Big Little Lies


Have you ever received a gift, wrapped in a big giant box with a beautiful ribbon and even more amazing wrapping paper? A gift so promising and magical that you only dream it could be that Louis Vuitton purse you wanted or a new Xbox One or that really expensive stuff for your kitchen.

And just when the suspense reaches its peak you tear that gift open and find that your parents just put a copy of all the groceries receipts and bills they spent on you and you should be grateful for food to eat and a roof over your head growing up. THAT is how this show feels exactly.

Murder. Lies. Rape. Domestic Abuse. Secrets. Adultery. Bullying. These are all huge topics that the show brings to light and for good reason. The topics are so in your face and raw to show us that we cannot let these things continue in life. All we can say is that domestic violence, rape and bullying are all happening more than we think.

Big Little Lies is so beautiful and promising and beyond star-studded but is a bigger let down than the 2016 election. A bigger let down than “all the other silly girls” (according to Miranda Priestly) that came before Anne Hathaway on the Devil Wears Prada. A bigger let down than that Melissa McCarthy movie where she steals all those fried pies from that fast food place.

All in all it is more of a Real Housewives on Bravo type of let down, which means you will care about the show just enough to be let down in the first place. Bravo tends to make the Real Housewives look so good and then it turns out the episode isn’t even about what was previewed. Also we highly recommend starting Real Housewives of New York and catching up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because their reunion starts tonight. All on Bravo and all totally worth it.

So besides knowing that you are entering into an A-list TV cast with a B-list plot, you need to remember this on is on HBO GO. We have explained in some previous posts about how you can access the HBO Go app from your televisions but send us a message if you need help.

There are only 7 episodes all being 1 hour long each. This is a mini-series not a multiple season show. So it is a bit different but still just as good. The best part about it will be the resolution you get in the end. It is a murder mystery but you already know who it is going to be from episode one. The surprise comes with the person who did the murdering so it will be a fun little twist. The victim was bound to be murdered by someone at sometime.

The show is really about how friends keep big secrets from one another. And it really focused on the aspects of married life. One woman is a cheater, who also misses her ex-husband. One woman was raped and is a single mom. One woman is being abused every time but has a seemingly perfect life. One woman has become an uptight bitch who lost the spark in her marriage. One woman is the hippy dippy lover of the first woman’s ex-husband.

The show centers on moms with young kids and starts when a little girl at school is being bullied. The hole thing is about how parents get involved in their kids lives and the drama eventually becomes parental drama as the kids just play on together.

This show better be good when you have a cast with names like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsgard, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott and Laura Dern. The acting in the show is phenomenal. The show just doesn’t get very exciting in our opinion. We found it boring until the last 2 episodes.

The show takes the “in the dark” approach using flashbacks to tell each characters story leading up to the ever mysterious murder. The police are constantly interviewing non-major characters or randoms in the city to get the stories from all sides. The ending was very satisfying and it did make a perfect end to the forever long waiting the show brought.

We would say that if you cant get into episode 1 or 2 then don’t continue watching. If we didn’t have this site we would not have finished the show. But then again we probably would because Nicole Kidman is (favorite character alert) the best things about any show or movie she stars in. Kidman play the beautiful red-head named Celeste. A sexy older retired lawyer who marries the hot and sexy young Alexander Skarsgard (from True Blood).  Their relationship was the most dramatic and favorite to follow among all the other characters.

If you have HBO GO then i suggest you give this show a shot. If you don’t have HBO GO than this show is not worth buying a superscription just to see it. We were just really let down by how slow moving and anti-climactic the show got given the amazing cast.

After amazing shows like Wentworth, the standard for good TV has been raised and the bar is pretty high. Also if you need a Netflix suggestion we recommend 13 Reasons Why, our current binge, because it is much more captivating and fun.


3/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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