AHS Season 2: Asylum


If you can make it through this entire season without shedding a tear or ten than you may want to check yourself into an asylum. If season 1 was the appetizer than season 2 is the main course. This is the second BEST season of the entire series. It is scary, it is emotional, it is dramatic and downright terrifying. How can anyone not be stricken with fear when thinking about being locked up in an Asylum when you know you don’t belong there. We didn’t even get to the parts about serial killer rapists, racist & homophobic views of the 1960s, an insane mad scientists, spiritual warfare including the Devil himself and Alien abductions.

We swear this season changed our life. When it ended, The Netflix Nanny spent copious amounts of time sobbing and sitting in silence because this season is not just a binge, it is a journey. A journey that can end up being like a spiritual experience for some. Somehow even in the darkest of shows, the most disturbing of seasons, love and forgiveness can be stronger than any evil the world can dish out.

Asylum takes place in 1964 at a fictional mental hospital aka insane asylum called Briarcliff Manor in Massachusetts. The asylum was founded by the catholic church for mentally ill patients as well as the criminally insane. This means that the show is run by the nuns in cooperation with Psychiatrists. The facility is put under suspicion by a journalist who comes to Briarcliff after they supposedly capture the serial killer known as “Bloody face”.

Sister Jude and Sister Mary Eunice run Briarcliff. Sister Jude is played by the always wonderful Jessica Lange. Sister Mary Eunice is played by newcomer Lily Rabe who also stars in AHS season 3: Coven and appears in all seasons from this point on. The doctors who help the nuns run the asylum are Dr. Thredson and Dr. Arden.

Dr. Arden runs the medical practice side of things and is performing experiments on the mentally ill patients. Dr. Thredson is the psychiatrist who deals with the mental stability of the patients. Dr. Thredson is partly responsible for the arrival of Kit Walker, the man accused of being the serial killer called “Bloody Face”.

The journalist who visits Briarcliff is Lana Winters. Lana is played by the most famous actress in the AHS family, Sarah Paulson. This is one of Paulson’s finest roles she has even taken on in the series. Lana Winters is a lesbian journalist in the 1960s who is trying to expose the corruption at Briarcliff and how they treat patients.

The story starts to get intense when Lana’s poking around Briarcliff causes Sister Jude to blackmail Lana’s lesbian lover named Wendy. The situation with Lana is one of the many aspects of fear mentioned earlier. Lana Winters is being held against her will, in an asylum, being told she is mentally ill because she is a homosexual. Even worse is the fact that she is one hundred percent mentally stable, smart as a whip and being forced to become a mindless zombie (figuratively) like the other mentally ill patients.

(Fun side note: each season of AHS has a different serial killer featured and the stories usually revolve around said serial killer.)

The other main character is Kit Walker the accused serial killer people are calling “Bloody face”. Kit and his wife tried to keep their interracial marriage a secret due to the racist ways of people in 1960 but all hell breaks lose when Alma is abducted by aliens. Kit is accused of murdering his wife  and many other women targeted by this serial killer named Bloody face.

Kit claims Alma was taken by aliens and after being tortured by Dr. Arden, he is tricked into a confession tape by Dr. Thredson. Kit is being falsely accused of crimes he did not commit and is therefor just like Lana Winters in a sense that he does not belong in a mental hospital.

This is as much information we can give without spoiling any parts of Asylum. This season is intense. More intense than if Lost and Black Mirror created a love child. All we can think when watching this masterpiece is what will happen next. The suspense is so great that we honestly ended up only being able to emotionally handle 1 or 2 episodes a day. The rewarding part is the plot twists and the ending. The finale for this season is so good that we can honestly say we have NEVER seen anything like it in our entire life.

This season has so much going on that there is never a dull moment or an unimportant episode. Season 2 will have you hooked faster than the millennium falcon can make the jump to hyper space. The show really dives deep into what it is like to truly be powerless and afraid. Also it deals with mental health in a way we can all relate. Sometimes it is worse to constantly be told you are crazy rather than actually going crazy.

This season gains our respect for its very controversial themes, as well as flat out scary content. Asylum was the first season to genuinely scare us like a horror movie. The gruesome experiments are hard to watch and the rape scenes are even harder to get through.

In our opinion though the scariest moments came from watching people being falsely accused of mental instability and trapped against their own will. It is even harder to see the fear and hatred the 1960s had for the gay community. This season hits too close to home for too many people and will scare the shit out of you. This season is a must watch for any binge watcher and and a classic for TV show addicts.

We rate this season 2 out of 6 in our rating for AHS seasons best to worst. This is ONE OF THE BEST seasons that AHS has to offer and we strongly suggest that you binge this season FIRST so that you can experience it the way we did. Season 1 can wait because this is where is crosses the line from great TV to legendary. The only rival to Asylum is of course our top choice, AHS season 3, Coven.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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