Captive is a documentary Netflix Original like Making A Murderer. If ID channel or murder mystery documentary shows are your thing, this is our first suggestion. It is heavily related to an ID channel show but is unique in that it is about captives. And the events surrounding the situation. Hostage situations and negotiations from all over the world are featured is this show.

There are 8 episodes is this season that are all at least an hour long. Each episode features a different hostage situation so each one will draw you in without a doubt.

The show is definitely intriguing and very murder mystery style of interviews and recaps. Real people involved with these situations are interviewed as well as the fact they were historical events should be all the credibility you will need to learn the facts.

Even in the first episode, inmates are interviewed who attended the prison so you really are getting inside information. Each episode is about a different situation so if one of them is not up your alley, than you are bound to find one that is.

It really is a good appetizer while we are without new Making A Murder material for now. We thought the show is a great way to be prepared for the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Which we have seen, and loved, but still need the last 3 episodes.

It was a show we put on so we could clean the house, the only problem was no cleaning even got done. For like 2 days. Our house is clean now, but no thanks to this show and its gravitational pull to our minds. We highly recommend this to anyone but we do have a few warning.

There are many real life images, media clipping and videos that may show disturbing acts of violence and so much blood. If you are faint at heart, you will not enjoy this. It is intense but  that is real life. Sometimes hostage situations get gruesome and bloody. Life can be messy and this show does not hide the truth at all.

The show is very intense and an extremely solid documentary show for Netflix. If they can add more shows like this, documentary show could expand to the top request shows to watch on Netflix.

Regardless of your views on documentary ID style shows, it is in formative and there are a lot of things you can learn in case you were to even be taken captive. A Billionaire, a couple taken by pirates, missionaries by terrorists, British aid workers held for years, Al Qaeda and Christians taken after the Iraq War. These are all topics you will experience and all topics you will not be able to look away from.

This show tapes into fear as much as it does entertainment. Some of these are just terrible stories where people went through hell. We recommend a good binge on this one but there is no word yet on a season 2.

3/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

#Captive #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny

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