Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Finally a show that can provide non-stop laughter and music all in one great package. If you are thinking this show is anything like Glee then we will have to quote Gretchen Weiners and say “You could be wrong”. This show is smarter, faster and stronger than Glee ever was because it is all original songs only used for comedic purposes.

Basically we think “There’s close and then there’s Glenn Close.” This pretty much sums up the show if there was a Fatal Attraction musical. And if Glenn Close played a funny person who was less murdery.

The show stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch. Also the show is created and written by Bloom. This woman is the next Tina Fey in our opinion and has so mush potential. She is a trailblazer for nerds everywhere. She is what we would call “Adorkable”.

Bunch is a big time New York City lawyer making $600,000 a year. The show opens with a flashback to Bunch being dumped by her camp crush, Josh Chan. It is established that Rebecca is “dramatic and crazy” but aren’t we all. Flash-forward to present day where Rebecca is being made junior partner to her law firm, one of the youngest to ever receive such an honor. Naturally she freaks out and goes outside where she bumps into the one and only Josh Chan.

Chan tells her he is moving home to a small town in California, his hometown of West Covina. He tells her she is hot and that if she is ever in California to look him up. So obviously she has instantly fallen in love all over again with Josh Chan. She then proceeds to quit her job, move to West Covina, buy a house and get a job at a local law firm.

This story line is hilarious because she actually is crazy but in fun way that We are sure we have all experienced with someone we were in love with at one point in our lives. So here is the catch. It is a musical.


Now everyone catch your breath, whether it be because you hate musicals or love them.

The musical parts are not like Glee. They all follow the plot of each episode. Each character gets a few songs throughout the season and they are all really funny and satirical. The music numbers are suppose to be like a look inside the crazy mind of Rebecca Bunch.

Example: The sexy getting ready song. A song where Rebecca sings about having to be a girl and all the time consuming activities and self deprivation it takes to get ready for a date.

Rebecca is a dorky, nerdy, lovable kind of crazy that you just can’t help but root for. Favorite character alert, Paula. Paula is Rebecca’s best friend and basically like the sarcastic hilarious blunt best friend sidekick. Paula will keep you laughing and her character just gets better and better with each episode.

We love this show. We fell in love with it when season 1 came out but got even more hooked with season 2 , which just recently came out a while ago. Now this is not a Netflix Original but it should be because it is so good. 

The episodes are about 45 minutes each with 18 in season 1 and 13 in season 2. It will take a while to binge the series but We were very shocked at how fast we fell in love.

Now the show takes a new fun turn in season two and the self deprivation, self destructive qualities of Rebecca Bunch have made her irresistible. We want her to keep being a crazy stalker. We want her to find love. We want to root for a hero who doesn’t have it all figured out and is searching for answers, like most people do.

As musical people, this show automatically intrigued us from the start. It was just an added bonus that it happens to be satire and about a crazy person. All the things we love wrapped up in one genius amazing show. We have personally made a few people watch it against their will and now they are fans.

4/5 stars for this show and an 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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