House of Cards


With the arrival of Season 5, we can honestly say this is a Netflix Original at its very best. Scandal. Political battles. Dirty money. Murder. Sex games. What more could you want when you think about a great TV show? Sort of a Scandal meets Breaking Bad, it is time for all of you to stop what you are doing and binge watch this show right now.

Kevin Spacey (2 time Oscar award winner) & Robin Wright (“Jenn-ay” from Forrest Gump) star in this wonderfully delicious and sinfully intriguing political drama. Who doesn’t often wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of America’s political system?

The back door dealing are just the surface of what is really going on in our own government. This show exposes all sides, the good, the bad and the crazy.

Frank Underwood is played by Kevin Spacey as the South Carolina Southern Senator who manipulates people more easily than Voldemort and with much more Southern charm.

Spacey begins his story as he takes revenge on those who passed him over for a promotion after a lifetime of dedication. We will only say that you cannot even fathom the journey Frank and wife are about to go on.

Claire Underwood (favorite character alert) is played by the legendary Robin Wright. She is so poise and haunting and classy but also very terrifying. There is a calm void of emotional existence in her that just makes her seem very dangerous.

Every move the Underwood’s make is for their own personal gain and it always well calculated. They will never cease to astound and amaze you with their brilliant political tactics.

The show is 13 episodes a season with 5 seasons currently available. Each episode is an hour long so the binge factor here should take a while if you are just now starting your House of Cards journey.

Our final thoughts to you are this: you MUST finish season 1 before making a judgement call. We know how some shows can take a while to get into and this is one of those. It picks up and takes off in a BIG way close to the end of season 1.

Just promise us you will let the first season end before making a decision because season 1 really is the whole foundation for the entire series.

We just came off of a season 5 binge and we can promise you that it is worth it. The story always really does feel like building a house made of cards. It is exciting and terrifying but so stressful and dramatic that it will all fall apart by the simple breeze of the wind.

We highly recommend this show, especially if you loved the power hunger crazy way Walter White acted in Breaking Bad. Frank Underwood is even more power hungry and even crazier than any character in Breaking Bad. He just knows how to pull of more successful ventures to get what he wants in life. Honestly his character is terrifying with how evil and how power hungry one man can get.




5/5 stars for this show and 10/10 rating for binge worthy success.

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