Movie Spotlight: Wild Oats

wildoatsWe have been debating about whether or not to review some of the thousands of movies available on Netflix and other streaming sites. We have come to the conclusion that we will be doing Movie Spotlights on little gems we find in the streaming world. And this gem had us rolling on the floor laughing for many reasons.

First of all how can a movie starring Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore not be amazing? How many more legends would have to be in a film for it to not be a success?

Second, it is a tale as old as time. Shirley MacLaine’s husband dies and Jessica Lange’s husband leaves her for a 25 year old secretary. Then, Maclaine gets a life insurance check for her husbands death. The check turns out to be 5 million instead of $50,000 dollars. The women decide to keep the money and go to an island to spend it.

The movie is more along the lines of a dark comedy but was so well acted and so funny that we would pay to see it if we had to. This is exactly what Netflix is for. Movies like this that you would not normally watch unless you had access to a wide variety of titles.

The two legends together go better than Thelma and Louise. and show anyone that you can be sexy and fun at any age.

These spotlight reviews are going to be short sweet and to the point. We don’t like reviewing movies because there is always a potential to give too much away. And there is nothing worse in this entire world than spoilers.

This is a great movie for any and everyone. We honestly believe this movie is comedy gold.

5/5 stars for this movie

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One thought on “Movie Spotlight: Wild Oats

  1. I really liked this and there looks like a sad ending coming. Won’t reveal if it is, though. I liked each character including the insurance men and how they conclude this funny movie. Smiles, Robin

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