Movie Spotlight: Butter


“Is Butter a carb?” Well Paula Dean would probably tell Regina George that butter is everything and that she is an ignorant “B” for not thinking so.  Besides pop culture/ meme references we truly only have love for the movie, Butter.

This is a movie we have loved since we started using Netflix back in 2010/2011. Butter is a fantastic underrated movie that never got credit for how brilliant it truly is. Literally makes us laugh and cry and laugh again EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Butter has a vast spread of stars featuring names like Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, the vampire girl who can see the future in Twilight (Ashley Greene) and the dad from Modern Family (Ty Burrell). How can you already not be excited about this movie and we haven’t even told you the plot!!

So the dad from Modern Family aka Phil Dunphy is married to Jennifer Garner who plays a super conservative, Republican uptight woman who seems to be the captain of her own families lives. So Phil Dunphy holds the 15 year record for mastery in the butter sculpting contest. Basically his time is up and his wife, Jennifer Garner, is hell bent on stopping this “injustice”. She decides to enter herself in the contest.

To be clear the contestants have refrigerated rooms where they use tools to mold and sculpt literal blocks of butter.

The story also follows a young girl named Destiny who is an orphan. She bounces from home to home but finds family in Alicia Silverstone and her husband. Trouble begins when Destiny enters the butter sculpting contest and turns out to be a child prodigy. Jennifer Garner obviously takes big issue with it and the hilarious drama ensues.

Favorite character alert: Olivia Wilde. Wilde plays a stripper who sleeps with Phil Dunphy and he owes her money because she has sex with him outside the strip club. Olivia Wilde then decides to ruin Jennifer Garners life by entering the butter sculpting contest. She is just so funny in this movie and everyone will love her character.

The movie is not too long yet not too short so it is easily a great one to watch in any situation. It is rated R though as there are sexual scenes, curse words and adult situations. So this is not recommended for the kids, at all.

The movie is a comedy and easily considered dark comedy but honestly it is not that dark. There is more darkness in Harry Potter to be honest. We urge you all to just give Butter a chance and it will steal your heart faster than butter melts in a frying pan.

This is our favorite movie find on all of Netflix and comes with a 100 percent recommendation from us. It is funny and gives continuous laughs but also has such sweet touching moments it makes us cry. Real tears.

Like Titanic level tears but for a much shorter time. Because at this point let’s face it, Rose could have moved over.

5/5 stars for this movie


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