Atypical turned out to be an amazing new show that everyone can relate to. Smart, funny, universal, sad, happy, dramatic and emotional are just a few words we would use to describe the wonder that is Atypical. The show is about a family that has an 18 year old son with autism. He is high functioning on the spectrum but still needs help now and again on the path to adulthood. Some people have criticized the show for not being accurate but as far as we are concerned most professionals deem this show quite accurate with adults on the spectrum.

The show is great at keeping the drama and plot twists alive while drawing you into the amazing story. If anything Jennifer Jason Leigh aka the mom named Elsa is the best she has ever been. The tortured mother trying to find herself now that her autistic child is older and learning to live on his own without her. She spent her life devoted to taking care of him and doing autistic related charity and events and fundraisers. Now she is like every other mother having to watch her baby turn into an adult.

The real MVP of this show is Keir Gilchrist who plays Sam the autistic son. He is beyond amazing in his portrayal of an adult living with Autism and captures the essence of how those on the spectrum think and act. His character is funny and troubled and confused just like every teenager that ever existed. Part of the point of the show to us was that even though Sam is in therapy and struggles to fit in with his autism, he is just like every other senior in high school. Sam has the same family problems, personal doubts and struggles as every other kid, he just happens to be autistic.

The show really captures the struggles and tolls that autism has brought into their home. They fully embraced Sam and even his younger sister constantly looks out for him and has his back. Honestly a better sibling relationship than most people have in real life. The father, played by Micheal Rapaport, also has his own issues with his family. Basically mentioned in the first episode that he abandoned them for almost a year because he could not handle his only son living with autism. Although he is trying to make up for it now and be a great Dad the sins of the past always come back to haunt us.

There is only one season on Netflix with 8 episodes. Each episode ranges between 40-30 minutes in length and definitely not long enough for the awesomeness that is Atypical. We honestly loved this show and could not wait for more. Although it tends to be more on the dramatic side of things, we loved how the drama seemed more modern or real because so many adults today are struggling with autism and do have these exact problems growing up with their families.

We honestly think this is a genius move for Netflix. Bringing up topics that are so sensitive open up dialogue for people who normally don’t get considered or talked about to become the headliner of conversation. We think this show will open some doors for those on the spectrum as well as the families and friends that support and love those on the spectrum.

We highly recommend this show and we think that season 2 will just knock it out of the park. The show is funny and cute just as it is dramatic and intense. It finds the perfect balance between drama and comedy that keeps us wanting more. This is one of the best new shows in 2017 by a landslide.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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