We live and we learn and then we mess it all up forever. At least that is what being a millennial feels like. This show perfectly captures what life is like for all off us in our 20’s and prides itself with its “true to life” atmosphere. There is no shame in these girl’s game, especially when it comes to nudity and witty words. Girls may just be the millennial equivalent to Sex And The City. This show is so raw and true to reality that it really was in a category of its own at the time of its inception.

WARNING: there is a lot and we mean a lot of nudity in this show. Mainly female nudity but occasionally male. The nudity is suppose to be artistic in a sense that it’s more real life with how the characters relate because they would be naked when they have sex in real life. Profanity and party situations are scattered throughout the show so if you are expecting something wholesome, turn back now.

Also you will need HBO GO or some way to access it because they do not display HBO content on Netflix as of now. We are hoping the genius makers at HBO and Netflix could make some arrangement where they both benefit. But alas, this is America and money trumps logic. Just look at who won the 2016 election….. (not going there for our own sanity).

Girls is a great show if you can learn not to expect it to be what it is not. It is slice of life like Mad Men. We say that in the sense that it is true to form for its time. Although Girls is actually more exciting to watch than Mad Men was. The main focus really is on character developments.

It explores all the ups and downs millennials go through with relationships and friendships. Who hasn’t had a friend sleep with your ex and screw you over? The show was very addicting but will often times leave you wondering what the hell just happened.

The show begins with main character (and most hated character) Hannah. Her parents have decided to cut her off financially since she had graduated college and was an adult living in New York City now. Hannah gets by with the help of her three best friends, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna. Marnie is Hannah’s roommate and Jessa is Hannah’s best friend. Shoshanna is actually Jessa’s cousin and is friends with the other girls.

Marnie is the uptight, control freak, bitchy best friend who is stuck in a loveless relationship and is the epitome of a white girl. Marnie is the type of girl who orders Starbucks while jamming to Taylor Swift while taking a selfie and Instagram posting her lunch salads. Fun fact: she is the daughter of former news anchor, Brian Williams. Also stars in the new racially charged movie, Get Out.

Jessa (favorite character alert) is the British, free spirited, nomad traveling hippie chick who bangs everyone and is always making substance abuse look cool.  Shoshanna is the fast talking, unique hairstyle sorority girl who just wants to talk everyone to death while still finding who she is.

The cast are all brilliant actors and really do a phenomenal job in their roles. Fun fact: Hannah’s guy in the series is Adam, who is currently playing the part of Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars saga. This show really puts him on the map for his sex addicted, weird and aggressive portrayal of Adam.

The whole show really is about coming into adulthood and growing up in this day and age. Hannah is by far the most annoying character. Hannah is self involved, blunt, dramatic, selfish, annoying, OCD and generally awful. We do not understand why anyone likes her because she is the worst. Hannah is a writer so she is very witty and funny at times. We will admit there were many awkward situations and quirky dialogue in which Hannah makes us laugh.

We think that everyone is beautiful in their own right but Hannah is just ugly. On the inside and the outside. We cannot for the life of us understand how all the men in the series are so hot yet decide to sleep with Hannah. We think they are trying to show us that if a person has a wonderful personality then they can land anyone of any hotness level. The only problem here is that her personality is the most unattractive thing about her. WHY DO ALL THE HOT GUYS WANT HER.

It makes no sense but it is hella interesting to watch and see how the show unfolds. The last season did a great job of wrapping things up. The show ends in the exact way you would expect it to end given the way the episodes usually go.

There are 6 seasons of Girls with about 10-12 episodes a season. Each episode is about 30 minutes long so it won’t take you too long to binge a season. There should have been more than 6 seasons in our opinion but we think they did a good job of going out while they were on top.

We would recommend this show to anyone who is in a more younger crowd. The show just appeals to the younger generations in a way that people of a certain age may not understand. We feel like older people would find this show dumb and a total waste of time. So if you can remember that rise to adulthood we all go through, this is the show for you.

We all grow up, some of us just learn the hard way. This is basically Girls in a nutshell. The hard way to grow up but it is well worth watching it happen.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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