The OA


Hauntingly beautiful as it is emotional, The OA is our favorite new show that has changed our lives. The OA is brilliant, emotional, motivational and astounding. This show will have you on the edge of your seat as much as Game of Thrones and will leave you speechless and emotionally drained. The side effects are worth it to see this piece of art explained. It made us ball like a baby at Disney that just got its bottle taken away. We love The OA. We haven’t cried that hard since American Horror Story season 2, Asylum. But it is just as intense and emotional.

The show centers on an adopted girl who was blind. Prairie Johnson was abducted and had been missing for 7 years until she returned, trying to jump off a bridge and die. She has strange scars on her back and her sight has been restored.

She will not explain to her parents or the FBI what has happened to her and why she can see again. The story is VERY mysterious and there is not much we can tell you because it is much better to watch and learn what happens for yourself. The show is built on its mysterious nature and the way that it just throws you into the deep end with no explanation.

The first episode is a must because it establishes the whole series so you must finish it. It is a little over an hour but The OA (Prairie) touches lives and finds people to share her very intense story with. She gathers 5 people together, mainly high school boys and a teacher to share her story with. No it is not weird and sexual so stop going there right now. She eventually asks the 5 people to help her find her friends who she believes are trapped in another dimension.

What we can tell you is that she was taken by a evil man who kept her locked in a basement cell with other people and tortured her. The cells were all see through with a running stream going through each one so they survived on stream water and animal pellets. This man is no joke and spent a ton of money on his torture chamber.

The show is 1 season with only 8 episodes so it takes a day to finish the whole thing. Each episode is about an hour long so it plays out kind of like a long movie. We watched the whole thing in a night because we could not put it down. It will suck you in faster than a Black Friday sale at Best Buy.

We can’t tell you what The OA means or why because it ruins a lot of the surprises the show gives you. As intense as it is emotional, you will not be able to stop watching. We HAD TO KNOW what was going to happen and it takes all 8 episodes for The OA to finish her story. So you will want to watch the whole series. Like right now.

We ended up loving all the characters, especially the main actress who plays The OA (Prairie) named Brit Marling. She also created and wrote the show so her brilliance knows no bounds. She is an artist and this show is a glorious, perfected piece of art.

Our favorite character alert  goes to Betty Broderick-Allen aka BBA, aka Phyllis from The Office. She is just so lovable and kind and pure of heart that we really do love and root for her. She is exceptional in this show and will melt your heart faster than a snow cone in July.

The whole abducted thing makes the show so much more intense but surprisingly there are no rape scenes. There are however two sex scenes we remember seeing but they are not over the top or extremely graphic. The show is not about sex, it is about belief and hope. Just remember your 5 movements and you will be just fine. #OA joke

It will move you in your very soul and make you feel things you thought you never would. We cannot speak more highly of a new show if we tried because The OA will take you on a wonderful journey full of heartache, hope and desperation. We normally don’t give a series 5 stars for a first season but this show was an exceptional work of art and deserves 5 for sure. There are many twists and turns that entice you to keep coming back for more. If not because you are invested than because you will just HAVE to know what happened and why.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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