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To Beau Smith or not to Beau Smith, that is the question. Wentworth makes Orange Is The New Black look like a Disney channel soft core porno. The difference between these shows is the difference between the acting ability of Kim Kardashian and Meryl Streep. Orange Is The New Black tries so hard, and we do love it, but once we saw Wentworth we realized how bad Orange was. Orange is like the pop version of a classic country song or a dollar store version of your favorite product. This is our new favorite show we seen since Netflix gave rise to online streaming over cable. To say this show is amazing is a BIT OF AN UNDERSTATEMENT GOV’NA.

#EasyA #WentworthJoke (keep reading to get it)

The first and biggest topic we want to discuss is lesbians. Orange Is the New Black uses lesbian sex to promote and entice audiences to their cause. Like a pop culture version of prison. Using female sexuality to market to audiences because Americans all think sex sells. And sometimes it does but in this case it is the brilliant work that sold us.

Orange wants to pop culturize prison life  while Wentworth is the one keeping it real. There are lesbians in Wentworth of course, but it is not a selling point of the show. Wentworth lesbians are just a part of who these characters are and it is never made into a marketing ploy like in Orange Is The New Black.

The next topic is sex scenes. Orange has alot of really corny porny scenes. The good news is that Wentworth is not as sexual as you would think. There are some sex scenes but there is no where near as much nudity and sex as Orange Is The New Black. The nudity is more for artistic purposes.

 There is an occasional boob or two on Wentworth but it is by no means a lesbian soft core porno. Wentworth sells itself on its complex and intriguing plots and doesn’t need sex to sell. If you love Orange than you will be over the moon with Wentworth.

This show airs in Australia and pains us that we have to wait forever for a new season but a year is a short prison sentence for us to get more of the addicting show. 

The show centers on prisoner (favorite character alert) Beau Smith. (Side Note: Pronounced B-E-E and Smith in an Australian accent so like SMEEETH). Beau is a complicated badass who is serving time for attempted murder of her husband. Abusive husband by the way. She quickly learns the in’s and out’s of prison and gets caught up in the endless prison political drama.

Here are some things you need to know about Wentworth because it is an Australian show. They use different words and phrases than we do in America. Pissed means drunk. Governor means Warden of the prison. “Slot her” is a phrase meaning solitary confinement as a punishment. Also women can have their children with them if they have an exceptional record and good behavior.

There is no capital punishment in Australian law, meaning no death penalty, so women who murder people go away for life. Meaning they rot and die in prison with no chance of parole or anything after decades of time. 

Gear means drugs, usually heroine or meth or crack or something hardcore. Top dog is the title of the prisoner who represents and controls all the women in the prisoner. Top dog has the only say on what goes and is the person you go to for favors and such. Top dog also deals out the punishments for any rule breaking.

Lagging, lagger and lag all mean telling on someone or snitching. Screws are the officers working in the prison. Also the way the prison systems works is much more relaxed than American prisons. The women all have common rooms by their cells and have access to so many objects that could be used to kill people that it kind of blows our mind.

Now that we have reviewed some vocab words, let’s talk about who we hate and who we love. We love Beau, Franky, Jacs, Ferguson, Maxine, Boomer and Allie. We hate Vera, Liz, Doreen, Kaz and Ferguson. Ferguson is a love hate thing because she is such an exceptional actress that we love her. But she is so evil that we hate her. Some say the devil wears prada but we think the devil wears the governor’s badge.

There are 4 seasons on Netflix with a new season starting in Australia in April 2017. We are pretty sure that the show will air one episode at a time on their networks and then after some time be uploaded to Netflix. So season 5 may take a good while to come to us and the cliffhanger we are left with was too intense for us not to find out what happened. It is better than Breaking Bad. It is more intense and brilliant than anything we have ever seen. It will captivate you and suck you in like a black hole or a Chinese all you can eat buffet.

Each season has 12 episodes except season 1 which only has 10. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and is worth every second. Here is our warning and break down for you binge watchers. Season 1 may start off slow, but like any good show it takes time to build up to something big. We swear on our own life that if you finish season 1, you will be hooked. The events that take place are so mind blowing and unpredictable that you will be thrown for a loop.

Season 2-3 is the prime for Wentworth. Season 2 and 3 were binged watched in like 2 or 3 days because we could not put it down. We just finished season 4 last night and it was just as good but the best would probably be season 2 in our opinion. Season 2 was the most emotional and satisfying while season 3 was the most intense and iconic.  Basically it is our exact opinion on the seasons of American Horror Story. (Asylum being 2 and Coven being 3)

The amount of symbolism is this show is astounding. The one who controls the laundry press controls the women. She is literally pressing down on the other women. The people we think are good use black gloves to literally “wash their hands” of their own evil acts. The show is all about grey areas and back door dealings. The sad truth is that the officers are just as much in prison as the prisoners themselves. They are all serving time for their actions, just some have been caught.

This show joins the ranks of our 5 star club because it is exceptional TV. The acting is outstanding, the drama is amazing and the writing is incredible. Some elements are predictable if you have seen any good show ever, but for the most part you won’t see the shiv coming. #PrisonJoke

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

#Wentworth #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny



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