Jane The Virgin


It’s summertime! Which means we are graced with yet another glorious season of the hilarious Telenovela inspired sitcom, Jane The Virgin. This show is just a breath of fresh air. In a world full of dark, twisted and horrific shows, Jane The Virgin is a comedic ray of sunshine in a dark lonely world. The title of this show is deceiving because the show does not actually focus on just sex. The virgin part is just one element that immediately caught our attention. How many people do you know who aren’t complete and total sluts? #SlutShamed

The show is brilliant and hilarious. There is a narrator for each episode. The narrator breaks the 4th wall by talking about the show directly to the audience. The show has a fun way of making fun of itself and giving fun tidbits and back stories on all characters mentioned. They do not take themselves too seriously and know that they are meant to be an overly dramatic comedy soap opera.

Our adventure begins with Jane, a hard working Latina woman, deeply seeded in religion. She has vowed to her grandmother to save her virginity until marriage. Jane is a writer and tends to romanticize all moments in life. The show begins with Jane, a virgin, dating a police officer, Micheal, and trying to live her sexless yet romantic life.

The trouble begins when Jane goes into a doctor’s office for a routine vaginal checkup. Her file is switched with a woman named Petra who is currently waiting to be artificially inseminated. Petra is a rich uptight Witch (rhymes with a B #EasyAQuote) who is trying to get her hunky husband’s sperm. Rafael (the hunky husband) had cancer and froze his sperm so he could have biological children one day.

Do you already see how soap opera and dramatic the plot is? And this is just the first episode. And in the first 15 minutes of the first episode. WE LOVE THAT. But the drama is more giggling than eye rolls.

So Jane is accidentally inseminated by Rafael’s sister, Louisa, who is an alcoholic, neurotic lesbian doctor. She is in love with her ex-girlfriend Rose, who is now her step mother. Do you see how much crazier things get? And this is just the start. So Louisa mixes up Petra and Jane’s files and puts Rafael’s sperm in Jane’s body.

Next we have Jane’s mother, Xiomara (favorite character alert), who is by far the best character in the show. She was a slut in her younger years and truly loves and cares for Jane even when Jane can’t see or understand why. She defines true love and we see how she truly gave up her life and her dreams to help Jane become the woman she is today.

WHEW. We are already overwhelmed and we have seen the whole show. So basically we now find Jane, who has remained perfect, innocent and accomplished throughout her life, pregnant.


Part of the appeal of the show, besides the moral dilemmas and funny narrator, is the irony of it all. The show is modeled after a modern day Telenovela. A Telenovela is a Latin American soap opera or drama. The spicy equivalent of Days Of Our Lives or some other overly dramatic show no one watches anymore. The element of comedy mixed with drama helps Jane The Virgin become one of the most delightful new shows on television.

This show will move at a slow pace at times but then picks up in huge ways other times. It is a classic soap opera and is constantly using witty humor to keep us coming back for more.

Each episode is about 45 minutes long with 3 seasons on Netflix. The twist at the end of season 3 will just leave you speechless and fulfilled. This is one of those rare shows that will have you laughing and crying all at the same time..

We recommend this show highly as a binge-able new show. It has every element we want in making a good dramedy (Drama-Comedy).

Warning: We did watch the show on TV and it did tend to get a little much. But we feel like if you can binge watch the show, you will not get bored or disappointed. If you can watch Jane at your own pace, rather than trying to keep up every week so your DVR does not overflow, you will appreciate it so much more. This is a show that defines why we have and Need Netflix today.

All the characters are unique and funny in their own way. And very entertaining. It is very rom-com, love triangle, murder mystery, thriller type of show. The elements of mystery and thriller are just the right amount to keep from balancing out a mushy love story.

4/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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