Gossip Girl


If you love a good cup of tea under the shade, then this show is for you. Gossip Girl is as shady as it is tea filled. And we LOVE a good cup of tea. Especially when all we have to do is watch. This show is a New York City version of the Kardashians, but with a better script. If Gossip Girl was not tech-savy it would be the Burn Book of New York City. And Regina George would be our favorite character alert, Blair Waldorf. #TeamBlair

Blair Waldorf is the Queen “B” of this super rich kids private school in upper East side New York. The show is fast paced and dramatic. But what good show isn’t? The premise of the show centers around (most hated character alert) Serena van der Woodson. Serena is New York City’s self proclaimed “it” girl.

We hate Serena for many, many reasons. But mainly because she is the worst and gets everything she wants always. She just uses her good looks and charm to weasel her way into doing whatever she feels no matter what the cost. Honestly, we hate Serena more than probably any other character on a TV. Our list of most hated characters also include Ross from Friends, Serena from Gossip Girl and everyone in Once Upon A Time.

Anyway, Serena and Blair are BFF but Serena mysteriously disappeared for a year and has now returned to the rich kid school. Serena is met with the opposite of a warm welcome as she left her BFF Blair in the middle of her own life crisis situations and had not contacted her since she left. Therefore cue bitch rivalry. Oh and their rivalry literally lasts all 6 seasons long, so don’t ever think it is over. Gossip Girl is not a murder type show, it is more like secrets, sex, scandals and lies. Or drama that seems endless.

Gossip Girl is an online blogger who knows what the “who’s who” of NYC is up to. She tracks the main characters because they are like local NYC celebrities and billionaire’s children. Gossip Girl posts the dirtiest dirt on everyone all the time. The worst part for our main characters, is that anyone anywhere can send anonymous tips to Gossip Girl about anything.

Basically they capitalize on how much of an impact social media has on our generation. Gossip Girl does directly contact people directly but mainly is just an omnipresent source of dirty secret reveals. 

She will post at any time about anyone, often at the worst time for the victim of the post. Think Perez Hilton but on a much smaller level. Everyone in NYC seems to have text alerts when Gossip Girl even takes a dumb so it really is like she texts every single person in the city every time she gets some dirt. She literally shits on them. 

The show gets pretty intense but overall is amazing. It is a juicy addition to anyone’s TV collection and is highly recommended by The Netflix Nanny. 

Our only warning here is season 5 and 6. The show ended perfectly, for the most part. The reveal of Gossip Girl is a major disappointment and will leave you angry. The show just stepped into a “WTF IS EVEN HAPPENING NOW” kind of phase in season 5. It lost our attention and our hearts for a while but the final season, 6, did pull it together well enough to give us closure.

We do love the show for its social dramatic elements and most of the Gossip Girl revealing secrets are pretty good shade. We love the whole frenemy angle of Serena and Blair. We also love Chuck and Nate but hate Dan, Jenny and Vanessa. These are all names you will encounter so don’t expect too much awesomeness from any of the people we hate. It is hard for people to change so don’t expect the characters to change quickly.

We love it and it is worth a binge. There are 6 seasons with 20 plus episodes a season except the final season which only had 10. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and are usually not long enough.

 It honestly won’t take that long to binge because you will want to find out what happens next. Also the never ending quest for who Gossip Girl is, will keep you guessing and changing your mind more that Oprah holding a stick of deep friend butter. Everyone will be Gossip Girl at some point, and no one will be Gossip Girl but that’s part of the captivating nature of the show.

So we wanted to give it a solid 4 stars, but remembering all the drawn out crap that happened after season 4 made us look at the show in a harsher light. 

It got really ridiculous after 4 seasons of amazingness. So we decided to go with a 3 but it feels like a 4. Like when the weather is actually 80 but feels like 95. We want to be as honest as we can with shows we review, so we can’t give more than 3 stars. It is not in a 5 star category but it isn’t as bad as Pretty Little Liars.

(The XoXo sign off we do may have been inspired by this show)


The Netflix Nanny.

3/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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