AHS Season 5: Hotel


RA RA RA AH AH. GAGA OOOH LA LA. We took a devastating blow when Jessica Lange left AHS. BUT the fact that Lady Gaga was ushered in did help ease the pain. A little. The only problem is that not even the Queen of slay, Lady Gaga, could save the disaster that was AHS Hotel. Even when AHS is bad, it’s still good. 

So we realize there are probably a majority of you whom loved this season of AHS. And to you, we will try to explain our reasoning. We hate vampires. We hate vampire movies, we hate vampire TV shows, we hate anything related to stupid vampires. Twilight, AWFUL. True Blood, TERRIBLE. The Vampire Diaries, RIDICULOUS. HATE THEM ALL.

Obviously you can conclude that this season heavily revolves around vampires. Lady Gaga is the best vampire we have ever seen, but we still hate them. Vampires, creepy messed up hotel demons, ghosts, crooked cops, blood, so much blood and a whole bunch of famous serial killers are just some of the insanity in AHS Hotel. We still think it is a solid season and worth watching, so we certainly do encourage you watch it.

Hotel ranks as the worst AHS season out of the 6. 6th place isn’t bad though, given that there will always be a best and worse season of any show. This season takes place in present day 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Hotel Cortez has been around for 90 plus years and is currently haunted by many weird and creepy things.

We have to warn you that this season is VERY graphic. The addiction demon has a metal drill strap, there are drug overdoses and bloody bloody vampire sex. It is one of the most graphics seasons horror wise so we do not recommend it for anyone faint of heart. Like all AHS seasons there will be plenty of creepy horrific murders and plot twists to keep you invested till the end.

TBH we read an interview with Evan Peters who told them he was going to reduce his his time with AHS after this role in Hotel because it was so draining on his mental stability.

This season begins with Lady Gaga looking for some fresh blood. Gaga plays the countess, who is a 111 year old vampire living in the penthouse at Hotel Cortez. She runs the place and uses the hotel as a lure for new prey. The hotel was built almost a hundred years ago by a serial killer based on H.H. Holmes, who is considered America’s first serial killer in the 1800’s. The hotel is also based on one that Holmes built in 1893 to conduct his hundreds of murders.

Evan Peters plays James March, the character based on H.H. Holmes who gets off murdering people and bathing in their blood. He is pure evil and built the hotel in such a way that he can dump the dead bodies down a laundry shoot into a pile where they rot and decompose. This is the role that took a tole on Evan Peters which we mentioned earlier.

The hotel features an addiction demon, which prowls the halls with a drill bit strap on and tends to use on people and its very horrific. You will never un-see the horrors of Hotel so be prepared as it is considered the darkest season in the series. There is also a ton of blood.

The story focuses around Gaga who must drink fresh blood to survive. Her boyfriend, Matt Bomer, is a drug addict turned vampire lover for Gaga. The only problem is that the Countess gets bored easily and only uses people for her own selfish desires. She also has 3 children whom are vampires featured in the picture above. She values beautiful things and wanted beautiful babies of her own. As most of us know in vampire lore, once you are bitten and turned, you remain the same age forever.

Hotel also focuses on detective John Lowe, played by Wes Bentley. Who is investigating the Ten Commandment Killer. Each person murderer is associated with a sin in violation of the Ten Commandments. The detective lost a child, that he keeps seeing in the Hotel. The child was taken years previously, never to be seen from again.

This season is dark and gruesome but has some really good twists, although you can see them coming a mile away. We recommend this season but don’t expect miracles. We say give it a shot, if not for your love of AHS, your love of Gaga. She absolutely shines in this season and proves that she is the most talented woman on the planet.

We rate this season 6 out of 6 in our rating for AHS seasons from best to worst

3/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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