Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time there was a group of writers, actors and producers who genuinely thought this show sounded like a great idea. And the real test was whether or not the team behind Lost could make magic strike again. But unfortunately for everyone fairy tales do not exist. If you ever believed in fairy magic or happy endings then this show is not for you. The only magical thing about it is when the episodes are over.

The whole thing is cheesy and campy looking to be honest. It does have intriguing elements and plot twists and some semi-fun stuff going on, sometimes. But none of it is believable even in a fairy tale world.

The show is about all the classic fairy tale characters living in their fairy land being all fairylicious and happy. So an evil dark magic curse is sweeping across the land and all the fairy tale people start freaking out. So Snow White and Price Charming send their baby into this magic cabinet thing designed by the fairies. The cabinet thing transports their daughter to our world, the real world.

As it turns out, that child ends up stumbling upon the town of Storybrooke in the state of Maine. So the curse turns out to have actually transported all the fairly tale people into this town in Maine.

The catch is that the Wicked Witch designed the curse so she could find her happy ending but not let the others have a happily ever after. So the curse also leaves every fairy tale creature with no memory of their previous life as a fairy tale creature. Basically everyone thinks they are humans in the real world just getting by like the rest of us.

So the child of Snow White finds the town from this long drawn out story and then precedes to just F up everyone’s lives by making each of them break their own curse individually. So obviously this is only the dilemma of season 1 and it goes much deeper and much more drawn out as the seasons go on.

The entire show uses the flashback technique like Lost did to reveal each fairy tale character’s backstory. The problem we had was with how hard they had to try to make every character and every story link together and sync up. It was so over the top and sometimes wasn’t even a good story line. The acting is a bit on the dramatic cheesy side, and most of the fairy tale people they encounter are too digitized and fake looking to be taken seriously.

There are currently 5 seasons on Netflix with the 6th season airing on ABC as we speak. Each season consists of 22 episodes, all about 45 minutes long. So this is another one of those long haul binges, if you decide to go there. 

We are officially going on the record of NOT recommending this show at all. It was a huge waste of time and it just didn’t appeal to us even though we love Disney and fairy tales.

We recommend just about anything else than getting deep into this one. We just feel like the fairy tales we grew up with deserve more respect than a second rate TV program. ABC has so many better titles than this that we can’t support this crap.

How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, American Crime, Black-ish and even Dancing With The Stars. These shows are ALL better options and have better plots. Be careful out there when you binge.

As our favorite movie Mean Girls says, “Damn you are so lucky you have us to guide you.”

1/5 stars for this show and 1/10 rating for binge worthy success

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