Sometimes things do get better with age and Chelsea is living proof. This Chelsea is a more informative Chelsea. She is no longer telling us which Kardashian got their anus bleached or what people Justin Bieber peed on this week. She is bringing real politicians and scientists with great credibility along with A-list celebrities to come full circle in each episode of this very first online streaming talk show. 

If you do not like or get Chelsea Handler then I have bad news for you, she doesn’t give a shit and she is here to stay. She is a genius, marketing Netflix into its very first talk show and first weekly updated Netflix series. She tapped into a whole market that just exploded and is now at a net worth of $35 million dollars. Slay Chelsea slay.

Every weekemd a new episode is added until they complete a season. A total of 90 episodes are available for season 1, for all your binge watching pleasure.

It is not just about discussing pop culture either. Chelsea does a great job of combing entertainment, comedy, politics, science and basic knowledge most humans should know.

Chelsea Handler (favorite character alert) is a famous comedian whom had her own late night show on the E! network for years. She has written books and now has Multiple new shows on Netflix.

She has a documentary type show called Chelsea Does, which deals with issues like drugs, marriage, technology and racism in America. And it’s good, so check it out if you get some free time. Chelsea Does is funnier because it’s like they just let Chelsea loose out in the world to interview all kinds of people. 

Warning: for all you right wing conservatives out there. Chelsea is VERY vocal about her left wing political views. One of the reasons we love her is for her blunt sarcastic nature. So you can expect when she takes the wheel of her own show, she will let you know how she feels.

The positive end is that the show is everything we want from Chelsea Handler. She gives us life with her funny skits and the way she treats her guests. She has now become the queen of rock and roll t-shirts tucked into a pencil skirt.

The episodes are from 30-45 minutes long and update weekly. They are up to date with the current events and news as it is happening. So if you were worried about it being a Netflix talk show have no fear. Netflix is basically becoming its own channel and we love it. Chelsea is probably the Queen of Netflix now. We can only imagine how much money she made becoming the first and only talk show host to grace the silver screen of stream.

We still have not finished all 90 episodes in season 1 but have been keeping up well with season 2. You can really go at your own pace and pull what we call a P-90-Chels-X. Watch 1 episode of Chelsea a day for 90 days in a row. It will be like a little treat you give yourself every day.

In full disclosure it is excellent for phone time. Phone time is when you need something playing on the Tv that you are like “totally going to watch or catch up on” but really just need it as background noise while you text and Facebook and Instagram all night. It does get very old very fast if you watch multiple episodes a day.

TBH some of the politicians and science people and teachers and stuff are just so boring. But what isn’t boring is watching Chelsea interact and interview children. She interacts with kids like tequila chased with milk and we love it.

If you are the type who loves talk shows, needs something to watch that isn’t scripted or if you love Chelsea, this is for you. Especially all the youths out there who can’t afford cable and need to stay informed, please watch this show.

Kardashian news is not real news and Chelsea will educate us in a way that makes us laugh and think. If you need comedy back in your life or just miss talk shows because you are too poor to have cable, this will cure your addiction.

Chelsea is the first and only talk show to be an exclusive online streaming talk show. That is history y’all!!! 

4/5 stars for this show and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

#Chelsea #ChelseaDoes #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny

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