Drop Dead Diva


Drop Dead Diva or Drop Dead Boring. You decide because it is pretty clear where we stand after enduring all 6 seasons of this addicting yet unsatisfying show. The level of unsatisfactory work on this show is equivalent to getting free movie tickets only to find out it is a Nicolas Cage movie. 

We would rather have the flu and be bleeding out in a bath tub of lemon juice than see another Nicolas Cage film. Hatred for Nicolas Cage aside, the show isn’t THAT much of a train wreck.

It is one of those shows that is super chill, boring, low key drama. It was more exciting than Fuller House but honestly what isn’t? Watching paint dry is more entertaining than 25 minutes of Fuller House.

 Drop Dead Diva is just not enough for our TV binge watching standards. Granted we watched it all, so it did keep our attention but it was back in a time of “good TV show drought” and we just needed something, a little bump if you will, to hold us over.

Drop Dead Diva stars a fat lawyer named Jane Bingum. We say fat because that is the whole appeal or marketing angle they took to make this show a “thing”. 

In all honesty, Jane is not that fat and she certainly isn’t obese by an standards. Oh wait, except for the impossible standards the media and society put on woman. Let’s get real here because The Netflix Nanny will never lie to you.

They wanted to use this show to try and say “you are beautiful at any age and any size”. This is a nice sentiment and we like it but come on. Don’t patronize us. The actress Brooke Elliot plays Jane and she is an average or normal sized woman. She is not fat enough for this to be a huge issue. We have to get off this rant and do our job now but you obviously see how we feel about this plot.

Jane Bingum is a successful lawyer at a law firm that she worked her way up in. She is kind of bitchy and uptight but honestly we don’t even get to see too much about her before the accident. 

Accident did you say? Why yes we did. The show is actually about this pretty blonde model girl named Deb. Deb is super skinny, like almost skeleton skinny, and blonde aspiring actress/model. Deb is engaged to her sweetheart, Grayson, who just started working at Jane Bingum’s law firm with her.

So Deb dies in a car crash and goes to heaven. She then finds the “return” button on the angel man’s computer keyboard (still in heaven by the way) and presses it. At that same moment Jane had just been shot and killed by some crazy guy. Naturally, Deb is sent back to earth from heaven and placed into Jane Bingum’s body.

If that plot doesn’t sound nuts to you then I don’t know what will. Jane has a guardian angel who is the only one that can know Deb is now Jane. He watches over her at the law office. 

Her conditions for a second life depend on her not telling a grieving Grayson that she is actually his fiance Deb. Actually she can’t tell anyone and she has to now live her life as Jane. New person new start but with no options. 

Deb (now Jane, so we consider Jane to mean Deb in Jane’s body) gets help from her best friend (Favorite Character Alert) Stacey. Jane later becomes friends with Margaret Cho, the comedian, who plays her assistant.

 So it is safe to say that there is some comic relief. The show is meant to be a dramedy. Which means comedy-drama. So it is dramatic and crazy stuff happens, but then again it is also funny at times. I think hilarious would be too generous given the over all quality of the show.

There are 6 seasons with at least 3 of them we remember having pretty epic cliffhangers. But good news for you binge watchers, you don’t have to wait to find out what happens. Each season has 13 episodes. 

Each episode is about 45 minutes long so it is like binge watching a season of American Horror Story. But not nearly as satisfying. We would say a month is all it will take to do a casual binge of this show. In all honesty, it is a good show to watch while eating dinner or going to bed. It is not binge watch epic like Wentworth or Lost.

(Side Note: We are currently on the last season of Wentworth, and if all is well it will be our newest edition to the 5/5 stars club because it is just THAT good. Life changing good #Wentworth)

We recommend this show for no one. Just not worth it. Give us our time back Drop Dead Diva. It wasn’t all bad. There are some good funny moments and some good legal drama that goes on. But it is very predictable. 

Here is the plot of every episode: Jane has a case. That Case gets complicated. She is going to lose the case. She wins the case in the end because of a very last minute brilliant idea. EVERY EPISODE. EVERY TIME.

We don’t shit on it as much as we are probably making it seem but we don’t want you to go in expecting rainbows and sunshine coming out of this piece of poo. If you like slow paced, minor problems with slow moving drama than this show is for you. Jane is a fabulous character and she is the redeeming quality of the entire series.

So give it a try if you must, just know that The Netflix Nanny did warn you but also wants you to enjoy it if you end up loving it. We did enjoy it for a short time but it is very very low on the list of TV shows we would consider good.

2/5 stars for this show and 2/10 rating for binge worthy success

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