Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events


If this show was a pregnancy we would abort it. Like Angelina Jolie without Brad Pitt or a Real Housewife without plastic surgery. IT IS NOT ENOUGH. We were not impressed and it is not an unpopular opinion.

 Mediocre is just not good enough for us anymore though. We want excellence and intrigue  not predictable and boring. We hate to dump on NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) like this but we have to be honest. It just isn’t enough. 

NPH is a great actor normally but In this show, we hated him. But hate him all we want, we could not stop watching him. The show is different. It is oddly captivating because of the cinematography and dark tone of the show. But all in all it is more smoke and mirrors than actual substance. 

Joking aside about abortion, we could not seem to get into this show for the life of us. We tried harder than any show because people we love, love this show. But even with all the love surrounding us, we could not get into this crap.

Jim Carey was better. There we said it. He was a better count Olaf than NPH and he was more fun about it too. This series really should have remained a movie and kept its dignity. 

The show revolves around 3 orphans who just learn their parents have died. For the purpose of TV though, the parents are still alive and trying to return to their long lost children. In the movie they are truly dead. But nonetheless, the children are orphans and must be put into the care of several different guardians. Count Olaf is the main villain who has a vendetta against the children’s parents and wants to be their guardian to get to their massive fortune. 

Count Olaf is constantly making up new characters to be and new costumes to wear as he tries to manipulate the children’s guardians so he can steal their family fortune. The only person who brightens up this show was actress Joan Cusack who play (favorite character alert) Justice Strauss. Justice Strauss is a kind hearted loving judge who wants what is best for the children. But is constantly fooled by the tricks and treats of Count Olaf. It never works and he is always left with failure and shame. But it isn’t enough for TV audiences.

Anyone who loves TV knows that a good cast and a good plot are both key components in making a good show. A good cast with a crap plot means that it is watchable but not binge worthy. So we suggest a re-evaluation of your TV standards if you come across this show.

The show has only 1 season as of now with 8 episodes total. Each episode is between 45 minutes to an hour long. It is safe to say it will not take much time to finish this show. We recommend Wentworth first but we did see the appeal with all the marketing Netflix did for this release.

Mediocrity is not something we can accept at this point in life when it comes to TV shows. We do not recommend this show to anyone but we understand you will want to see it out of curiosity. 

NPH plus Netflix should equal success. And we wanted it to, we really did. But like Kanye West at an awards show,  we just don’t know what is even going on. And unlike Kanye, NPH has actual talent so it pains us to hate a new show of his. 

Getting back on track, just don’t do it. Just go watch something else fresh and fun like Grace & Frankie. Season 3 just came out and it is very good and binge worthy. 

We understand the appeal of Lemony Snickett but we cannot get behind it. Especially after almost finishing Wentworth recently. Wentworth is so good that it raised the bar on what we consider good TV. 

Take our advice and don’t start this show before it takes a hold of you. It did suck us in but it never got better. It was a weird haze of a TV binge. Like drinking for more than 12 hours at the beach only to find that paradise is not that great when you are throwing up your guts. 

2/5 stars for this show and a 5/10 rating for binge worthy success

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