Glee is the gayest thing to happen to TV since Will & Grace or Cher’s farewell tour volume 17. Who would have thought that Ryan Murphy could have such opposite shows as Glee and American Horror Story? The good news is, you know if Murphy is involved, it will be amazing. 

If you hate musicals, musical numbers, unexplained singing with band members who appear out of thin air then you will hate this show. Luck for us we love all those things and have a mean Cher impression. Glee appeals to the loser in us all and the wanna be superstar everyone has felt on time or another.

The main thing we love is that the show follows the students into college and then in real life so eventually everyone gets out of the high school drama phase. The show centers around a group of misfit losers in Ohio who start a glee club at school. If you don’t know what a glee club it basically means gays singing with some straight people on occasion.

 So the Spanish teacher, Will Schusester, starts glee club with these weirdo theater kids. They get super excited and sing alot. Will Schuester even raps. It’s a hot mess. But a fun hot mess for sure.

The high school drama is some of the funniest parts of the show, mainly because of (favorite character alert) Sue Sylvester. Sue is mean, hilarious, vicious and everything we want to be when we grow up, except she HATES the glee club. Sue actually hates all performance art and thinks they are a waste of time and space. She is highly competitive and will stop at nothing to destroy the glee club. Plus her portrayal of the character always leaves us laughing with her rants, witty one liners and cut throat sayings. If you watch this show you will fall in love with Sue fairly quickly.

It didn’t take long for us to decide we were in love with the show, mainly because we watched almost every season on air, one week at a time. There are 6 seasons with each season having 20-22 episodes except for the final season, which only had 13. Each episode is about 45 minutes long, some an hour if they are the singing competition ones. So it is a big binge to take on. 

Here is how most seasons breakdown. Each season has singing competitions usually ranging from local to regional to national depending on how far the glee kids get. You do get to see other glee groups from other schools or areas perform but they only get one number. The glee kids always get at least 2 to 3 numbers a competition so be prepared.

We were actually surprised with how many of the competing groups numbers we always liked better and just you wait for that Adele mashup. Best number in the series. But we can promise they will cover a song or several you love and many that you know. The show did really well to keep up to date with current trends, songs and topics as the seasons progress.

We love that the show becomes a safe place for anyone of any kind to be accepted and loved for who they are. Glee really did start helping the LGBT community become more accepted in mainstream media. They also deal with issue like drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, eating disorder, depression, sexuality and race. We love a show that can make us laugh while helping us see the problems we face today.

Besides the positive messages and great vocals, the show got a shocking new ending when Glee star Cory Monteith died of a heroine overdose in real life. Cory played main Glee kid, Finn Hudson, the golden boy and quarterback of the football team. Cory dated Glee co-star Lea Michele in real life who plays the one and only Rachel Berry. 

The show decided to write off his character with a drug overdose of something to say he had a problem so you know the tears they were crying were real. So ironic how he was the golden boy who never did anything wrong in the show but lived so differently in real life. #ALittleTooIronic

(BTW Rachel Berry is the Jewish brunette who sings the loudest on Glee. Notice we said loudest and not best FYI. Santana is our girl and always will be but Berry still has a beautiful voice.)

So here is our recommendation, watch it. It is not the best drama ever by any means but it is funny. They do develop some good stories and use the music to tell a story of what is happening. They do not just randomly break out into song for 45 minutes. Usually there is a theme for the episode that helps guide the song list.

The problem we had is that some episodes are like 10/10 and then some are like 0/10. So it does vary. The prime seasons were 2-4. Those were the best Glee years by far and they will show if you can make it to them. We suggest getting through ALL of season 1 before making a judgement call.

We don’t hold it against anyone if you hate musical shows, but this one was the first and was the best in its prime. The show kind of fizzles out starting in season 5 and definitely gets worse after Cory Monteith dies in real life. I think they lost their way at the end up the show did end in a perfect way that only Glee can. 

We think this is a show you can enjoy time and again. Who doesn’t love big laughs and big diva moments all wrapped up into one show.

3/5 stars for this and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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