13 Reasons Why

13reasonswhySticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us. That line is the biggest load of crap we have heard since Trump started the whole “alternative facts” thing. If you are reading this post and have never read our other posts or even visited our website then WELCOME TO YOUR TAPE BITCH.

Yes, we have seen the hilarious Hannah meme’s going around and yes, we have had conflicting feelings throughout this entire binge process. But as always we will only be 100% honest in our review. We found the show mysterious and amazing. Wonderful and infuriating. Sad and beautiful all at once.

We also want to go ON RECORD saying that actress Kate Walsh plays (favorite character alert) Olivia Baker aka Hannah’s Mother. Mrs. Baker is one of the most amazing parts of the show. Most of you know Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison on Grey’s Anatomy and then the same character on her spin off show, Private Practice.

Her acting in 13 Reasons Why is flawless. She plays a grieving mother so perfectly that we wondered if she had ever lost a child of her own. Basically all our praise goes to her and her acting ability. She is a shining beacon in a world of dark teen angst.

So quick breakdown for anyone who lives under a rock and hasn’t seen this show yet. Hannah Baker, a name that you will probably be saying in your sleep, commits suicide. The show starts with Hannah already being dead and focuses on Clay Jensen. Clay worked at the movie theater with Hannah and seems to be much more affected by her death than he lets on.

Clay is given a shoe box filled with cassette tapes. 7 tapes to be exact. For those who are to young to know what those are, cassette tapes have a side “A” and a side “B”. So each episode centers on a side of each cassette.

So episode one is tape 1, side “a”. Episode 2 is tape 1, side “B”. You get the drift. The catch here is that each tape belongs to a different person that Hannah knew who made her ultimately kill herself.

Obviously there are 13 episodes in the season. Each episode is an hour long so it will take a little while to binge the whole show.

Hannah recorded all the tapes just prior to her suicide and sent a copy of the tapes with an unknown source for security. The source was instructed to release the tapes publicly if all Hannah’s demands were not met.

The tapes expose the deepest darkest secrets of the people who made Hannah miserable. The tapes all add up to tell the bigger picture of why Hannah kills herself and what events lead to her suicide.

So the tapes are to be passed along once they have all been listened to. So subject of tape 1 will listen to them all then pass the box on to subject of tape 2 and so on until all 12 people have heard Hannah’s story. We say 12 because one of the people featured are actually on 2 of the tapes, which you learn in episode 1 so that is not a spoiler.

The biggest issue we have with the show is how ridiculous and dramatic Hannah can be. It is so easy for us to disregard how Hannah feels because she is just being a “dramatic high school teenage girl”. The other side of that opinion is that suicide is real and people feel things all the time that sound ridiculous but affect them deeper than we know.

This show is excellent for sparking a real dialogue about some real issues. Suicide, rape, and bullying are among some of the biggest topics the show brings up. Words, actions and gossip do affect people in different ways.

Being bullied in high school can be devastating for some people to the point of suicide. And just because someone is too drunk to say no does not mean rape is ever okay.

We have a policy for brutal honesty and we are going to keep that tradition now even if it makes us unpopular. When the show started, we hated it. Like eye rolling, vomit emoji hated it. We thought Hannah was just a brat and used suicide as a revenge tactic to get back at these people who seemingly didn’t do THAT bad of  transgressions against her.

At some points you will ask yourself why you are still watching and you will wonder why this plot is so ridiculous. This is where all the hilarious meme’s come in about how you ate the last chicken finger so here is your tape and so on.

Everyone gets bullied growing up. Everyone has to go through really hard, depressing crap that makes us all want to die at some point. Even the popular kids in high school have crap they deal with and have things they are ashamed of.

Our personal believe in life is that pain makes you stronger. All that bullying you went through was not for nothing. It made you who you are today and helped you become stronger.

Life is hard, but you need to shut up and nut up to get through it. Our sympathy for Hannah was at a negative 3 for a long time because EVERYONE goes through some of the exact same issues she was facing.

Before you go all ape shit on us for being honest, we want you to know that by the end of the show, our opinions (for the most part) had changed. Hannah’s story is not different from many people who have taken their own lives.

Things that seems stupid or insignificant can carry much deeper meanings. Some people feel much more than others and the fact that they do should be a strength, not a weakness.

The whole point of the show is that we NEVER KNOW what another person is going through or what they are feeling. Judging people, calling them names, making them feel small and insignificant are all ways we can slowly kill people inside. Some people say that suicide is selfish and weak.

Those people are not completely wrong but also they are not completely right. People who commit suicide have no options left. They have been completely consumed and can longer take a simple breath without feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Maybe it is time that we stop judging people for being weak and start applauding them for owning what how they feel. Identifying and expressing how we really feel is a skill that takes much time to master.

Obviously we realized we are one of these judgmental bitchy people as we watched the show. The difference is that we realized why we were so judgmental once the show had ended.

We too have struggled with suicide and bullying in our youth. The issue may have hit closer to home than we would have liked but the difference is that we got through it because we got help. No one should ever be afraid to ask for help, even if it seems embarrassing or pointless.

There will always be help for those who hurt and there will always be a way out. The way out should never be suicide but until we learn to be kind to one another and support each other in life, suicide will keep happening.

We have to start spreading love and not hate. Even though we got serious on this one, it was a necessary evil. If you are hurting ask for help. We are the bullies and we are the problems. Never forget that a hurtful word can ruin someone just as fast as a compliment could build them up.

Maybe our issue with Hannah at the beginning was our own projection because we have felt those same things? Maybe we just got too uncomfortable confronting our own past? Maybe Hannah is just an over dramatic attention whore? We urge you to watch the series and decide for yourself. Just bring an open mind and this show is sure to move your soul.

5/5 stars for this show and 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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