Orange Is The New Black


If you thought season 4 ended on a cliffhanger last year, you don’t even know what is coming for you at the end of this new season. It is that time of year again where we can all put on our orange jumpsuits and stare at the TV for a minimum of 13 hours to binge the newest season of Orange Is The New Black. Just because OITNB is the biggest hit Netflix has does not guarantee each season will be life changing. But to our very pleasant surprise, season 5 is our favorite season to come out of this show since the masterpiece that was season 2.

The show is based on the real life story of Piper Kerman and her time in an all women’s minimum security prison. She is sentenced to spend time in prison for a crime she committed 10 years ago, with her drug dealing ex-girlfriend.

The show begins with Piper, aka Prison Katy Perry, “happily straight” in the present. We learn Piper is hiding things about her past and coming to terms with the punishment for the literal sins of her past.

It’s funny, dramatic, intriguing and frustrating all at once. Frustrating because at times it seems to move so slow but then picks up in huge ways at other times. The intrigue comes from learning the backstory of each character. The show really is great at representing all types of people in every race, every walk of life.

This means that the show is not just going to hit home with only one race or type of audience. OITNB has expanded its audience to include any and every one. Genius move by the creators of the show as it can appeal to so many people.

Let’s be blunt. Piper seems to be more of an annoyance than a protagonist. So brace yourself for a main character you end up no longer rooting for and then find yourself feeling bad for the other inmates. In all honesty all the other characters are a million times more interesting than Piper so the show will keep bringing you back to learn more about their stories.

There are currently 5 seasons on Netflix. The same person who created the show Weeds also created this show. So you can expect a dark comedy type of humor mixed with real life intense drama. Each season is 13 episodes long. Each episode lasting about an hour.

The seasons are pretty easy to binge as most episodes end in a twist or some kind of thrilling ending that makes you just HAVE to watch the next episode. The series is pretty solid and deserves the praise it has gotten.

The topic of deviant lifestyles is the main focus of this show. Showing us that humans make mistakes and just because you are a criminal does not mean you are not repentant for your actions. Everyone has a past, but only some of us have to be legally punished for it.

The show is intriguing on many levels. On one end, they make prison life seem more glamorous than it is. But on the other hand it keeps in par with showing the other side of life. That side of life that we all wonder what would happen if we just lived by our own rules. How can you not be intrigued by someone living a life of deviance?

It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from. Kind of like that Mariah Carey 2016 New Years performance or the 2007 Britney Spears meltdown saga.

Orange Is The New Black will always leave you wanting more while also not being able to look away. The episodes are all centered on a piece of a backstory for each inmate and the characters change each season with the exception of a few who remain throughout all seasons.

This flashback technique was used in shows like Lost and Once Upon A Time and is very effective at keeping an audience invested. It really does bring up many themes of good vs. evil, perspective as well as helping people to see that we all have prisons of our own. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Our advice here is watch all the seasons. But season 2 is by far the best of any of the seasons we have seen thus far. Season 2 blew our mind and was executed more flawless than Courtney Love’s alibi story about Kurt Cobain’s murder. Season 3 gets very boring but it picks back up in 4 and leaves us with the biggest cliffhanger ever. OITNB then picks up again and surprises us with season 5, as it is back to season 2 level quality.

We would highly recommend you take some time and Treat Yo Self with this show that has basically become the flagship for Netflix Original series. Our other advice is that you must be aware that Netflix original shows do not have any filter like cable. So there will be nudity and sexual/ graphic content, like HBO level content.

We had our doubts about the future of the show for a while but we can proudly say that if OITNB can bring it as well as the new season, we may be in store for several more seasons in the future.

5/5 stars for this show and an 9/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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