AHS Season 1: Murder House

ahs season1

We consider this season the equivalent of an appetizer at a restaurant. It definitely hits the spot, leaves you wanting more but it is not main course. The first season of AHS does not disappoint with its own version of a modern day haunted house. Honestly what could be a better horror story to begin a series than a tale about ghosts and haunted houses. The first season was how most of us came to know the series we love today. That being said, it is not the best season in AHS but it certainly isn’t the worst.

We have decided to rate the seasons on a scale of 1-6, being that there are only 6 seasons. We would give AHS Murder House 5th place on our list. It was really hard to narrow down which seasons are better, especially since this season is incredible. Ultimately it just wasn’t obsession worthy like some of the others. It was like choosing your favorite color M&Ms candy to eat. They all taste the same and fulfill your desire for chocolate, but sometimes you just think the blue one is prettier than the brown one.

This season sets the creepy can’t look away tone for the entire series, beginning with the haunting yet addicting theme music. Our story begins in present day 2011 in Los Angeles when a new family moves into the haunted mansion. The Harmon family moved from Boston and purchased the creepy mansion known as the Murder House.

The house has seen many horrors, murders, suicides and generally messed up situations over the years. The family comes to learn that the previous owners were involved in a murder/suicide ordeal which is why they were able to get such a mansion.  The house also mysteriously includes a maid. The catch is that the maid appears young and hot to men but old and haggard to women.

The father, Ben, is played by Dylan McDermott who starred in a legal drama called The Practice. The mother, Vivien, is played by Connie Britton. Britton is the red-head from Friday Night Lights and Nashville. Their daughter, Violet, is played by Taissa Farmiga who also stars in AHS season 3: Coven.

The Harmon’s neighbor, Constance, is played by Jessica Lange. Lange ended up winning her first Emmy award for her portrayal in the show. So you know she is beyond amazing in this season and all the others for that matter. Constance has a daughter named Addie, who is also unusually connected to the Murder House and all of its dark secrets.

Ben Harmon, the father, is a psychiatrist who stars seeing patients in his own home for sessions. He starts with Tate Langdon played by Evan Peters. Evan Peters is featured in all the seasons of the show and is widely recognized as one of the main faces for the show. Tate takes a big interest in the Harmon’s daughter, Violet. Violet suffers from deep depression issues and since Tate is a patient, there is an instant connection between them.

This is about all of the plot we can reveal without spoiling anything or giving away the many fabulous twists this show will offer. The finale is shocking and will no doubt blow your mind with how well written, thought out and creepy it all is. We do award this season with best twist of the entire series.


There is no way you can watch this season and not be left awe struck and addicted. This season is on the scary side but not too scary. We obviously recommend this season to anyone in need of a new binge. Once you finish you can look forward to knowing that the other seasons get even better than this masterpiece.

We rate this season as 5 out of 6 in our rating for AHS seasons best to worst.

4/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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