Flaked brings about a fabulous universal life lesson. Sometimes when people try so hard to help everyone else, those people are just finding ways to avoid helping themselves. Oddly unsatisfying and peacefully boring is our next Netflix original. Flaked was about as exciting as watching paint dry at an accounting seminar on a beautiful sunny day in summer. But it did have some good moments and a good enough plot twist to keep us intrigued.

Granted compared to a monster like our current binge, 13 Reasons Why and Nurse Jackie, it is like the used bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe. We actually ended up liking the show enough by the end of the season so we are excited to see what happens in season 2. Maybe we are more excited to see what DOES NOT happen in season 2, you tell us after watching.

The show stars Will Arnett, who also writes and creates the show. Arnett plays Chip, a popular recovering alcoholic in a small California town. Chip is like the town sober guidance counselor in a sense and he tends to always be helping everything with everything. The problem is that he never deals with his own crap. Chip is “the man with the answers” with no clue on how to navigate the murky waters of his own life.

We see Chip heavily lying to just about everyone in the show, including himself. The story does have a pretty good twist mid way to end though. So we do recommend seeing the whole season as it only consists of 8 episodes. Each episode is about 30-35 minutes long, so this show is easily binge-able in a day. Season 2 was picked up for a 6 episode run in 2017.

We also will let it slip that Chip’s mother is one of our favorite 90’s actress, Kirstie Alley. Even though Kirstie Alley is bat shit crazy and has more major weight changes than Opera at a fried food festival, and we love her.

(Kirstie Alley  is known for Drop-Dead Gorgeous, For Richer Or Poorer and Toothless. Check them out because they are amazing.)

So let’s get one thing straight, this is more of a no options left/ I don’t want to start a new serious life consuming binge right now type of show. Sometimes we get binge anxiety because we know it will end up consuming our very souls but this is not one of those shows. You could easily put this show on while you catch up on Facebook or internet current events or just meme searching for real.

Because we cannot expose the twist, we can’t convince you this show is great. Mainly because it isn’t but also because it was just different. We have always thought different was a positive trait in life. Different people are just so much more interesting than your standard run of the mill people you meet.

Our advice is watch a few episodes and then decide if you can get into it or not. Something about someone who lies to themselves everyday and the many self destructive qualities they possess just seems so intriguing to us. Mainly because everyone does exactly those things but it is more fun to watch someone else go into a downward spiral than witnessing our own. We needed more but what we got with “more” from this show was deeply unsatisfying.

It was more about watching a man attempt to be a saint but destroying himself in the process. It may not be a provocative tale but it is a tale and it was mediocre. We are really getting tired of mediocre television but such is the life of a Netflix junkie. Watch this show or don’t we recommend it with a “Meh” rating honestly. It was not the worst show we have ever seen but it was a far reach from the best.

2/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

#Flaked #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny

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