Desperate Housewives


More addicting than crack and less expensive is our all time, hands down, favorite TV show ever created. EVER. This show has so many twists and turns you’d think M. Night Shyamalan was making pretzels on a roller coaster. Desperate Housewives is not just a regular murder mystery. It is a smart, thrilling drama that will have you wanting more faster than coffee goes missing at an AA meeting.  We love this show so much that we own every season on DVD. And we will probably have to buy a second copy of each one because our original copies are worn out by now.

We know that it is not available on Netflix anymore, but good news is that all the seasons are available on Hulu. We don’t personally endorse Hulu, as it seems a bit ridiculous given we have cable, but it does have its strengths. There are several Hulu original shows out now that look very promising and Hulu does offer newest content available in the TV world. We would recommend HBO Go before Hulu any day, but we are not discrediting the amazing qualities Hulu has.

Desperate Housewives is about a group of women in a neighborhood who become best friends. The women find themselves bonding in the opening episode at the funeral of one of their neighbors and friends. Mary Alice shoots herself in the head in the first scene of the show, so the mystery of why is what lingers on Wisteria Lane.

The show is juicy and dramatic, like Gossip Girl, but mysterious and intense like Breaking Bad. It combines elements of mystery, secrets, scandals and lies to make the perfect cocktail of quality television. This show will change your life and do so with style. We can still remember our favorite season, season 4, and the stories that brought such an amazing outcome. We were left speechless for days.

The show has several beloved characters but we feel like we love them all equally enough to say they all win favorite character alert. Except Susan (Teri Hatcher aka bond girl aka superman’s girlfriend). Susan is the worst and we hate her. We are tied between with top favorite being between Gabby (Eva Longoria) and Bree (red head Marcia Cross). These woman are beyond amazing in their very diverse roles. Gabby is a rich, care free person who only cares about money and sex. Bree is the uptight perfectionist who cares about appearances and cleaning. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) is the mom who gave up her career to raise children. And our most hated housewife is Susan, the clumsy, artistic, loud mouthed annoying moron on the street.

The women are way better than the group on Sex And The City and show much more depth than most shows. We can really see each character grow, change and become better as each season progresses. There is no low point except maybe season 6. Each season is set up to have one huge tragedy, like a tornado or plane crash. And most seasons have a featured housewife who moves onto the street for a season or 2. So there are new exciting characters with new exciting stories every single season. Each season will have more of a main focus on one housewife in particular, who is tied to the big picture plot.

Honestly, the show couldn’t be better if they even tried because you can’t mess with perfection. Unlike most dramedy shows, Desperate is in no way predictable or boring. Each time we think we know what is going to happen, something throws us off track or a new set of intense life altering issues arise. We truly cannot tell you how good the writing as well as the acting.

There are 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives. Each season has about 23/24 episodes a season with the exception of season 4. Season 4 was the most controversial for two reasons. One, it had to take a break because of the writer’s strike of 2007. Second, they ended the season half way through with a tornado that destroyed Wisteria Lane and left us hanging FOR MONTHS. MONTHS thinking every single person died and the show was over.

We won’t spoil it but please, please please make it to at least season 4 before you write this show off. The show also is famous for the time jump sequence where the show randomly picks up years later with everything being changed. See, it never gets old or predictable.

It always kept us on our toes and still wears the crown as our favorite show ever made. We are just sad that Netflix took this gem away from us but maybe if we start a petition they will bring it back? The Netflix Nanny would be happy to sign anything that helped bring this show back to Netflix.

If you do get the chance, or own Hulu, watch this now. Do not hesitate to get down and dirty with Wisteria Lane. The woman will not disappoint and the drama always brings it on. Once in a while, truly great TV is made and this show is no exception. It joins the 5 star club with titles like Breaking Bad, Lost, Stranger Things, House of Cards and our newest binge, Wentworth.

5/5 stars for this show and a 10/10 rating for binge worthy success

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