This Is Us


The Netflix Nanny may need to become the Hulu Guru as the first thing we did with our newly acquired Hulu account was to watch this INCREDIBLE show. This Is Us may just be THE BEST show to come out of 2016 by a landslide. This show is so well done, so emotional and so relatable that only a fool wouldn’t give it a chance. Literally “TV GOLD”. Literally ALL THE FEELS. ALL THE FREAKING FEELS, even more feels than the best episodes of Grey’s Anatomy could give us. This Is Us literally pulls our heart strings, every episode, every time.

We cannot express how much this show will hit home for everyone in every walk of life. Side note: MANDY freaking MOORE. Mandy Moore gives us so much life that we could die twice and she would bring us back three times. She could not be any better than she is in this show. We have always been a huge Mandy Moore fan, since her music career days, but she shines so bright in this show we cannot even begin to explain how much even the biggest Mandy Moore hater will begin to applaud her performance.

Besides everyone in the show being OUTSTANDING actors, the plot is just excellent. The show centers around of group of characters who all share the same birthday. The fun twist is that all the main characters are related. The three main characters are triplets and Mandy Moore and the bad-ass guy named Jess from Gilmore Girls, are their parents.

The show skips around quite a bit with timeline. Showing where the triplets are in present day, the struggles they face as newly 36 year old adults. It also uses flashbacks to tell the story of how the parents raised the triplets and the struggles they faced in society and life in general.

The show deals with many issues like race, body image, self esteem, self worth, love, forgiveness and acceptance among many other hot topics. The brother and sister were part of the original triplet lineup but one died during childbirth because of the complicated pregnancy. The very same day an African American baby was dropped off at a fire station, abandoned by his parents.

Mandy Moore and her husband saw it as fate that they adopt that baby and make him their third child. So the story begins with Randall, the adopted son seeking his biological father. Kevin, one of the twins, being a famous good looking actor on a successful TV show. And Kate, the only girl, being the obese sister who just cannot seem to lose the weight.

If you are wondering where who have seen these three before, look no further. Randall was the defense attorney with Sarah Paulson in the hit show, American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. Kate was featured as the super fat girl in American Horror Story: Freakshow. And Kevin was a minor character on the Hit ABC drama, Revenge.

We just don’t see how anyone could not love this show. It may not be the most exciting or murder driven show around but it is by far the most emotional. The value is love and family and accepting yourself for who you are can go further than a murder mystery or show revolving around creepy messed up situations. While those shows are amazing, shows like this will keep you human, give you feelings and fill your very soul with joy.

There is only 1 season of the show available on Hulu as of right now. The show was so successful that it actually got renewed for 2 more seasons already! So we can expect big and great things to come from the next few years regarding This Is Us. Each season with have 18 episodes each. These episodes will be 45 minutes long so it shouldn’t taken any of you long to binge season 1.

We expect big things in store for season 2 and cannot wait to find out what happens. This show just has a great way of connecting the audience to its characters in such a way that you end up feeling just like the characters involved. Almost as if you are living through them. There are plenty of plot twists and things to be uncovered so the excitement will continue as the Pearson family comes to terms with who they are.

Highly recommend this show for anyone who loves a good emotional show, or a good drama or family related shows. Grey’s Anatomy meets Parenthood meets topics of today’s time is the best description we can give. But honestly we do not even have words to explain how much perfection this show brings into our life.

Even the soul-less Netflix Nanny itself shed many a tear over this masterpiece of modern television.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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