Amanda Knox


This is a documentary style movie that reminded us of Making A Murderer.  For those who were living under a rock in 2007, Amanda Knox (favorite character alert) was an American girl living in Italy. She was convicted of murdering her British roommate that she lived with in Italy. Her strange attitude and good looks soon earned her the internationally famous nickname of “Foxy Knoxy”.

Just like Making A Murderer, this documentary will have you jumping back and forth on the guilty train faster than Nicholas Cage can get another film to bomb at the box office.

This documentary is also very unbiased in its review of the case. This documentary features evidence from the Italian police force, reporters, investigators and public knowledge. We had a harder time deciding Foxy Knoxy’s guilt after watching this one. They have Amanda Knox herself being interviewed along with all the key players in the case and key law officials.

It almost seems as if this Italian police man had it out for her from the start.  But ypou will have to decide for yourself what you think. They do heavily focus on Foxy Knoxy being sexual active, which is not okay in their eyes. You will have to find out for yourself what you think and we don’t want to give anything away.

We literally hear the story of Foxy Knoxy from the mouths of people who lived it. Which speaks to the credibility of the filmmakers. We think that it is a solid choice for anyone needing a good documentary or missing Making A Murderer while we wait for season 2!

They really do get every person involved to speak for this documentary. I recommend it for anyone wanting some answers to a case we all heard about. It is an hour and a half long so it is a movie night binge rather than a consistent binge like making a murderer. The a key difference here is that the Foxy Knoxy drama has ended so this film will be the first and last of its kind. Thankfully the Steven Avery case has been reopened, so we expect big things to come for season 2.

3/5 stars for this movie

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