American Horror Story


Get ready for the most amazing binge experience of your life. Be aware that some episodes are harder to get through than others but each season is a treat and a reward in itself. Tears and fears are just some of the words to describe the masterpiece that is American Horror Story. Arguably the best TV show of our lifetime. Ever creepy but always intriguing, this show defies normal TV standards by being graphic, violent, gruesome, creepy and generally just really really deeply disturbing.

This show shakes you to your core but keeps you guessing, wanting more with each episode. AHS is brilliant and nearly impossible to to look away from. We do not have a higher rated TV show than this masterpiece. The best part is that AHS is an Anthology series. An Anthology series is basically the same actors in a different story line with different characters each season.

The show is created by Ryan Murphy who also makes American Crime Story, Glee, Nip/Tuck, Scream Queens and Feud. Murphy is a writer, producer and director. In our opinion the best TV has to offer in our time. His shows are a masterwork of art and connect with all people in all walks of life.

The Netflix Nanny has decided to spend the next 6 posts reviewing each season individually. This means we will start with season 1 and end with the latest season 6. Season 1: Murder House. Season 2: Asylum. Season 3: Coven. Season 4: Freakshow. Season 5: Hotel. Season 6: Roanoke.

Each season has usually 12 or 13 episodes with the except of season 6 which only has 10. Each episode is usually 45 minutes to an hour at most. There is much debate about which season is best. And the shows do not need to be watched in order so here is our suggestion. Season 2, Asylum, is the best and most emotional and rewarding. BUT season 3, Coven, is the most popular and most iconic. Coven just became a huge pop cultural phenomenon and is easily the most meme worthy or quotable of the series.

So begin with season 2 then onto season 3 then watch any other seasons in any other order. Season 6, Roanoke is not on Netflix yet but blew our minds for many reasons but mainly for being a shockingly different set up than any season in the series. You will have to wait for the review to know more.

It is safe to say that Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson will ALWAYS be our favorite character alert for any season they are in. Jessica Lange is the reason American Horror Story became such a success.

In case she is unfamiliar to you, Jessica Lange has 2 Oscars and won 2 of her 3 Emmy awards for her characters in season 1 and 3 of American Horror Story. Jessica Lange in Coven, season 3, was one of the best TV characters we have ever seen. She plays the supreme, who is like the queen of the witches. Sadly Jessica Lange left the series after season 4, Freakshow. She did however go out with an amazing bang and is now currently starring in Ryan Murphy’s new show, Feud: Bette and Joan. (Where she also does not disappoint.)

Sarah Paulson is in every season of the series and is always some form of a main character. She really shines as the leads opposite Jessica Lange in season 2, Asylum, season 3, Coven and season 4, Freakshow. Paulson never disappoints and will keep you coming back for more time and again.

Here is a MAJOR warning for anyone who hasn’t seen this gem. It is graphic. Bloody, messy, gruesome. There is a lot of murder, torture in not humane ways and messed up situations. There are always some major sexual scandals often involving creepy messed up scenarios. So this show is not for the faint of heart. Even we had some trouble watching some of the horrors (pun intended) we experienced in this show.

Now that we have said all we can about the series as a whole, get ready for a season by season breakdown of the greatest show of all time. The Netflix Nanny does not believe in spoilers so if you have not yet experienced one of the seasons we review, it will not be ruined for you. We want you to always fully enjoy a show and we are only here to help guide you in your binge process.

In the next 6 posts, we will individually rate each season, but always be aware that we would give the series a 6/5 stars if it was possible. But like any good show there will always be some seasons that were better than others.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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