The Good Place

The Good Place - Season 1The Good Place is like finding a $20 bill in your pants when you have $0 in your bank account and you just really wanted some tacos or insert favorite food item. It is a great new comedy that we have been longing for too long. The only comedy that compares to the level of humor would be Schitt’s Creek. The Good Place is hilarious, witty and frankly an extremely genius move for Kristen Bell. Bell just shines as the most lovable terrible human being who ever existed. The show is all about the afterlife, what happens when you die. Everyone may have different opinions on what that is but for the sake of this comedy people either go to heaven or hell.  The good place or the bad place as the are respectively called.

The show is about Kristen Bell aka Eleanor. Eleanor has died and gone to heaven. Heaven in this scenario is a a perfect little town filled with everything you want plus a ton of frozen yogurt. Everyone is so selfless and care free and are the best of the best from the world. For instance those who all did selfless acts of charity and spent their lives helping each other. The problem is that Eleanor is not suppose to be there. Eleanor was a terrible person who only cared about herself and was really cruel.

The show gets interesting when things start going wrong in the town. So every town has a designer/architect or angel of you will that built it and oversees it. Most do not stay in their created towns but Micheal (Ted Danson) is on a special assignment to live in his town and create something new and magical. Eleanor quickly realizes that her bad attitude and negative actions have dire consequences on the town.

Each resident is told that they live with their soulmate that was designated for them by heaven calculations. So Eleanor eventually tells her soul mate, Chidi, that she is a fraud and he decides to help her stay. Chidi is an ethics professor who lived his life always questioning everything and never actually making a decision. Therefore he is constantly tortured by Eleanor because she is the definition of an ethical dilemma being falsely put in heaven aka The Good Place.

Their is also a hilarious character named Tahani who is a super condescending better than you type of person who is basically Miss Perfect. Tahani spent her life name dropping and one-upping people but did an intense amount of good for the world so she is kind of the self designated queen of The Good Place. You know who we mean, the mean pretty girl in school that always seemed to be perfect and better than you. Her interactions with Kristen Bell are so hilarious we kept rooting for Tahani/Eleanor moments throughout the season.

Then our favorite character alert which happens to be Janet. Janet is the kind of robot genie that exists in heaven to get anyone whatever they want whenever they want it. She is not an alien, nor is she human. She seems to be this AI type of program that runs all the towns. Janet contains all the knowledge of the universe and can help anyone with anything they need. She is so honest and straight forward and kept us laughing more times than we could count. You too will grow to fall in love with Janet before you know it, we promise.

The show has 13 episodes and only one season on Netflix. The episodes are only 30 minutes long so the binge is really easy to take on and the show was so funny we have already watched the whole thing twice and this just came out. The second season actually starts September 20th 2017 on NBC. We are extremely excited to see the next season and where this show is leading us.

We can honestly tell you that this show is hilarious. We kept laughing and loving it more and more with each episode. Like American Horror Story love but with a comedy. The show is so witty and brilliant that we just wanted more and more. The best part of the show is that in the finale there is a HUGE plot twist. We mean like boom mind blowing plot twist that changes the game of the entire show for season 2. We actually did predict the twist but we are The Netflix Nanny so we can usually spot a plot twist a mile away.

But the twist is so good that we highly recommend this show for everyone. We do not usually give a new show a 5 star rating but because we loved it so much we are. The rating can always change when we need to update the show after seeing season 2 but for now the first season is a solid 100 percent.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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