The real tragedy here is the divorce of Sarah Jessica Parker and her career. It is a new show so it could easily become our next TV divorce, but only time will tell. SJPeepee should have made another Sex And The City movie instead of venturing into dramatic roles on TV. Unlike Grace and Frankie (season 3 is out now), SJPeepee did not age as well and time has not been her friend. We will tell you that this show did intrigue us at first and was not what we expected. We will also admit that SJPeepee does look better in this show than she did in most of her other roles so we did get a bit excited for a new show with her in the lead.

We know that Netflix is our usual go to for online streaming but we have some shows that are HBO only that we want to review. This way you can decide whether you want to begin your HBO adventure. Honestly who doesn’t have HBO for Game Of Thrones anyway?

Right now we can solidly say that Girls, Divorce, Big Little Lies, Game Of Thrones and Westworld are all among the amazing titles on HBO Go. HBO Go is one of the best online streaming services available, after Netflix of course.

So here is your best option to get it. If you want to pay because you don’t have cable, HBO Go is like $15 a month. If you, or your family or even a friend, have cable then you can get it for free. You simply sign into the HBO Go app via your email and password to get into your online cable account.

For instance, if your parents already pay for cable, you can sign in via their cable and watch everything on HBO Go for free. It takes 5 seconds and will change your life. HBO Go has everything and it ranges from old to new. They release new movies every month, ones that come on HBO cable of course but without commercials like Netflix. They also upload the new episode of each show as soon as it airs on TV. This has saved us countless time and DVR space as we can watch Game Of Thrones in bed, without commercials, unlike cable. Bonus: They keep every episode of every show to ever be on HBO, so from every Sex And The City to The Wire, the gang’s all there. 

Divorce is about a couple named Frances and Robert who are, shockingly, going through a nasty divorce. After many years of marriage, we find Robert and Frances struggling with the fact that they need a divorce. They have high school age children together and have spent most of their lives being married and being in love, until they weren’t. 

Frances is played by Sarah Jessica Parker and it is a new depth for her as an actress. The casting for the show is excellent and  Thomas Haden Church is hilarious as the foul mouthed male lead, Robert. For those who need a reminder, he is the lovable teacher married to Lisa Kudrow in the movie Easy A, starring Emma Stone.

The show also features appearances from Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam. Molly Shannon plays (favorite character alert) Diane. Diane is the crazy, high strung, party animal who is besties with Frances. Molly Shannon is amazing in this show and is involved in a crazy plot twist in the very start of the show. Talia Balsam plays the other bestie named Dallas.

For those asking who the hell is Talia Balsam is, she was the one who married George Clooney. Also she played Roger’s ex-wife on the show Mad Men. Funny story is that Talia Balsam and Harry Slattery played a divorced couple on Mad Men but are married in real life.

The show is a very serious somber type show. It is HBO so you know not to expect rainbows and sunshine. Divorce is dramatic but funny. A dark comedy for sure but the comedic elements get lost in all the intense dramatic problems. We were very intrigued to see what SJPeepee was going to do after Sex And The City and we were not let down. We were not let down because we never got our hopes up for this show. Not getting too excited actually did help us to enjoy the ride. It is lackluster at best but we do want to find out what will happen next season so we will continue watching it.

It wasn’t the worst show we have ever seen but it was far from the best. If you have HBO we recommend a trial run of about 2-3 episodes. The show only has 10 episodes in the first season with each episode being only 30 minutes long. This show is so quick and easy to binge that we forgot how captivated we were with it until just now.

It is recommend to people who like more realistic shows or real life type drama. There are no dragons, or crazy unbelievable plot twists in Divorce which can be refreshing to some who like a more realistic approach to TV shows. It really does a good job at showing both sides of the divorce and how petty couples can get in the process. The divorce between Frances and Robert kind of becomes larger than life the more the season progresses and actually ended up getting us hooked about half way in.

We recommend this show for everyone but we will have to keep a watch on it to see if it will keep producing quality TV. The show has been renewed for a second season so we are excited to see where it takes us. The finale of season one was pretty good and we were pleasantly surprised with how much we ended up liking it. 

We liked it but if we had to live without it we could. We don’t give 2.5 stars but that is what we would say after finishing season 1. It is good, not great. It is watchable yet not terrible. Watch it if you can get HBO Go but do not buy HBO just to see it. Wait till the new Season of Game Of Thrones comes out for that.

2/5 stars for this show and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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