OH HOW WE HAVE WAITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS ONE. Gypsy is a psychological overly sexual thriller. Think the movies Girl On The Train and Gone Girl meets a Nurse Jackie or Breaking Bad type show in a sense. The whole double life in secrecy element meets a psychological sexual thriller. Gypsy had us completely captivated, while also making us feel so much anxiety that only a Xanax and a glass of chardonnay could help calm us down from this shit storm. But the kind of storm that you can’t look away from even though you should. Like a Britney 2007 meltdown or literally one day in the life of Lindsay Lohan. How could you not love a show that uses Fleetwood Mac’s classic, Gypsy, sung by Stevie Nicks herself.

Gypsy stars Naomi Watts as the amazing and beguiling Jean Holloway/ Diane Hart. The show follows Jean who is a renowned therapist in the psychological world. She has amazing breakthroughs and is always there to help the downtrodden. She really does go above and beyond for her patients. Now that might sound nice and sweet but be careful of the wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.

Now before we expand more about Jean, let’s take some time to mention that Naomi Watts performance in this is DOWNRIGHT EMMY AWARD WINNING MATERIAL. She is so freaking fantastic in this role, it is like she was born to play Jean Holloway. Emmy’s aside, the rest of the cast is SPOT ON and the show is very well done. Gypsy thrives with giving us just the right amount of sex mixed in with psychological thriller elements.

The main issue to address with this show is the intensity. And oh man is it intense. We would say it took a week to finish all 10 episodes in the only season on Netflix. Each episode was an hour long so the commitment here is real and you must be dedicated to spend time in this crazy addicting roller coaster ride.

We need to also warn you that there is tons of sex. Straight sex, lesbian sex, lots of sex going on. Like Game Of Thrones level sex scenes, so this is an adult only show.

Jean is a psychologist as we mentioned earlier who goes above and beyond for her patients. The only problem is that she takes on all of the obsessions and behaviors of her patients. For example if she is treating a pill popping addict, she would end up popping pills just for fun. If she was treating a girl obsessed with her ex-boyfriend (which does not happen in the show because this is an example) then she would become obsessed with the ex-boyfriend and start dating him.

She gets involved in the lives of the people her patients discuss. It is weird. It is creepy. It is definitely unprofessional and unethical. The lines of blurred in her mind on just about everything. We really recommend this one if you need something on the more serious side to watch because it is a solid show that we can expect a second season of next summer.

So overall the show is a 4/5 stars because the acting, suspense, overall vibe of the show is incredible. The main problem was binge watching. It was really hard for us to binge all the episodes back to back and not feel anxiety or stress. So just keep in mind that you may need to space this one out over a few days rather than all in one night.

The theme is that of living a gypsy life, having no solid foundation or home base. Forever wandering in your soul, being lost to your own desires. Themes like how monogamy does not exist, show up more than expected. The character of Jean is a woman who just wants to be free but is seemingly trapped in her own life. A life built on lies, deceit and manipulation. The show also has a “everyone is unhappy all the time” vibe that we didn’t love but it does make sense for the plot of the show.

All in all we loved the show as a whole and recommend it to all of you. Acting does not get better than Naomi Watts and thrillers do not get better than this show. We were on the edge of our seat from start to finish, and the ending of the season will have you picking up your jaw off the floor faster than Daenerys can say “Dracarys”.

4/5 stars for this show and a 4/10 rating for binge worthy success

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One thought on “Gypsy

  1. I love your posts, I’m always browsing through Netflix for shows to watch and I browse so long I lose interest and fall asleep, ive been wanting to start gypsy and seeing your review I will go ahead and give it a try!

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