AHS Season 4: Freak Show

freakshowELSA MARS

Much like the Presidential race of 2016, this season brings about the most debate between AHS fans. People either really hated this or really loved it. We surprisingly fall on the side of love as this is our 4th place winner for best AHS season. This season was everything we needed from AHS after the masterpiece that was Coven. In all honesty, we think the reason people hated it so much was because the show couldn’t match the legendary status of Coven. But that is not surprising because this show is known for taking risks and being fresh and inventive.

First and foremost, a freak show is like a traveling circus but with rare or odd characters. They call them freaks because they are different and have no where else to go. This season really speaks to those whom have been told they don’t belong. It really appeals to the loser side in all of us and makes us realize that everyone has feelings. Or it makes you realize you were an asshole because other people have feelings.

Freak Show was a fabulous season in our opinion and was sadly the last season to feature Jessica Lange. The finale was definitely in honor of Lange and her 4 season long AHS run. This is the second time Lange is featured singing in the series and she sings quite a few numbers. From “Life On Mars” by David Bowie, to “Gods and Monsters” by Lana Del Rey, there is nothing Jessica Lange can’t do and do well. Her character is the mama bear of the freak show, the one and only ELSA MARS.

Elsa Mars is responsible for putting all the freaks together in a show she calls Fraulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The show takes place in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. Back in the 1950’s it was even more unacceptable and weird to have a deformity or be an odd ball.

There are all kinds of freaks like lizard girl (Meryl Streep’s daughter), the seal man, woman with no legs, lobster hand boy (Evan Peters), the world’s tiniest woman, an amazon woman, lady with 3 boobs (Angela Bassett), woman with a beard (Kathy Bates), strongman and the newest addition of a two headed girl (Sarah Paulson).

Our season begins with Bette and Dot, the two headed girl, hiding in their farmhouse. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the girls are found and end up in a secure wing of the hospital. Elsa Mars works her Elsa magic and eventually convinces them to join the freak show as her new star act.

The freak show world is dying. People are not paying to see them anymore and TV shows like “I Love Lucy” were dominating entertainment in the 1950’s. So it makes sense that Elsa would want to make the freak show as enticing as possible.

So a cop arrives at the freak show to arrest Bette and Dot for killing their mother and just as they are being found, Jimmy, the lobster hand boy, kills him. The freaks then decide they must ban together if they are going to survive in this world and bury the body. This is pretty much the beginning of the end as the show just gets more gruesome and intense as things go on.

While this is all happening an evil killer clown is set loose on the town. Twisty the clown is the most twisted, creepy, evil looking clown anyone has ever seen. He will probably give you nightmares with that hideous mask, but even more scary is what is behind his mask. The clown is just a mentally unstable guy going around killing and capturing people for no reason. Fortunately for everyone this is only one of the serial killers in this season.

Our second and main serial killer is a spoiled rich kid named Dandy Mott. Dandy is spoiled by his wealthy widowed mother, Gloria Mott. Besides spoiling her child, Gloria tends to look the other way when Dandy has temper tantrums. Even to the point of covering up murders for her demented child.

Dandy’s mother is constantly pointing out that his father had a “sickness” and that he acted in a similar manner. So obviously his father was a serial killer too and the whole family is just super messed up.

Dandy tries to buy the two headed girl and is refused by Elsa Mars. He then tries to join the Freak show and is rejected by the freaks for having no talent. He then comes upon Twisty the Clown and decides the two should kill people together. SO you can imagine how this sets a tone for what will happen.

Also Emma Roberts character and the creepy guy that is in every season but we always forget him, play two con artists who come to the Freak Show looking to steal the acts. When we say steal the acts we mean like they want to steal the lobster hand boy and cut him up and display his deformations in a museum. To kill all of them.

We have set you up with as much of the plot as we can reveal without giving anything important away. It really was an amazing season with so much to offer. We love it because, like all good TV it speaks to use in our soul. It is a little less fabulous and crazy than some of the earlier seasons but it will never make you wish you hadn’t seen it.

There are 3 thing that make this season so good in our opinion. 

First, Ryan Murphy actually contacted real life freaks to be in the show. With the exception of the AHS alumni , all the other freaks in the cast are people living with real disabilities. We love that he could find a way to make some of their dreams come true and that he supports all kinds of people.

Second, the finale was amazing. Not as good as Coven, but we cried just the same. I think season 2, 3 and 4 finale all made us cry like a baby because they are the best 3. Justice finally gets served and it feels so good. And also the show wraps up with an amazing tribute to Lange and the ending that her time on AHS truly deserves.

Third, the whole theme of groups of people being rejected and hated on hits too close to home. How many different types of people get hated on today and no one does anything about it. This show really makes anyone who has ever felt left out or out of place like they have somewhere they belong. People who are weird and different have to stick together to help get each other through.

We rate this season 4 out of 6 in our rating for AHS seasons from best to worst. This isn’t the best that the show has to offer, but it is not the worst by a long shot. We say watch this one 4th during your binge of AHS. It is a solid season and it deserves to be watched and seen because the story is incredible. You will not be disappointed.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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