business.

There are currently 10 episodes on Netflix. With another 10 having already been ordered by Netflix for a part 2 release. Each episode is about 25 minutes long and it would take no time at all to binge this sitcom. But we do not recommend it. At all. It is fairly easy to get through but it just lacks good comedy.

Disjointed just lacks in comparison to the standards of comedies like 30 Rock, Friends, Parks and Recreation, and even the cheesy but fun Young & Hungry. It just fails to hit the mark that so many other shows achieve with such star power behind them. We are really sad that Kathy Bates decided to go in this direction. Sadly every Netflix original show cannot be a hit, and if it was we would have TOO much to watch. Which is exactly why we are here for you.

The show can have a few funny moments and Kathy Bates is great in her role. Honestly I do not think Kathy Bates could actual give a bad performance in any acting role she had. This series is just clearly terrible writing, lazy comedy and cheap laughs. If you are REALLY bored then maybe watch this is you need a super light hearted sitcom type comedy.

This review is shorter than most because we have too much respect for the great Kathy Bates to go on a hateful rant about how we wanted to watch paint dry while solving mathematical word problems more than we wanted to watch the next episode. So we will just say AVOID IT, RUN AWAY, TURN BACK NOW and do not even attempt to start this very underwhelming show.

1/5 stars for this show and a 2/10 rating for binge worthy success

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